The Wrong Cruise (2018 Lifetime)

The Wrong Cruise (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Vivica A. Fox, William McNamara, Andres Londono, Dominique Swain, and Sidney Nicole Rogers

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a mother takes her teenage daughter on a cruise for some much needed bonding, the two unexpectedly find themselves falling for a couple of very handsome passengers. However, when they leave the ship for a port excursion, they quickly realize that they’ve been drawn into a web of deceit. The two manage to escape, but now they find themselves stranded in a foreign country with few resources and two very dangerous men on their trail.

This movie starts out crazy! A white lady wakes up tied up (very loosely) in a nice house and breaks free. She runs down a dirt road screaming for help and runs into the arms or a bad man.

Cut to Vivica A. Fox booking a trip to Mexico her herself and her daughter. Immediately we see someone stealing her identity from behind a laptop. This is how the internet works, I guess.

Turns our Vivica A. Fox’s daughter, Skyler, is on the track team and has a crazy left hook. She defends other students who are getting bullied and somehow she is sent to the principal office. Skyler gets suspended for two weeks, good thing Vivica A. Fox booked that trip to Mexico on impulse! Instead of grounding her daughter Vivica A. Fox decides that a cruise with your mom is punishment enough. They have a cute relationship even though it is strained due to Skyler’s father passing away.

While boarding the cruise, Vivica A. Fox’s meet a very handsome man. (Who we later learn is named Dante. He is very flirty and event cuts right to the chase asking if she is married, then asking her to dinner?!? Yas, Dante!)  Vivica A. Fox and Skyler go through the standard cruise procedures of checking out the room and the spa! Their relationship is on the mend and Vivica A. Fox LOVES to say “Whatever” while rolling her eyes.

At night Skyler goes out dancing and drinking with a cute boy name Rico. Vivica A. Fox goes on her date with Dante. The date goes awkwardly but Dante seems into it! Mother and Daughter end up dancing the night away with their dates.

Since this is a Lifetime movie, the cruise director is lurking around watching Sky and Vivica A. Fox creepily. He then sneaks into their cabin and goes through their luggage, stealing their passports.

The next morning, after some coutius, Vivica A. Fox enjoys secluded sailboat time with Dante and Skyler has drinks and then hiking on a deserted trail with Rico. They are to meet back at the boat at 5pm and I bet they won’t make it!

Vivica A. Fox and Dante run into a problem when the motor and radio on the sailboat “dies.” Then she passes out probably from a roofied glass of champagne. Skyler makes it back to the boat but her mother is nowhere to be found. She wants to go to the police and Rico agrees to take her there but the trip takes too long and for some reason Skyler isn’t getting suspicious. That is until Rico chloroforms her and calls Dante to confirm her got her.

Turns out Dante, the cruise director, and Rico kidnapped them due to their Vivica A. Fox’s husband and his life insurance policy for ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Vivica A. Fox get taken to the bank by Dante, while Skyler is loosely locked up in chains and tries to break free. (Seems unfair!) At the bank Vivica A. Fox trips the fire alarm and writes on the mirror for help, but of course Dante finds out.

Skyler gets free and runs immediately into Rico, who is an emotional mess, she tries to convince him to let her go. Rico tells her about the woman from the beginning of the movie. Turns out that they killed her in cold blood. So things aren’t looking so good for Skyler.

After things go haywire with the money transfer Dante and the cruise director have an altercation and Dante kills him. At the same time Rico releases Skyer and Vivica A. Fox into the woods to run for it.

Then the cruise directors girlfriend (Played by Dominique Swain) shows up and Dante holds her at gunpoint. They talk and just as you think she is going to get away she realizes what happened and Dante kills her too.

Degranged, Dante heads back to the house and realizes that the girls are missing. He shoots Rico and goes after Vivica A. Fox and Sky. He finds them trying to talk to a cop, since he has killed everyone else in this movie, he kills the cop. Vivica A. Fox tries to reason with Dante and says if he lets Skyler go, she will transfer the money. While in the car, Vivica A. Fox goes for her weapon of choice (a wrench? Is this Clue?) and hits Dante over the head.

Dante comes to and takes the cop car/uniform and impersonates a cop reporting Vivica A. Fox & Skyler as dangerous criminals. (Haha, okay. It is then immediately on the news.) While driving away it suddenly becomes the middle of the day and the ladies decide to make a run for it. Dante chases them through the woods of Mexico. They have a struggle and Vivica A. Fox shoots Dante, killing him.

It is all over and Vivica A. Fox and Skyler are back in the United States. Sky is winning track meets and getting into college, Vivica A. Fox is there cheering her on.

Side Note

I loved that the latinx actors in this movie (while still criminals!) weren’t made out to be Mexican stereotypes.

Also, loved the no subtitles on the Spanish. Y’all should know Spanish by now!

Dominique Swain make a VERY small cameo, but I love her so, YAY!

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 (5 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime


  1. I know movies are for entertainment, but really, what mother would leave her daughter in the hands of a complete stranger while she floats away on a boat with another complete stranger.. Glad Ms. Fox isn’t my mama!!!

  2. Loved the movie!! Just one question, was part of the Mexican scene from las Flores in Mexico ? Place looked familiar and since we go there to shop once a month we recognized it, looked so familiar.

    1. Hi, Bianca! Glad you liked the movie. Filming took place in Los Angeles & San Pedro, California. Props to the set designers/location scouts for making it looks so authentic.

  3. A better than average Lifetime movie with just a couple of minor flaws when it came to realism. The one mentioned above, plus the fact that Skyler is suppose to be some kind of track star, but doesn’t exactly pull it off, on screen.

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