Dangerous Seduction (2018 Lifetime)

Dangerous Seduction (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Christa B. AllenRichard de KlerkAmber Goldfarb 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After a chance encounter with charismatic and handsome Jack, Posy Pinkerton seizes the opportunity to experience one last fling before settling down with her fiance Tom. Falling for Jack emboldens Posy to create an alter ego, the “Queen of Sin,” but she could be making a deal with the devil.


A tattooed woman with an off the shoulder lewk is plodding through the woods looking a mess. Two joggers, Laura and Posy, run right past the woman. Posy gets winded and needs to take a break. She notices the tattooed woman and complements her tattoo. Then Posy sees another woman with purple hair plodding and looking confused. This park is dangerous! Laura and Posy should leave. 

A van with two men inside, Jack and Charlie, speed down a side road and hit Stella, killing her. They see Posy running and set their eyes on her as the next target. 

Posy is an organ transplant doctor or something with hearts. (Later she says a “medical illustrationist.”) Tattoo Woman is brought in, and Posy recognizes by the neck tattoo. The police question Posy and try to get as much information about the dead lady that she can give them, which isn’t much. Detective Dagliesh gives Posy and Laura his card. He is cute. I like him.

Posy has lackluster sex with her Fiance, Tom. She asks him how the sex was, and he says boring? WTF, Tom. Laura advises Posy to be sure that Tom is the one because she was left at the altar. Laura is a good cousin, though, because she helps Posy with all the wedding details. 

After shopping, Posy enjoys some coffee and is joined by one of the guys from the van, his name is Jack. He offers her a slice of cake and befriends her and leaves her his card. (What is with people in this movie and business cards, is that really still a thing?) 

For some reason, Posy is also an artist and sketches dominatrix. She drinks wine with her cousin and talk about Tom some more. Meanwhile, Detective Dagliesh is gathering evidence from the crash site and even recovers some footage of the hit and run in the park.

Jack continues to stalk Posy. He follows her around the park with an Italian woman named Stella. Later, at a bar, Jack fills in as Posy’s date when Tom ruses off to work. Jack drinks a dirty martini and is a dirty boy. He is married and wants to have a rendezvous with Posy. He compliments her body, and she is flattered. Nothing happens between them. He continues casually runs into her and Laura at the park the next day.

Jack returns to his mansion with Stella and Alexander. In the basement of the mansion, Stella and Jack bring girls to Alexander. He pays them to find him exciting women to abuse. WTF! Alexander has killed multiple girls after he is bored with them. This is terrible. 

Posy, even though she is engaged, goes on a date with Jack. She is enamored with him and loves how nice, and down to earth he is. They walk through a park, and Stella and her cronies almost abduct Posey, but Jack has a heart change. He rushes Posy away to safety and gives her jewelry, which she refuses. 

Detective Dagliesh finds another body and calls Posy to the scene. It is the purple-haired girl. Posy identifies the body, and Detective Dagliesh warns Posy of Alexander and gives him her number.

Laura is tricked into meeting up with Stella and Jack. They serve her martinis laced with drugs and abduct her. They remove her body in a right trunk past, Posy, who is there to meet Jack. She has no idea what is going on and almost sex with Jack but stops herself. When she goes to the bathroom to collect herself, she finds Laura’s shoe. Then Stells pops out with a gun and tells Jack to take care of Posy. Posy is drugged and abducted too.

The women are brought to the mansion to be delivered to Alexander. Posy pretends to be passed out, but runs away and hides in the estate. she pulls out her phone and calls Detective Dagliesh. (Thankfully, she wrote his number on her palm.) He doesn’t answer, so then Posy calls 911 before she is apprehended. 

Shirtless, but not sexy, Alexander forces Posy and Jack to kiss and then uses a taser to controls her while saying, “love hurts.” He has already has Laura gagged and tied. Posy refuses to go along with his sick plans; she fights for her life.

Jack can’t sit by and let Posy die; he attempts to go back in and free her but is stopped by Stella and her gun. She shoots him, leaving him for head and then washes her hands. (Good for you Stella, putting health and sanitation first.)

A bloody Jack struggles up the stairs of the mansion with the gun. While Posy is struggling with Alexander, Jack shoots him. The gun wound doesn’t stop him, and Posy stabs Alexander in the heart as the police arrive. Posy cries over a dying Jack; she loved him even though he was a terrible person. (Are we supposed to want this relationship to last? What about Tom. He was rude, but not abiding sex trafficking.) 

Detective Dagliesh puts Laura’s show on like Cinderella. I guess they are going to be a couple now? He also gives Posy her cellphone very dramatically.

Next, we see a wedding. It isn’t Posy and Tom. It is Laura and Detective Dagliesh. Posy is an independent woman riding a motorcycle and doesn’t need a man.

Side Note

Minority Report: Stella, Surgeon, 

Alexander was evil but had cute underwear. 

Also Known The Queen of Sin

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2018 Lifetime


  1. What the heck did Posy see in Jack? My God he was just as evil as Stella and Gorser.
    Tom was too much of a pig to handle a strong lady like Posy, so he got what he deserved.
    The sexy and talented Crista B. Allen and Amber Goldfarb got me hooked and I have to watch every chance I get.

  2. Come on Incendo, make this title available for purchase on Amazon Prime and/or Apple, or make it to where we can stream through Amazon or Netflix.

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