Killer Single Dad (2018 Lifetime)

Killer Single Dad (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Kaitlyn BlackCameron JeboRobert Parks-Valletta 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

An expectant mother befriends a Good Samaritan who saved her life but is unaware that he is the father of her unborn baby and is “collecting” all of the children he sired as an anonymous sperm donor years before.


The movie starts with creepy lullaby music and a mother laying her baby down to sleep for the night. An intruder breaks into the house via the sliding glass door and tampers with the smoke detector. It starts going off, and the mother rushes downstairs to stop the alarm. The intruder, a handsome young man, steals the baby while the mother is distracted. The woman screams, “Sadie,” and rushes after the intruder, but he is gone.

The intruder’s name is Garrett, and he lives in a beautiful house in the suburbs. Garrett hires a British nanny named Olivia and claims that his wife passed away, so he needs help raising his multiple stolen children. (Who are locked in a room?) Speaking of taking Children, Garrett breaks into another home to steals a baby. It seems he targets couples with marital problems, and this particular couple (Jennifer and Matt) are having a nasty fight. The stress causes Jennifer to go into distress, and Garrett calls an ambulance. (He is a caring intruder/kidnapper, awww?) Jennifer if put on bed rest, and Garrett has a new obsession. 

Jennifer’s dad is a cop (or something), and she vaguely gets the name and address of the person who called in. Jennifer visits Garrett to thank him for saving her and her baby’s life. They go to lunch together. Garrett tells the sob story about his wife and two children dying in a car crash. (So maybe the kids locked in his office are ghost children named Laura and Mandy? I’m confused. What is new, haha.) You know who else is confused, the British nanny. She just moved in to help take care of the children who aren’t there, and Garrett has decided to move across the street from Jennifer. The nanny breaks into Garrett’s office and finds a life insurance policy, paternity test results, and a map with Jenniffer’s and Beth Morgan’s house pinned on it. Olivia gets caught because she leaves a safety pin in the locked door, and Garrett fired her. (Oh and he also threatens to deport her,) 

Garrett moves in across from Jennifer and Matt. Jennifer and her father are very thankful, Matt, on the other hand, is angry with Garrett for making him look bad by reporting a domestic disturbance. Garrett even helps set up the nursery and installs a nanny cam. Jennifer offers to help babysit Sadie/Laura since Garrett is now nanny less. 

Garrett attempts to steal another baby. (This time from Beth’s house.) A stuffed animal named Mr. Snuggles thwarts the kidnapping when Garrett steps on it, causing it to squeak and wake the baby. Garrett hides under the bed, and Beth almost discovers him while looking for the toy. As Garrett takes the baby, Beth stops him. Since she has seen his face, he has to kill her and set the house on fire. Then he drives away while listening to a deranged version of “The Wheels on the bus.”

Matt looks into Garrett’s background and has concerns which he brings to Jennifer’s attention. Garrett invites Matt to his house for a beer and a bro talk. The come to an understanding until Garrett brings up that Matt is infertile and smashes a beer bottle over his own head to make it look like Matt attacked him. Jennifer hears the disturbance and calls her dad to investigate. When they go over to the house, they find Garrett bloody on the floor. The police arrest Matt. 

Garrett gets a big old bandaid on his forehead and googles “how to induce labor” while singing “Hey Diddle Diddle, The Cat, and the Fiddle.” Then he talks to his ghost children and cries.

Olivia, the nanny, returns. She accuses Garrett of kidnapping babies and shows him a paper she printed off. Olivia also knows his name isn’t Garrett; it is David Miller. She blackmails him for $25,000. Her plan isn’t successful because he strangles her British ass to death. 

Jennifer, who is still pregnant AF, begins to have her suspicions after Matt swears he didn’t attack Garrett. While Garrett is away, Jennifer breaks into his house and finds a calendar with her due date on it and goes through his search history on his laptop. She finds news stories about kidnappings linked to a fertility clinic, the same one Jennifer and Matt used. (She doesn’t know that Garrett is watching her on his nanny cam and rushing home.)

Instead of going to his house, Garrett goes to Jennifer’s house and wacks her father with a crowbar. Jennifer calls Matt and tells him what she learned; she is also starting to have contractions. Matt rushes to get to her. 

When Jennifer gets home, she receives a call from Garrett. (Who is right behind her.) Garrett demands that Jennifer give him his son and tells her that he has been tracking down all his donations to the sperm bank and stealing them back. Garrett punches Jennifer in the head, ties her up, and throws her in the trunk. They head up to Garrett’s other house.

Jennifer wakes up tied to a bed, and Garrett has set up a makeshift delivery room. (Including a butcher knife and a pair of plyers?) Jennifer cries and begs to be taken to a hospital. The baby is delivered very quickly, and Garrett leaves Jennifer to bleed out while he heads to Mexico. 

Meanwhile, Matt uses his GPS to find Garrett’s house. He tries to stop Garrett from leaving by wielding a large piece of wood. Garrett overpowers Matt and drags him into the woods. 

Jennifer gets herself untied and stabs Garrett with the butcher knife. She cradles her baby as Garrett slowly dies on the floor. He is awakened by his ghost children and can finally play with them in heaven?? IN HEAVEN!!! 

The babies all returned to their mothers. Matt and Jennifer’s relationship is on the mend, even though they are raising a murder’s baby. But whatever makes you happy!

Side Note

Minority Report: Doctor

I thought Cameron Jebo was great. He would be successful in a Hallmark Christmas movie. (If he hasn’t already.) 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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