A Daughter’s Revenge (2018 Lifetime)

 A Daughter’s Revenge (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Jessica SiposSierra WooldridgeLinden AshbySophie Gendron 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Amy has nowhere to go for winter break, her friend Christine insists she comes stay with her family. What begins as a dream situation turns into a nightmare when Amy starts to obsess and wreak havoc on her welcoming hosts


Anna and Christina, a pair of friends, are celebrating Anna’s 21st birthday at da club. Anna and Elle are reunited; they are old friends from high school who lost touch. Elle has trouble at home and has to leave abruptly. (Her mother, Michelle, suspects her husband, David, of cheating and overshares with her daughter. It is a patter since childhood that has traumatized Elle.) David comes home and argues with Michelle while Elle watches from a distance. Michelle kills herself after the argument leaving Elle to find her mother’s body.

Anna decides to leave the club also and drives her friend Christina home. Anna has been drinking and should not be driving; she falls asleep at the wheel and crashes her car, injuring her best friend, Christina. In the hospital, Anna learns of Christina’s injuries from a nurse. (Played by the Where’s Waldo of Lifetime Movies, Sophie Gendron. Love ya gurl!) Anna is arrested for a DUI.

Michelle has a funeral, and everyone has umbrellas. A co-worker, Cammy, shows up and hugs David to comfort him. Elle shoots daggers at the woman. Ella acts like a sullen child and mopes around the house while having conversations with her dead ghost mother. (Who wants her to hurt David.) Elle takes on a job at David’s office and moves out into a townhouse.

Meanwhile, Anna takes a plea deal and makes a new friend in prison named Sugar. (I like her, even if she is a criminal.) In beautiful penmanship, Anna writes a letter to Anna. The letter talks about her being in jail and sends condolences for Michelle’s death. Anna receives the message and plots her revenge on David. Elle invites Anna to be her roommate and a job at David’s company. Setting her up for success after she is out of jail.

Now out of jail, Anna has a parole officer and appreciates private showers now more than ever. Elle helps Anna by changing her name to Georgia and buying her new work clothes. Cammy is instantly suspicious, and the IT guy, Charlie, is smitten. Elle warns Anna/Georgia to not date in the office and invites her to a party in NYC.

At the party, Elle orchestrates it so that Anna/Georgia is driven home by David. They get their pictures taken by the press on their way out. Then they talk on the long drive home and bond. 

Anna/Georgia still invites Charlie to coffee, and he gives her a work cellphone. They continue to hit it off. Elle cries at work and talks to her ghost mom. She asks to borrow Anna/Georgia’s laptop. (So she can write a love journal about David to incriminate her for a murder plan.) At work, Cammy finds out about Anna/Georgia’s DUI and has her suspicions confirmed. She tells David, but he doesn’t care.

Elle sneaks into David’s house and snoops around. The housekeeper almost catches her as she turns on the gas stove to cause David to have to stay at a hotel. Then she takes Anna/Georgia out for drinks at the hotel bar and roofies her. David runs into them and invites them to a rooftop dinner. Elle rushes off for work reasons, and Anna/Georgia starts not to feel well. David takes Anna/Georgia to his room to rest. 

Anna/Georgia wakes up the next morning and is missing an earring. The maid promises to look for it while she cleans the room. David left her there because he has to go on a business trip. Anna/Georgia & Elle are supposed to meet David at some golf tournament. 

The housekeeper, Margy, meets with Cammy for some reason. Maybe they are mother and daughter. They talk about Elle acting strangely and work together to catch her in the act. I’m super lost here and don’t understand what is happening. Cammy is hit by a car and killed.

Elle and Anna/Georgia head up to a cabin where the golf tournament is taking place. Late in the night, Elle comes into David’s room and accuses him of cheating. Elle gets her revenge and pulls a gun on him. David denies everything, but Elle shoots him anyway. saying, “it is for her mom.” Elle stages it to look like Anna/Georgia killed David. Anna/Georgia makes a run for it, and Elle makes a statement to a lady detective. (The lady detective is good at her job and sees that things aren’t adding up.)

Anna/Georgia finds her old prison mate, Sugar, and asks her to help her. Sugar makes Anna food, gives her new clothes, and says Anna got played. (Sugar is the best.) A new story comes out with Anna’s picture. She is a wanted woman. Lady detective comes to Sugar’s home and Sugar covers for Anna. They call Charlie for help. He hacks into the hotel surveillance footage and finds Elle roofing Anna’s drink. They also find fake love notes.

Anna visits Margy to the housekeeper to get more information against Elle. Margy recalls that Elle and her mother were too close, and it wasn’t a healthy relationship. Anna suggests that Elle was driving the car that killed Cammy. Margy recommends that Anna turn herself in if she is really innocent. 

Anna has another plan in mind; she gives Elle a taste of her own medicine. Files of evidence come into Elle’s email, and she is frazzled. Detectives get the proof at well and are starting to believe Anna’s story. Anna calls and tells the detectives to check Elle’s car for DNA from Cammy.

At Cammy’s funeral reception, detectives and Anna implicate Elle for the murder. Elle grabs a knife, but her ghost mother tells her to put it down. Elle cries for her mother as she disappears. Elle is arrested and committed to a mental institution and plays checkers with her ghost mom, so that is nice.

Side Note

Minority Report: Anna, Christina, Detective, Sugar, Police Officer, Maid, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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