Rocky Mountain Christmas (2017 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)



Rocky Mountain Christmas 

Stars: Lindy Booth & Kristoffer Polaha 

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Sarah Davis heads to her uncle’s struggling ranch to escape New York and the spotlight from a recent breakup. Returning home for the first time since her aunt passed, complications arise when Graham, an entitled Hollywood star, arrives at the ranch to prepare for his next film. As Sarah and Graham start to bond, Sarah may get more for Christmas than she bargained for.


Sarah is throwing herself into work to get over a break up. (She is an interior designer at a hotel, and up for a promotion for the whole chain of hotels!) Unfortunately, for Sarah the city of New York won’t let her get over it. Paparazzi and trash celebrity news channels are following the break up. (Her ex is a tech guy who created a Goggleish website and is is now dating a famous actress.)

To get away from it all, Sarah heads to Colorado for a Christmas just like she always remembered growing up. She stays with her little brother (who is hot AF) and uncle who inform her that the town Christmas parade and tree lighting are canceled because her Aunt Beth died. Her friend (Not Lesbian lover, they “joke”.) quickly talks her into planning the parade.

Then a handsome Hollywood actor rolls into town, to study a role. Graham is on a mission to learn everything about ranch life, and asks Sarah to help him. She refuses because Christmas is about family. Unable to accept no for an answer, ARROGANT Graham follows Sarah to a bar and drinks eggnog while attempting to talk her into it. She agrees on one condition, he has to help her decorate for the Christmas parade.

While unpacking Christmas decorations in the barn, we get an interesting back story for Sarah. She doesn’t like actors because her Mom IS (not was, as in not dead.) an actor. While Sarah was growing up she and her little brother were carted around all over the country while their mother chased her dream. After a while Sarah’s Mom just left them with their Uncle Roy and Aunt Beth. SHE ABANDONED THEM!!!! (The Dad was never in the picture.) I cannot remember a backstory so complicated and dramatic as this one. (Plus no one is dead! Well, Aunt Beth died… but who cares, right?)

While cutting down a tree, we get an interesting back story for Graham. He isn’t filming a film as quickly as he said. He lied to spend Christmas with a real family. His parents died when he was in High School and he has been alone ever since. “The more he works, the less it hurts.” Another complicated and dramatic storyline.

While laying on the ground (for some reason) Nicole (a famous actress) shows up and is also staying on the ranch, putting a wrench between Sarah and Graham’s budding romance. While making peppermint bark, Graham confesses his relationship with Nicole is a publicity stunt and he has true feelings for Sarah. For some reason she doesn’t believe him.

Again, not one to take no for an answer. Graham invites himself to go with Sarah to a radio station to promote the Christmas Parade, despite her protest. Good thing he goes with, because Sarah chokes on air and he saves the day and the Christmas Parade is properly promoted. (and Graham is the self appointed grand Marshall.)

Graham and Nicole get called back to Hollywood by the studio head to do some promotion on their movie, that has yet to even be filmed. Of course, Nicole tells Sarah before Graham can even talk to her. They fight. (in the snow.)

Uncle Roy (who owns the ranch, but is selling it) brings them back together!

Then we finally get the anti-climatic Christmas parade, set to a really dumb Christmas song by Alan Jackson.

Somehow, they both end up deciding to quit their jobs and stay at the ranch. SHE QUITS A HIGH PAYING NYC JOB AND HE QUITS ACTING IN A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE TO LIVE ON A RANCH. (A ranch by the way, that I’m not sure isn’t being sold.)

Merry Christmas, WHATEVER!

Side Note

Hmmmm, we get a gay joke in this one….. Yippie?

It took THREE WRITERS to come up with this…

Leads were ok, I’m never not into Kristoffer Polaha 

The B-Storylines were very random. Little brother and Nicole end up together & something with Roy and the neighbor-lady.

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Overall rating

🎄  (1 Christmas Tree)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

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  1. I disagree. I like the movie. It’s not great, but, having experienced several of the life events touched on in the movie, it was a laughter and tears viewing for me. And i liked the Alan Jackson song, too.

  2. He never said he was quitting his acting job. He can easily make the ranch his home base and still make movies. And her uncle agreed to not sell the ranch and let her run it.

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