A Wedding to Die For (2017 Lifetime)

A Wedding to Die For (2017 Lifetime)

Stars:  Brittany UnderwoodCharlene AmoiaCameron Jebo 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Pastry chef Helena poisons men who don’t meet her high standards. Her fiance Charlie has nothing to worry about– at least until his sister Becca becomes suspicious of Helena’s culinary killing past. It’s up to Becca to save Charlie from both the altar and the grave.


Guests file in for a wedding taking place in a church. George and his brother, Glenn, are doing lat min preparations. A cupcake in a box is left for George with a note that reads, “For my Beloved.” He eats the cake, and as his bride, Helena, walks down the aisle, George collapses and dies. Helena gets very close to her husband to be and calls him a liar. She admits to poisoning him as he takes his last breath.

Now blonde, Helena runs a bakery and is dating a man who looks very much like George but with stubble. Wait, is this a flashback? I’m confused. What. Is. Happening.

Charlie’s sister Becca comes to town and is staying at their parent’s house for the wedding. Becca is recently divorced, much to her mother’s disapproval. Helena, on the other hand, is Nancy’s favorite. Helena meets Becca and is excited to have a sister in law. At dinner, Helena starts to think Becca hates her. Helena excuses herself, and she talks to herself in the mirror… the mirror talks back. Helena tells her mirror self not to ruin everything AGAIN!!! A town baker stops by and recognizes Helena. Helena tells the woman that she doesn’t need her help and is very rude. Then she smashes a cupcake while Becca watches, concerned. 

The town baker won’t let it go and looks into Helena’s background. She calls Becca and warns her that Helena isn’t who she says she is. Just as the baker lady is about to tell Becca some tea, Helena comes into the bakery and gives her a peace offering cupcake. (It is poisonous, of course.) When the baker says she isn’t hungry, Helena asks her to get a wedding topper down and then wacks her with a rolling pin.

The next morning, Becca and Helena see the baker lady being rolled out on a stretcher. They walk around town, and Becca interrogates Helena about being an orphan. Becca admits to being adopted and tries to relate to Helena. Charlie wants his sister and fiance to get along and tells Becca it is important to him. He is sweet. 

Helena gets extremely jealous when she meets an ex-girlfriend of Charlies named Monica. Helena yells at a groom cake topper and then at her reflection in the mirror. (Now with an echoey voice effect, yay?) 

Becca helps her mother, Nancy, make a wedding website. Becca is planning on throwing a bridal shower for Helena and having trouble finding friends or family to invite. 

Monica runs into Charlie at the bar and wishes him well with his wedding. She is also getting married. They hug just as Helena comes out of the bathroom to see. Helena talks to her mirror self and doubts that Charlie loves her. Helena breaks into Monica’s house and kills her and her fiance with a shovel. 

Becca receives a call from Glenn, George’s brother. He tells her that Helena was married to his brother and had darker hair then. Helena received a giant payout when George died. Glenn plans to come to town and surprise Helena. Becca brings it up to her family, and Charlie tells Becca to stop meddling in his love life.

Helena knows nothing about Becca’s sleuthing and asks Becca to be her maid of honor. Then the bridal shower happens, and everyone seems like one big happy family. Becca runs an errand for Helena, and while she is at her house, some snooping too. (She finds wedding toppers and old photos.) Becca is almost caught by Helena, who comes home to grab some more baking materials. 

The family leaves Helena at home to visit someone, and this is when Glenn stops by. Glenn confronts Helena while she prepares cupcakes. Helena acts like she doesn’t recognize him at first, and then she knocks him in the head with a frying pan, just as the family returns. Helena says an intruder attacked her. Becca checks the ID and realizes that it is Glenn, Helena’s former brother in law. Becca tries to tell her family about Helena, and Helena denies everything. Charlie chooses to belive Helena over Becca and screams at her. Before she goes, Becca takes Glenn’s phone and hears a recording he made of the conversation. 

After the detectives take statements and take away Glenn, Helena and Charlie argue about who is crazy. Helena then returns to her cupcakes, injects them with poison, and feeds them to Charlie and his parents. The parents go upstairs and pass out; Charlie also struggles to stay awake. Helena comes downstairs in her wedding dress to show Charlie to show him what he could have had. Helena then tells him that she will have to kill him and make it look like an accident.

Becca returns home and finds Helena with a candlestick. Helena tells Becca that they are real sisters and have the same birth mother. They were both given up for adoption, and Helena has been looking for Becca ever since she was a child. She wants to run away with her sister because they are family. Becca rejects her sister and wants her to commit her to the psych ward.

This sets Helena off, and she kicks Becca. Then she grabs a knife and tries to stab Becca. Becca grabs a cupcake tray and knocks Helena into her poisonous cake. Becca calls the police, and Helena is committed. 

Helena bonds with a orderly named Steven and plays with cake toppers.

Side Note

Minority Report: David, George, Martin, Police

Also Known As: Deadly Vows

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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