Christmas in Evergreen (2017 Hallmark Channel)


Christmas in Evergreen

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Stars: Ashley Williams, Teddy Spears, Barbara Niven, and Holly Robinson-Peete

Synopsis (via Hallmark)

You’re invited to spend Christmas in Evergreen, Vermont. It’s the place you see when you reflect on the beauty and celebration of the season. It’s the place you’re homesick for when December arrives and you reflect on all what’s important. There’s a history to this idyllic small town, a bond between its families that crosses generations, and a story that truly comes alive each Christmas season. At the local café, there is also a belief that if you make a wish on their snow globe, your wish will be granted. However, it must be your heart’s true desire for the wish to come true


We open with a storybook and s story of a magical snow globe that you shake and all your wishes will come true. The narrator promises that the story of Christmas in Evergreen will make you believe in Christmas magic!!!

Ally is the town veterinarian, who is heading to Washington DC and leaving Evergreen, Vermont behind. She is leaving for a new job but really to be with her long distance boyfriend, Spencer (who has a very chiseled faced). Before she leaves, Ally makes a wish on a Christmas globe and immediately runs into a Santa looking man, who tells her to check the weather.

After getting her grandpa’s truck finally started, her friend Michelle (Holly Robinson Peete,) asks her to drop her off at the town hall, we see some of the Christmas festival set up and maybe some romance is happening between Michelle and Ezra, the mayor? On his way to Florida with his daughter, all work and no play, Doctor Ryan, pulls over in Evergreen to stop for a quick bite to eat. He helps Ally start her car, and she is very grateful.

Still not on her way to the airport, Ally stops by a barn to check on a animal who is pregnant. The dad and his daughter (Zoe) are also not in a hurry to get to the airport, and Zoe makes a Christmas wish on the snow globe to spend the holiday in Evergreen. At the airport, Zoe remakes her wish and ALL THE FLIGHTS ARE CANCELLED!

Unable to book hotels for the night, Ally, Ryan and Zoe head back to Evergreen. Upon arriving they go directly to the barn to deliver the calf and THEN go to the town inn. We find out that Ryan’s wife died last Christmas and he is heading to Florida to get away from the one year anniversary memory.

The next day at the coffee shop, no one seems very concerned about getting to the airport. Good thing because the highway is closed due to a rock slide. With no one leaving Evergreen or coming in for the town festival, Ally and Ryan do what anyone stranded and trying to figure out travel plans would: make a snowman and snow angels! And then, buy a Christmas tree and decorate it!

When the water main breaks at the Christmas festival venue, Ally moves it to the barn. However, the caterer can’t get to town because of the highway. So she rounds everyone up to bake cookies! Cue the flour fight and baking montage.

A knock at the door and it is SPENCER! He took a helicopter into town to spend Christmas with Ally. She is less than thrilled, and Ryan is thrown off because he basically moved into Ally’s house with the baking and everything. Instead of going to the Inn, they all hang out together and go ice skating. (Wait, Spencer can’t go; he has to do some work calls instead.. Leaving the door open for Ryan to swoop in!)

When Holly Robinson Peete has a panic attack because of the Christmas festival, Dr. Ryan helps her by having her recite the 12 Days of Christmas. Is this a PSA for stress at the holiday times?

With the roads clear and airports back up and running, Ryan and Ally have to leave Evergreen and follow through with the plans their hearts are telling them not to do. On her way out of town (but not really) Ally runs into the Santa-looking man who tells her, “Sometimes where you start, is where you belong.”

Ally then goes home and tells Spencer that she doesn’t want to go to DC. She loves Evergreen and her family and friends. He loves DC and his friends and family. What they don’t love is each other and they break up. As Ally goes downstairs she finds a Christmas tree that Ryan and Zoe left for her.

At the airport Spencer and Ryan run into each other and Ryan learns that Ally and Spencer have broken up. Then, due to a mechanical issues the flight is canceled and we DO get Christmas in Evergreen

Side Note

Spencer is a WAY better boyfriend than Ryan could ever be. I mean, he flew a helicopter to see her in her hometown.

Holly Robinson Peete was ABSOLUTELY the token POC best friend in this movie. (And maybe was featured in 5 scenes, tops) However, Hallmark marketed it like she was the star of the movie on Instagram (See below)…. Not, cool Hallmark. Not Cool.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.12.42 AM.png

Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

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