I Killed my BFF: Preacher’s Daughter (2018 Lifetime)

I Killed my BFF: Preacher’s Daughter

Stars: Megan West, Joel Gretsch, and Carly Pope

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)
Inspired by true events, Lily is the perfect preacher’s daughter until the charismatic Rae seduces her twin brother, Jason. Also unable to resist Rae’s insatiable spirit, the two become best friends, and Lily strays from her modest ways. But when Jason mysteriously dies while with Rae, Lily is convinced that Rae played a part in his death and must be punished for what she did. When Rae’s estranged daughter, Scarlett, re-enters her life, the demons from Lily’s troublesome past are awakened, and she feels it is her duty to pull Scarlett away from her mother and into the church. To get her daughter back, Rae must take matters into her own hands. And as tension builds between the two ex-friends, one woman won’t make it out alive.


We start off with intercut scenes between a church congregation praying and a woman knocking back pills with a flask. Turns out the woman is the preacher’s wife and she killed herself—only to be discovered by her redheaded daughter (Lily).

At another house in town, Scarlett is living with her mom, Rae. Scarlett’s mom is alive and well, except for the fact that she does drugs, throws sex parties, and wears a lot of eye makeup. Scarlett runs off to live with her boyfriend. Rae goes to a bar.

We then see Lily’s home life, which is perfect. Everything’s in its place and, on the outside, things look perfect—despite her mother killing herself. Lily seems to be handling everything well while her twin brother, Jason, is not. He is going to bars and hanging out with Rae…Scarlett’s Mom? He finds a gun and attempts to commit suicide, the gun has no bullets though.

Lily, apparently, has a dark past where she smoked cigarettes and had sex with a guy! She doesn’t approve Jason’s dark streak, but maybe she understands? Lily agrees to go out with Jason and meet Rae, the woman he has been hanging out with. While at the bar, Lily tells Rae about her “wild days” and the abortion she had when she was 17. (You know normal small talk!) They then go out to a thrasher dance club where Rae talks Lily into embracing the dark side. They do shots and ecstasy. I guess Lily has embraced her wild side again.

Going out and getting wild becomes a regular thing with Lily, Rae, and Jason. We get a montage of them dancing and wearing black clothing. It quickly snowballs into Lily living a double life. Lily acts like all is good at home with her dad and then partying and dancing the night away. Jason is on some hard drugs now and they are all strung out from their hard partying lifestyle.

In an attempt to keep the facade up, Lily invites Rae and Jason to her dad’s house for a nice, respectable dinner. At dinner, Rae is tasked with the dinner prayer. She ends up just babbling about wine or something and then talks about her daughter, Scarlett. Lily and Jason’s dad is very non-approving, but in a jovial way. He picks at her and asks intrusive questions about her parenting. Then he goes on to straight-up insult them which sets Jason off. They argue, and Jason and Rae leave. On their way home Jason snorts heroine in the car BECAUSE HE CAN’T HANDLE IT! The drugs aren’t enough and kills himself and injuring Rae. (I’m assuming… we didn’t get an explanation or see what happened.)

In the hospital, Rae realizes that she needs to get better and be a mother to her daughter. She feels so guilty for what happened to Jason and only has Lily to turn to. Rae asks Lily help her get her daughter back in her life.

Lily helps nurse Rae back to health, and even picks up Scarlett from school. Mother and daughter make up and Scarlett agrees to move back home.

At Jason’s funeral (from which Lily’s dad has banned Rae). Lily meets Rae and Scarlett in the parking lot and asks them to join her congregation. Lily gives a speech at the funeral and calls out her dad for being there for her. She is very upset and will miss her twin brother. Rae is also supposed to speak, but she is out of it and trips on her way up to speak and can barely form a sentence. The congregation is VERY judgemental of her.  

Rae can’t keep it together and her and Scarlett are constantly fighting. Rae is paranoid that her daughter has been spending more time with Lily at youth-pastor school (or whatever). Rae tells Scarlett not to hang around the church anymore. After being stood up by Scarlett, Lily is unhinged and hooks up with her co-pastor, Todd. She then tells her dad, who makes her go to church to beg for forgiveness. Which she does and then gets clarity from the lord.

Scarlett doesn’t listen to her Mom and goes to Lily to get baptised in the river. To save her daughter from Christianity, Rae drives on the bridge where Jason died to get to her daughter. When she gets to the river, Lily is basically drowning Scarlett in the river. Rae gets her daughter out of there, while Lily screams like a maniac.

Scarlett still doesn’t understand that Lily is trying to kill her and steals Rae’s car to go to church. Lily is giving a sermon when Rae arrives at church. Lily rants about Rae of being a devil woman and a murderess. She pulls a gun on Rae, and starts chanting, “Eye for an eye.”

While being held at gunpoint, Rae tells Lily that Jason killed himself. (We knew that tho right?) Rae and Lily wrestle with the gun and a shot goes off, killing Rae and sending Lily to jail. In jail, Lily delivers her sermon in an orange jumpsuit as a prisoner.

Side Note

Alternate title is Do Unto Others.

I Killed my BFF was a 2015 movie produced by Lifetime. This is not a sequel but similar in theme and written by the same team. (Danny Abel, who is primarily a editor & Blake Berris an actor from Wrong Swipe! Both have 3 writing credits…)

Director is the same too Seth Jarrett.

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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