The Lover in the Attic (2018 Lifetime)

The Lover in the Attic (2018 Lifetime)

Cast: Kevin RyanJR BourneKristina KlebeAnna Lise Phillips

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Milwaukee, in the 1920s: Stymied in her marriage to her wealthy but boorish husband Fred, sultry and seductive Dolly keeps her young “love slave,” Otto, hidden away in her attic for years.


1920’s A man named Otto sits in prison while hoards of women chant his name outside. He begins to write his story on a typewriter in his cell.

We meet Dolly, an actress who seduces a successful textile king of the midwest named Fred. They are a mismatch, she is Hollywood glam, and he is… not. They are quickly married and in a loveless Wisconson marriage. Well, loveless for Dolly, who is just using Fred for money. 

A handsome repairman knocks on Dolly’s door while smoking a cigarette. Dolly comes onto him and asks him for a foot rub and then to get naked? Dolly is forward! They continue to meet. Dolly makes him do dishes and then do her on the kitchen table. They agree to keep seeing each other every day. Otto is addicted to Dolly. He tries to date other women, but it doesn’t work. 

The nosey neighbor starts wondering why the young man keeps coming and coming for “repairs.” Dolly takes Otto to the attic and tells him to live up there like he never existed. He is hesitant but can’t resist her charms or, more like, her body. She feeds him when Fred is away, and he writes to pass the time in the attic. 

Frank notices food going missing and tells Dolly not to get fat. He is abusive verbally and physically. Four years go by, and Otto is still a lover in an attic. Frank’s business is tanking with the economy. He knows that as long as he is paying her bills, Dolly will stay with him. 

Dolly takes Otto out for a night on the town, and he has a panic attack, wanting to go back to his attic sanctuary. Drunk Frank almost catches them multiple times. Dolly starts to plant the seeds that Fred is unwell. She checks on his life insurance premiums. Then she gives Otto a gun in case things become “unsafe” with Frank around.

After a terrible argument, Otto comes running downstairs with the gun and attacks Frank. They struggle, and Frank is shot dead. Otto removes suspicion from Dolly by locking her in a closet after slapping her to look like an intruder attacked them. Detectives arrive on the scene and find things odd but have to take her word for it.

Dolly seduces the insurance adjuster and asks him to get rid of the murder weapon. Otto watches them have sex and gets angry because he doesn’t want to share Dolly anymore. When he sees Dolly’s house for sale, he turns in the murder weapon to the police.

The two drive out to Hollywoodland and make a home for themselves. Dolly refuses to marry Otto until he has made something of himself. He can’t just be the lover in the attic forever. (Even though she made him this way!) Dolly throws an elaborate party and tries to social climb among the Hollywood elite. Otto is jealous. 

Detectives find Dolly in LA and ask her to meet with them. Otto wants to run off, and she doesn’t want to go. So they come to her and question her. Her fancy new attorney gets her off the hook, for now. Dolly starts dating him to ensure she doesn’t go to jail. It is the last straw for Otto. He grabs a knife and screams at Dolly to tell the lawyer who he really is, scaring him off. Otto calls the police and turns them in.

They are both taken in by the police and thrown in prison. Otto is famous because he is hot and a criminal. Dolly turns on Otto and leaves him to take the blame for the murder.

A trial happens. Dolly is dragged on the stand, and it is a hung jury. Dolly and Orro get off free. Quick updates happen, but whatever. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Waiter, 

Based on a true story about Walburga Oesterreich

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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