Fiancé Killer (2018 Lifetime)

Fiancé Killer (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Kari WuhrerAdam HussFelisha Cooper

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Nicole is stunned when her daughter Cameron returns from a vacation in Mexico engaged to handsome Brent. But Brent has a secret girlfriend, Lexi, and together they’re planning to kill Cameron for her money right after her honeymoon.


Nicole Winters, a highly acclaimed cosmetics saleswoman, might have beautiful makeup but questionable clothing and plastic surgery. I think she might be who I aspire to be when I grow up. She works with her blonde co-worker Grace in an office building that looks like a community college. As Nicole runs around town, she is followed by someone. Her daughter Cameron is recently engaged to a man named Brent. Nicole seems unimpressed with the news.

Wow, the writing in this is terrible. (I’m one to talk with my lack of proofreading.) When Nicole tells her co-worker Grace about the engagement, Grace immediately asks, “Is he is hot” and tells Nicole to “put herself in Cameron’s flip flops.” (???) They also breeze through some exposition about Cameron inheriting a three million dollar trust from her dead father. 

Brent meets with Nicole to ask for Cameron’s hand in marriage. Nicole does a background check and finds out he recently changed his name, is bankrupt, and has a missing time in employment history. When she brings this news to Cameron, Cameron gets very angry. 

Things are more complicated than they seem. Brent is preparing to go for a run when another woman sneaks up behind him, and instead of killing him, she makes out with him?!?! They talk about their plan to have Brent marry Cameron and then murder her for the inheritance. (It is good to lay it all out there, I guess! Now I know who the bad guy is.)

Nicole tries to give him a second chance but does a terrible job. (I love her bluntness.) Nicole finds him in her office and interrogates him. He explains that she was looking for a pen and gives her a gift, his dead mother’s earings. Nicole doesn’t accept them and asks if he is trying to have her replace his mother. Then she calls him too old for her daughter. (Haha, she is not wrong.)

Later, a (thankfully) shirtless Brent asks Cameron to elope in Vegas. His phone goes off with text notifications multiple times. His other lady friend is not pleased. The other woman’s name is Lexi, and she is so mad because it is their anniversary. (I have to stay, that is pretty understandable.) 

Nicole tries to be understanding and throws a wedding reception for Cameron and Brent. Grace helps her, and they are sure to discuss no nuts on the menu because Cameron is allergic. 

Cameron and Brent have S.E.X! Then he goes downstairs shirtless and shows off his hot bod. Lexi is downstairs, and she makes out with him. Then they talk about stealing all the EpiPens in the world. Earlier, Lexi also places nanny cams all over the house. 

There is a moment when Cameron is signing her trust that the lawyer yells for the forms from his assistant, Alexa! (This set off my Amazon Alexa, and I was sooooo annoyed.) 

At the reception, everyone is dressed to the nines. It is perfect. That is until Lexi shows up pretending to be Brent’s sister. Nicole is surprised because he told her that he didn’t have any family. While everyone is eating dinner, Lexi and Brent add nuts to the cupcakes and steal all the EpiPens. Lexi makes a toast while everyone eats cupcakes. When Cameron goes into anaphylactic shock, Grace/Nicole call 911 and search for the EpiPen. Thankfully (or unthankfully for Lexi and Brent.) Cameron survives. 

Lexi breaks into Grace’s house and text Nicole to come to the office. With Nicole out of the hospital room, Lexi visits and is about to inject her IV. Brent stops her from making a mistake because he will be implicated. The plan backfires because Nicole goes to her office and realizes Grace didn’t send the text.

Grace and Nicole start looking into Brent more seriously. Grace visits Brent’s sister in a hospital; the woman is in an assisted care facility. Grace knows that Lexi isn’t his sister and calls Nicole to leave a message but is killed by Lexi hiding in the back seat before she can complete the voicemail. Nicole is left to research on her own. (She too meets the real sister.)

Brent and Lexi hide the body and plan to meet when the sun goes down in the wine cellar. Brent seems to be having second thoughts. He gives Lexi a beautiful ring, and then pistol whips her. 

At a luxurious country cottage, Brent and Cameron honeymoon. Nicole tracks Cameron on her cellphone and drives up to the house. (I’m assuming so does Lexi, because she wakes up from her head wound.) Lexi gets there first and grabs a fire poker and starts swinging. She fights with Brent while Cameron runs and looks franticly for her phone. (She finds a knife instead.) 

A game of cat and mouse happens—Cameron and Lexi fight, and then Brent and Lexi go at it again. Cameron gets herself ties up, and Lexi shares her villain monologue. Lexi wanted to find a rich girl and take everything from her. Cameron tries to reason with Lexi and suggests using her and Brent for ransom. Then Lexi shares the big reveal, that Brent has been lying to Cameron. (He is also laying in the basement where Lexi locked him.)

Cameron swears that Brent loves her. It is delusional. Lexi is about to shoot Cameron when Brent breaks out of the basement and knocks her down. Nicole arrives at the house and sees Lexi with a gun; she watches from the window with a comically worried face. When Lexi shots Brent three times, Nicole doesn’t even flinch. She grabs a fire poker and beats Lexi with it. 

Mother and daughter are date and head to the beach for margaritas. Cheers! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Cameron, Jeweler, Nurse, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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  1. Cameron’s dad was half-dried Play-Doh because you don’t get that kind of stupid from a mom like Nicole.

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