Seduced by my Neighbor (2018 Lifetime)

Seduced by my Neighbor (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Sierra McCormickBeth BroderickTrevor St. JohnAndrea Bogart

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Single mom Sarah moves into the suburbs and starts dating a firefighter, only to find herself the target of an obsessive neighborhood watchman who aims to prove he’s the best man to protect her… even if he has to create the danger himself


Sarah is a nurse and a single mother to a teenage daughter, Allie. Neil is Sarah’s husband, and he is caring for his mother (Beth Broderick), who has Arthritis and is moving into a retirement home or something? He calls Sarah while driving and wants to relocate the family closer to his mother’s retirement center. A car hits him head-on, and he dies in the crash. 

Sarah and Allie move to the suburbs into a house with a hot tub and hot teen neighbor, Dylan, who plays basketball shirtless. The neighborhood also comes with a security guard named Mike. Mike brings over a welcome basket and offers to help set up the security system. Mike is an oversharer and tells Sarah that his wife and daughter recently died, but he still lives just a few houses down. 

Beth Broderick is still in the retirement home, and Sarah is the new resident nurse. They have a great relationship, and Beth Broderick is a KWEEN! She even pushes Sarah to start dating again and play matchmaker. Beth Broderick wastes no time and introduces Sarah to a hunk named Chris. Allie has less luck with the boys at school and is awkward AF.

In the middle of the night, the security alarm goes off. An intruder is in the house but gets chased away by Neighborhood Watch Mike. The REAL police come over to investigate and tell Sarah to upgrade her system. Sarah calls Mike to install the upgrade, which is probably a mistake. (Sarah even leaves him with a house key! She is too trusting, y’all!) Mike installs the cameras in all the essential places like the bedroom and hot tub. As he is looking through Sarah’s things, he finds a picture of Beth Broderick and holds a bathing suit while fantasizing about being in the hot tub with Sarah. He then caresses a pillow and has a fantasy about waking up in bed next to Sarah. In all his visions, he is shirtless, and I am thankful for that. 

At the hardware store, Sarah runs into Mike. It is awkward because he is copying her house key. He helps Sarah load up her car and invites her to get a drink. In the parking lot, Sarah is almost hit by a car. Mike saves her and screams after the vehicle. “HEY WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING.” My hero! They get drinks, and Mike walks Sarah through the security system. Sarah pulls up the hot tub camera on her phone and sees Allie partying with boys. Mike says that Dylan is a good kid, and Sarah has nothing to worry about. Then they talk about dating. 

Allie’s party gets a little out of hand. Someone burns popcorn and sets off the alarm causing the fire department to show up. The fireman that arrives is hunky Chris from the retirement home! Since this is a Lifetime movie, Sarah would typically yell at her daughter for everything. The mother and daughter have a good relationship, though, and talk about Allie being afraid to be home alone. Sarah gives Allie some mace that Beth Broderick gave her. 

Julia, another neighbor, witnesses Mike, set off the alarm, and pretended to scare off the intruder. She blackmails Mike into taking her to the neighborhood BBQ, or else she will tell Sarah what he did. 

The BBQ happens, which is more of a fancy house party. Sarah spends a lot of time with Fire Fighter Chris; she learns that he met her husband. Chris shares his memories of Neil, and she happily cries, reliving the memories. They almost kiss, but Mike interrupts because he is super jealous. Mike asks Beth Broderick why she brought Chris and acts Jealous. Then Chris and Mike take out their man/sexual frustration in a game of ping pong. Ping pong while EVERYONE watches. Mike takes it way to seriously, and Chris looks delicious in a tank top. 

Julia spies on Chris and Sarah as they make out and then rushes to tell Mike. Julia hopes the news that Sarah is dating someone else will free Mike up to be with her. Mike is not into it and kills Julia for “talking too much.” (Like, he strangles her to death violently.) He drives a car and sleeps outside the retirement center until the middle of the night. Mike breaks in and goes to Beth Broderick’s room. He asks why Beth Broderick didn’t match HIM with Sarah. When she refuses to help him, he suffocates her with a pillow. NOT BETH BRODERICK YOU MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thankfully, a roommate witnesses Mike leaving.)

Fresh from a shower and in a towel, Chris talks to Sarah on the phone. Is there a reason for him being shirtless here, no. That is the point! The call is interrupted by Chris’s mom, who saw Mike in the nursing home. She tells Chris that she is 100% sure Mike killed Beth Broderick. Chris calls Sarah back, but now she is in the shower and misses the call. On his way to rescue his lady, Chris is hit in the back of the head by Mike.

Mike then pick up Sarah and Allie and gives them a ride to the nursing home. On the way, he casually mentions that he caused the hit and run that killed Neil. The car accident didn’t kill Sarah’s husband; Mike finished him off by strangling him. He says he did it all so he and Sarah could be together. Sarah is horrified and gets even more so when she hears Chris banging and shouting from the trunk. Mike wants Sarah to choose between him and Chris. Sarah picks Mike and Allie very confused but quickly realizes that her mom is buying time to get the mace. 

Mike pulls over the car, and Allie takes her chance spraying him with mace. Then Allie opens the trunk and unties Chris. Sarah grabs a tire iron and hits Mike with it. They all hug while Mike is taken away by the police. He is wanted for the murder of Julia.

Chris has to break the news to Sarah and Allie about Beth Broderick, and I promise you they are not as sad as I am. 

The new family has a house party, and Chris has moved in. Dylan is dating Allie, and all is right in the world. Mike is in a prison cell watching them make love on the security camera footage. (They wouldn’t change the system?!?!)

Side Note

Minority Report: No one. 

Also Known as The Neighborhood Watch 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives, would have been 4 but no POC’s?!?)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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