A Twist of Christmas (2018 Lifetime)

A Twist of Christmas  

Stars: Vanessa Lachey & Brendon Zub

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)
In the frenzy before Christmas, two single parents— busy working mom Abby and her son, and overwhelmed lawyer Ryan and his daughter, accidentally mix up their toys at a crowded department store. As a result, both of their Christmases appear to be ruined. Although the two can’t stand each other, the only way to get things back on track is to help each other salvage their holiday plans – not realizing they’re falling for each other in the process.


Abby is a single mom writer has a chance to become a regular columnist if she can keep everything organized. She moves thing around and goes to pick up a coveted toy  from a toy store that is holding it for her.

Ryan is a single dad who is very busy with work. He also has to go to a toy store to pick up a very coveted toy from a toy.

At the toy store. Ryan and Abby arrive at the store at the same time and argue over who will be helped in line first. Then they later fight over another toy that is display only. They are continually together and continually trying to one up one another. THey of course grab the wrong bags and have each others presents.

While wrapping presents, Abby realizes that she got the wrong gift. Her son is a sneaky kid and sees his mom with a girly pony. She tells him that she had his manly robot and promises to get him his proper Christmas present.

Abby heads to Ryan’s work (She does a lot of googling.) At work she holds the present up and Ryan tries to ignore her. He can’t avoid her and is very unthankful that she realized the error. Especially when his daughter (who is work for some reason) sees the gift and her Christmas is ruined

In order to get the robot gift for Abby’s son, Ryan and his daughter have to take Abby and her son to his ex wife’s mansion. At the mansion, instead of opening all the presents the new doctor husband listens to them all with his stethoscope and finds the robot. This movie is very very dumb.

For some reason, Abby and Ryan are spending the rest of the holidays together? They go pick up her parents,  see Santa, ice skating, and go to a Christmas Concert. (Well Abby almost missed it because she is in a meeting with a parenting guru, who is a jerk.)

Then they go Christmas tree shopping and Abby even joins Ryan at his work party. What is happening?!?!?! WHY?!?! Abby just goes along with it and even invited him back home to decorate and do dinner with her family. (They get into a popcorn fight)

They go on a romantic stroll and Ryan gives her the cute toy/Oreo ad that they were fighting over at the beginning of the movie. They almost kiss but are interrupted by their kids and parents watching on.

Abby and Ryan argue because she misses a deadline and burns her cookies and he is too distracted and willing to help her. She is an independent woman and wants to do things herself and sit to a schedule. Abby tells Ryan that she might not be ready for what they have been doing the past 24 hours.

Ryan makes partner and Abby writes her piece. They reconcile and spend Christmas together. The kiss under the mistletoe and I want my two hours back.

Side Note

Minority Report: Abby and her Dad. Ryan’s Boss.

The child actors in this were sooo annoying.

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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