Your Baby is Mine (2018 Lifetime)

Your Baby is Mine (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Linsey GodfreyAlicia Leigh WillisPreston Jones 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Anna Gray is starting a family with her loving husband Jon, but little does she know that Rachel, the mother of the baby who died under Anna’s watch years ago, has been waiting for this day, determined to take back what Anna took from her.


 A very, very pregnant woman named Anna makes some coffee for her goofy ass husband, Jon, and starts a video blog. The couple is cute, but also annoying AF. Jon planned a surprise baby shower but told his wife about it the day of. She practices her surprise face in an attempt to be charming, but it isn’t. 

At the shower, Anna gets a pick teddy bear, and she seems to be deeply affected by it? Later that evening, Anna shares a story with her mommy bloggers. When she was sixteen, she was watching a baby named Violet, who died in her care. One of the mommies, Raquel, watches the feed and starts stalking Anna. 

Things escalate quickly. Raquel kills Anna’s dulia while she is riding her bike and poses as a replacement named Rose. Anna has the baby, and Rose/Raquel watches the video and is excited to meet Violet. Which she does, later in the park. Anna tells Rose that she looks very familiar, but brushes it off.

Raquel/Rose then kills a woman named Kathy, who she has been working with to falsify her records. Kathy wanted more money and instead got a rock to the head. With no one left to blow her cover, except for Anna, Rose continues on as the dulia. Jon isn’t on board at first, but when he hears hoe much help Rose has been for his wife, he is on board. Rose is quick to turn the couple against each other, blaming Jon for putting the baby in the crib on her stomach, placing the baby at risk for SIDS. (The same disease that took baby Violet) Jon and Anna fight but then have makeup sex.

Anna’s friend, Jade, finds Rose hacking at cabbage. She tells Rose that they don’t need her there for the night. Jade and Anna have a girl’s night, drinking wine and talking trash about Rose. Jade thinks that Rose’s vibe is off. Rose listens to the conversation with a baby monitor. Jade promises to do some digging into Roses’s past. Rose takes her to put with a tire iron before Jade can dig too deep. Jade is put into a coma.

While Anna is at the hospital, Rose makes the moves on Jon. Anna catches them and asks Rose to leave for the night. The relationship is strained, and Anna starts to distrust Rose. (She still drinks her roofied tea though!) Anna passes out, leaving her baby screaming for hours. Jon finds her and is concerned. 

Anna’s uneasy feeling is confirmed when her yoga instructor says she doesn’t know of a Rose from the birthing center. Then Anna finds out that the receptionist from the center is dead and there is no record of Rose working there. She brings all the evidence to Jon. He first calls his wife crazy but then decides that she is correct and wants to find out who Rose really is.

A simple ID check is all it takes. Anna recognizes Rose as the woman named Raquel she used to babysit for. She goes to visit Chris, Raquel’s ex-husband. He tells her to stay away from Raquel but isn’t very helpful. Rose/Raquel follows Anna and sees her talking to Chris. 

Next, Anna goes to Raquel’s house, which is filled with baby things. Raquel catches Anna and ties her up. Jon is left with the baby and calls the detectives. He gets pistol-whipped by Raquel and kidnaps the baby. Raquel is on the run now. 

Anna gets herself free and resorts to her mommy blog friends to find Raquel instead of the police. She posts frantic vlog posts and then asks Chris to help her find her baby. He drives them into the mountains where the couple used to have a cabin. Raquel is at the cabin with the baby and a gun.

Chris gets shot upon arrival and killed. Anna and Raquel face-off. Anna cries and apologizes, but nothing can get through to Raquel, who has lived fifteen years with serious rage. Anna saves her baby with one smack to Raquel’s face. The police and paramedics arrive in slow motion. The detective wraps a coat around a dazed and confused Anna. He tells her that she is “one hell of a mother.”

Jon is in the hospital from his injuries, and Anna visits him. He calls his wife brave and apologizes for doubting her. Jane has awakened from her coma. Everyone is okay!

Raquel was never apprehended and is living with another young family. She is gonna steal their baby too! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective, yoga instructor. 

Also Known as Baby Obsession.

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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