Blood Sweat and Lies (2018 Lifetime)

This man right here is enough to POUR IT UP!

Blood Sweat and Lies (2018 Lifetime)

Cast:  Hannah BarefootAdam HuberMatt Cedeño

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A recent gym junkie’s new personal trainer starts to take their relationship to dangerous levels.


Melissa wears a dress and makes dinner while humming like a psycho. She is startled by her (hopefully) soon to be husband, Carter; they are celebrating their 5th dating anniversary. Melissa thinks he will propose, but he doesn’t feel like she is the woman he met five years ago. He breaks up with her. 

Leslie, Melissa’s friend, helps her get her life back together. Melissa lets herself go and wallows in her sorrows. Leslie forcers her friend to go to the gym with her; it is called “Power in Progress.” Melissa run on a treadmill for a bit but hates working out. A HOT AF trainer named Trey offers Melissa a free session. While eating some Twizzlers in the gym, Leslie tells Melissa to go for it.

Melissa is a Gallery owner and meets a handsome man named Adam. They have some chemistry going on. Melissa is more determined than ever to work on her fitness. She hires Trey as her trainer and commits to a six-week plan where she will do whatever Trey needs. He gives her a “fitness tracker” and uploads an app on her phone. It is all REALLY a Melissa tracker. (He can see her heartrate and everything.) 

When Trey supports Melissa on a rock climbing wall, it is portrayed as a scary moment? (Melissa is afraid of heights.) Indoor rock climbing is incredibly safe. Instead of being a typical Lifetime “Psycho Trainer.” Trey seems pretty normal. I think the soundtrack could have made him more ominous. He is just too hot and charming.

Now that she has confidence, Melissa goes on a date with Adam, and it goes really well. He is sweet, and they have a lot in common. A second date happens, and they totally have sex on the kitchen counter. The only problem is, Trey is following them and watching from his car. 

A shirtless (Thank you, Jesus!) Trey monitors Melissa heart rate and is angry, but sexy! He stops by Melissa’s house the next morning and sees Adam with his shirt open, displaying his buff bod. Trey is jealous and takes out his frustration on Melissa in the gym. Pushing her extremely hard. Then Trey puts something in her drink, which makes Melissa pass out on a treadmill. 

Melissa and Leslie get into a fight about her training. When Melissa tells Trey, he suggests they take a break from friendship.

Adam looks for Melissa early morning at the gym. She isn’t there, but Trey is. Trey suggests the work out together. Adam bench presses a heavyweight and is almost crushed. He storms off, but not before Trey can block Melissa’s number in his phone. Melissa shows up for her boxing training, and a lot of sexy touching happens, but also like creepy. Melissa stops the session when she feels that Trey has crossed a line. 

Melissa does her final weigh-in with Trey; he shames her for gaining a pound, and she is done with him. Melissa leaves the gym and finds her art gallery has been broken into and destroyed. 

Leslie is back in the picture and is friends with Melissa again. Carter comes over to get the rest of his stuff and tells Melissa to tell her new boyfriend to stop texting him. Leslie hacks Carter’s phone and finds disturbing texts sent from Melissa’s phone; they suspect her is back-dooring her cellphone from a VPN or app. (Throwing out all the tech language.) 

Trey rips a shirt and screams. I’m concerned this man is going to burst a blood vessel. He needs to be careful with his pretty face! Leslie sneaks into the gym as it is closing and snoops around. She finds a “fat” photo of Trey before he grabs her. 

Melissa takes off her tracker and gets rid of her phone. She heads to the gym and finds Leslie trapped in a closet. (Okay, R.Kelly.) Melissa calls 911 and hides in the dark gym, she finds Adam ties up in the boxing ring. Trey thinks that Adam forces Melissa to sleep with him and is convinces she loves him. He caresses her face and promises to never let anyone hurt her ever again. He was her secret admirer in college and has been obsessed with her ever since.

Melissa puts her PT skills to use and punches Trey in the face. Then she does a pull up, her fitness goal, and hides on top of some gym equipment. She jumps on top of him and they struggle. She eventually knocks him out with a dumbbell.

At the grand reopening of her gallery, we learn that Trey gets five years in prison. Melissa and Adam are dating again. No one seems concerned that Trey sends construction heart cut outs to Melissa everyday. I think it is sweet. Trey can send them to me, ANYTIME!

Side Note

Minority Report: Adam, Mark, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime


  1. Ummm obvious typo in the first paragraph:
    *She is startled by her *husband*, Carter; they are celebrating their 5th *dating* anniversary.” Like… How? Expecting your hubby to propose This blog is enjoyable but you desperately need a proofreader, I’ve seen similar mistakes with typos/misspellings and wrong character names and roles left in. I know you review a lot of movies and we can overlook a few misspelled words here and there but some of them have the potential to be confusing to the reader. If you’re looking for some proofreading help, I have experience, I can leave an contact email in a non-spammy way

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