Snowed- Inn Christmas (2017 Lifetime)


Snowed- Inn Christmas

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Stars: Bethany Joy Lenz & Andrew Walker

Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Jenna Hudson and Kevin Jenner are polar opposites, working for the same online publication in New York City. With both having nowhere they want to be for Christmas, they volunteer for a special writing assignment. After a snowstorm forces their plane to land in none other than Santa Claus, Indiana, the two are placed in a Christmas Wonderland and the focus of their story shifts to saving the historic town inn run by Carol and Christopher Winters. As the two overcome their differences, they also rediscover the magic of Christmas. But with the inn’s fate in jeopardy and the return of someone from Jenna’s past, Carol and Christopher lend a helping hand to bring Jenna and Kevin together.


Jenna has it all together! Fancy alarm clock, electric toothbrush, she makes an omelets and places her silver wear just so. Kevin is the complete opposite. They both work for epiphany (an NYC online publication.) They both get assigned to write a Christmas article in Aspen, Colorado and are competing for position of “most valuable writer.”

We get even more comparisons as to how different they are. She packs for the trip early and neatly, he just throws things into a suitcase. On the plane she listens to her headphones and he play a noisy game! They hit turbulence and have to make an unexpected stop in Santa Claus, Indiana. (Jenna is, of course, afraid of flying and has a freak out on the plane, while Kevin laughs at her.)

In the airport after failing to bribe a flight attendant with $20 for tickets to Aspen, the two meet a Mrs. Clause looking lady in the terminal. She gives them candy canes and just happens to own a small inn in town. Her husband Chris comes to pick them up. Chris and Carol show them around the Winter Inn. It is VERY decorated. Apparently the inn was founded by St. Nick himself, but since they can’t prove Santa is real, the historic inn will be sold.

Their editor can’t let this opportunity go and assigns them to say in Indiana to get the story on the Inn. For story research they get to know Chris and carol and both do research about hot to save the inn. Distracted and can’t sleep, they both wake up and make a midnight snack. (Cue the cookie baking montage, and flour fight.)

Heart to heart moment. Keven tells Jenna he likes her with her hair down. We then find out that Jenna was an orphan than no one wanted an grew up in orphanages, therefore never had a REAL Christmas. She also reviles that her recent break up hurt so much because she thought it was her shot at a real Christmas. They both agree they are afraid to call in real love. Then go for a walk around town at 2am!

The next day, Kevin takes Jenna to his family’s house. (The live in Indiana) He tells Jenna that his father died three years ago and he hasn’t been home since. His family is surprised (AND Biracial, which is accepted as a fact of life not a catalyst for drama!) Lifetime really nails the family dynamic. In this movie and multiple others this season, lifetime’s family banter is authentic and light hearted for the sake of showing relationships, not to further the plot. The day trip goes so well that Kevin invites Jenna to come over for Christmas Day.

After a small fight, because they love each other and thats how we can tell in these movies… apparently. They dive back into work and agree to exchange final drafts at the Winter Inn Christmas Eve party. Jenna writes about how Santa is real. Kevin writes about how he found Christmas Joy in Jenna and he is in love.

At the party, Jenna admits she didn’t finish her article. (Which is just SO unlike her.) They dance the two step. Just as Kevin is about to tell Jenna his feelings, her ex-boyfriend arrives to get her back and she agrees to take him back. WTF!

Kevin has a conversation with “Carol” or Mrs Clause and even though he missed his opportunity to tell her, he can show her. He finishes the article for both of them, finds a certificate to save the inn, and tells Jenna he lover her in writing. Jenna leaves her loser boyfriend at the airport and goes to Kevin’s family house.

They kiss!

Normally on Hallmark this would be the end, but since we are on Lifetime we get a little bit more. Kevin gifts Jenna his Dad’s stocking with her name on it. Then we see the family playing games and just enjoying the holiday, which is really what the season is all about!

Side Note

So many endearing moments with Andrew W Walker. The PJ moment, sign language scene, and just him in general as an actor.

POC Alert: Loved that the niece was biracial and referred to as beautiful multiple times by her uncle. (Also the Sister’s husband had some nice character development too.) Tasha Smith playing the matchmaker boss was fun too.

The Santa stuff usually drives me crazy, bit I didn’t mind it in this movie. Probably because it is so close to CHRISTMAS!

Happy Holidays, blog friends.

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Overall rating

πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ (3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2017 Lifetime


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