No Sleep Till Christmas (2018 Freeform)

No Sleep Till Christmas  (2018 Freeform)

Stars: Odette Annable, Scott Cavalheiro, Dave Annable

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Synopsis (via Freeform)

A bartender and a businesswoman find they only have one thing in common; insomnia.


Lizzie is getting married to Josh and sleeps in the same bed as her fiance BEFORE they get married. (Since this is on Freeform they are her husband is a successful black Chicago doctor. Okay!) We get a montage of Lizzie spending many sleepless nights stressing over the wedding. We get a montage of all the things she tries to sleep and she cannot sleep.

Billy lives in a cool bachelor pad but everything is a mess because he has insomnia too. He is preparing Thanksgiving dinner for his girlfriend breaks up with him because he doesn’t sleep with her, they have sex… but they literally don’t sleep at the same time. He works at a bar in Chicago… and there are multiple POC’s… like the REAL WORLD.

On a sleepless night, Lizzie goes out for a drive (with sunglasses on) and Billy goes out for a run. She hits him with her car and then gives him a ride to the hospital. They exchange business cards and judge each other. In the parking lot they both fall asleep in the car and are being put onto gurnees. They SLEPT! Till 1:30pm!

Lizzie is so happy she goes and plans the wedding with Josh and his mom Fiona. She is in event planning mode, which happens to be her job. Josh is also being more productive after getting sleep.He tries to get back with his ex but she doesn’t respond. Sleep doesn’t come easily for either of them and they try everything to experience the sweet sleep they had before.

Sleeping through her appointment with her future mother in law for a bridal dress fitting, Lizzie goes postal on the CTA bus and gets sent to jail. She calls Fiona to bail her out, she is not making a great impression and once she is out she heads to the bar to see Billy. She has a proposition. She asks him to sleep with her so she can be productive and not have something like what happened to her happen again. Billy flat out says no.

Back in the parking lot, Lizzie waits for Billy to show up. He does and scares the shit out of her, haha. She tells him she ran a background check on him and drew up a contract which states he will sleep with her till her wedding day and she will give him 10% to invest in his business. This time it doesn’t work, they argue that it is not working and blame each other. THey try again and it worked! They slept the whole night and are super ecstatic about it.

They up their sleeping game and go to a hotel. The booking Billy makes isn’t through and they have to get a room with a king bed. He raids the mini bar and she makes is pillow fort in the bed. It works and that are again, extremely productive. Wedding things and business planning. We get a montage of Lizzie and Billy sleeping in the hotel and killing it at their jobs during the day.

Their friends are very confused with this arrangement. Billy’s friend even asks about morning wood and we get a shot of Lizzie freaking out that he has a boner. Lizzie’s friend is worried that she is getting too involved in Billy’s life. (She joins Billy to an event where he is dressed up as Santa and she is his elf, so it has gotten a little out of him. What about Doctor Josh?!?!) A friend of Dr. Josh named Simon sees Lizzie at the event and he promises not to tell him.

One night Billy and Lizzie share information about their family. Her Mom dies and his dad left him when they were kids. Things are getting complicated between them.

Lizzie continues to plan the wedding with Fiona, but she isn’t as excited as she once was. Billy’s bar is taking shape and his girlfriend shows up. She is impressed with the change in him.

It is the night of Lizzie’s bachelorette party and her friends take her out for the night. She goes to Billy’s bar and then runs into Billy’s friends who assure her that Billy gets the arrangement. She promises to invite them all to her wedding, including Billy. She better tells her husband to be soon tho! They sing Karaoke and it is terrible. (Intentionally so, thankfully.) Everyone in the bar sees that they have a spark and are like… WTF!

Dr. Josh is angry at Lizzie for getting too drunk at her bachelorette party and he notices she is sleeping on the wrong side. S snaps at him and then apologizes and makes an excuse that she is just tired. Later, while Lizzie and Billy are in the hotel, she gets a call from Dr. Josh. He catches them in their sleeping act. He doesn’t believe them. He wants them to prove it and takes them to a sleep clinic. (Because he is a doctor, henny!)

At the sleep clinic, Lizzie and Billy apologize for all the horrible things they said while trying to convince Dr. Josh that they aren’t having sex. Dr. Josh watches on that they try to fall asleep. The sleep study proves that they do only sleep together. It is Christmas and Lizzie and Josh can spend it together now. While Billy spends the holiday with friends. They both can’t sleep without one another. It is a BIG problem.

They both consult their friends who tell them that they are in love with each other and should break up with their current relationships. Billy is about to tell Lizzie, but she tells him that Dr. Josh would like him to pay off the loan ASAP and that she can’t be partners with him anymore. Before she leaves she tells Billy that his dad leaving him wasn’t his fault and he will make a great dad someday.

It is the day of the wedding and Lizzie is exhausted. Her BFF (who is a lesbian BTW.) keeps her on schedule. Billy went on a bender but is cleaning up his act before the wedding. The guest begin to arrive and once Dr. Josh is standing at the altar, Billy can’t stay and runs out. Lizzie sees him as the her limo pulls up and she continues with the wedding. We get Lizzie walking down the aisle in a gorgeous dress. She literally falls asleep in the middle of the vows and Dr. Josh realizes that Lizzie has been lying to him. He asks her point blank if she is sure that she wants to be with him. He assures her that it is okay to tell the truth. Lizzie admits that she has no she doesn’t. They cry and Dr. Josh handles it exceptionally well. (If he is single he can marry me, okay?) Lizzie apologizes to Fiona and runs out of the church.

Lizzie gets in her just married car and drives the streets of Chicago and hits Billy, who is running away from the wedding. He yells at her to stop running him over and she apologizes. She tells him to get into the car.

One year later, they are getting ready for bed and tell each other goodnight… and the n the baby cries. Uh oh!

Side Note

Minority Report: This movie had too many too list, and that is how it should be.

I LOVED LOVED all the actors in this. Many moments paid off and has some genuine LOLS. Good job everyone involved.

The actors who played Lizzie and Billy are married in real life, which explains the chemistry.

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 (5 Christmas Trees, even though it wasn’t too Christmasy)

🍷🍷(2 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Freeform

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