Cheerleader Nightmare (2018 Lifetime)

Cheerleader Nightmare (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Taylor Murphy and Melissa Ponzio

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

While flying a drone with the AV club, teenage Sophie accidentally spies her boyfriend cheating with the school’s head cheerleader. But when the cheerleader turns up murdered, Sophie’s boyfriend becomes the prime suspect. He insists that he’s innocent, bringing her evidence that he didn’t do it, and Sophie believes the killer is framing her unfaithful boyfriend. When the killer strikes again, Sophie realizes that she must discover the real truth before she becomes the latest victim.


High School student, Sophie, has it all. Blonde hair, a hot boyfriend named Tyler, a brown haired Mom (so we don’t get confused!) who coaches the cheer squad, and a drone. Soph isn’t a cheerleader she is a photographer/artist, the total opposite.

While taking the drone out for a spin, Sophie’s friend Mikey, flys the drone over to Leah’s (the head cheerleader) house and discovers Tyler (Captain of the football team) and Leah (Head cheerleader) making out. Sophie is moody AF and goes to review the footage again, she prints out a picture of them kissing and seeths:

“I’m going to kill him.”

The next morning Leah’s body is discovered. Shrines to Leah pop up at the school and her fellow cheerleaders promise to get revenge on whoever did this to Leah. The teachers of the school don’t seem too concerned and decide to let the students work out their grief for themselves. Brilliant!

Tyler owns up to kissing Leah, he tells Sophie that Leah was upset and drunk. Sophie urges him to go to the cops, but he won’t because he has a criminal past and his dad is in jail. To distract Sophie from pushing it further he tells her he loves her and kisses her. It works Sophie is a dummy. Sophie vows to find Leah’s killer… why? I’m not entirely sure.

Meanwhile, Sophie’s Mom teams up with the football coach to do some detective work on their own. They break into Leah’s locker and find a doll in a cheerleader outfit hanging by her neck. A note is tied to it that reads, “Your days are numbered.” She then goes home and tells Sophie to not be with anyone alone. All socialization form this point forward is to be supervised and to stay away from the cheerleaders.

Lots of sleuthing happens and Sophie doesn’t follow her mother’s advice. Both ladies learn that Tyler had been cheating on Sophie for longer than we had through. Mikey event rendures a picture to prove to Sophie, but before he can email the photos he is hit in the head, WITH HIS OWN DRONE! He is seriously injured and in the hospital.

Sophie decides to tell her mom the truth about Tyler. She breaks up with him and is about to take to footage to the police when her and her mom realize there is an intruder in the house. The intruder steals the footage but leaves behind a clue. An ankle bracelet that one of the cheerleaders was wearing. ALSO the football coach shows up at the door to apologize conveniently.

Back from the hospital, Mikey and Sophie go right back to work figuring out the murder. With all their footage and backups gone they are at a loss. Lucky for them, Mikey has a back up on “the cloud.” They review the footage and see the new head cheerleader, Reba in a fight. Reba is also the owner of the ankle bracelet. Is she the killer or is someone wanting them to think she is the killer…

Sophie confronts Reba in the school parking lot. Reba flips it around on Sophie and says that maybe she is the killer. Then they get into Reba’s car and have a heart to heart. Reba admits to putting the doll in Leah’s locker and that she just wanted to be the head cheerleader. She also says that she lost her ankle bracelet at her boyfriend Ryan’s house.

At Ryan’s, we learn that Tyler and Ryan have the drone and are using it to follow Sophie. Mikey has a NEW drone and I think they might have a drone off, which would be cool. Instead Mikey discovers, via the cloud, that Sophie is in danger.

Tyler stops by Sophie’s house and they two go upstairs to chat. Mikey tries to text her but Sophie’s mom took her phone. Mike calls the phone (A teenage last option.) and Mom sees the video from the drone or Ryan and Tyler admitting to the murder. As she is watching the video Tyler comes down the stairs.

In a flashback we see Tyler pushing Leah down the stairs, which is supposed to make him holding Sophie at the top of the stairs suspenseful, but it is seriously like 10 stairs, she would be fine. The ladies grab a Lifetime classic weapon, a frying pan, and wack Tyler with it. Mother and daughter hug while police sirens blare in the background.

We get a final scene and now Sophie and Mikey are together, which is good because they are cute together. Mom approved! (But she approved of Tyler too, so can we really trust her judgement?)

Side Note

Alternate title on IMDB? Teen Drone Stalker… HAHAHA.

I know they are teens, but Ryan and Tyler looked like BABIES.

Can we talk about Sophie’s eye makeup? Is that a thing with and eye pencil curl at the edges?


Could have used WAY more cheerleaders if that is the title of the movie. Very misleading, Lifetime.

Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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