Seduced by a Killer (2019 Lifetime)

Seduced by a Killer

Cast: Clare Kramer, Mia Topalian, David Fumero

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Jessica, a single mother, becomes estranged from her teenage daughter Tessa when she starts dating an older man against her mother’s wishes. After trying to break up the relationship herself, Jessica soon realizes that the older man is more dangerous than she could’ve ever imagined.


Walking alone on campus is dangerous, especially when you run into a hooded man who kills you on the quad while no one cares. THAT is how this movie starts..

Jessica owns a salon,  a nurse/doctor boyfriend named Christian, and a daughter named Tessa. (Who also has a boyfriend named Will.) Tessa and Will are going to the same college (VIT!)… could it be the college WHERE THE MURDER HAPPENED?

Jessica and Tessa have a very supportive relationship. They watch scary movies together, or Will and Tessa make out on the couch while Jessica awkwardly makes her exit. When things get too hot and heavy, Tessa tells will to go before they cross a line. Will walks to his car and realizes he forgot his keys inside. Before he can make it to the house, Will is murdered by the hooded man. Jessica notices Will car is parked outside and finds his body and yells for Tess to call 911. The nurse/doctor Christian thinks it is a massive heart attack.

Tessa is in therapy and Jessica is slacking at work and in her relationship with Christian. Tessa starts talking to “new friends” online. Christian tracks down Jessica to tell her that he found traces of Orilander in Will’s tissue and he has reported it to the police. An investigation will be opened and Tessa will need to be questioned. Tess is nowhere to be found, because she stays out until after two AM. Jessica downloads an app so she can track her daughter’s whereabouts.

Jessica needs to worry more about her salon because the hooded man comes there as she is locking up WITH A BAT. He smashes a bunch of hair products and then whilds the bat on Jessica, but then runs away because the police show up.

Tess is still going out all the time and Jessica decides to follow her. She discovers Tessa on a date with an older man. (She is 18 and he is 38.) Jessica and Tessa agree to a dinner with Eric. He seems to be less creepy and more rich zaddy. He offers to pay for dinner, talks about his sister with cancer, and also asks for jessica’s approval. Jessica doesn’t give it, naturally. Eric promises to honor her wishes.

Eric breaks up with Tessa, and she is very upset and blames her mom for ruining her life. Tessa tells at her mom and tells her that Eric makes her happy and she is not going to VIT.

Jessica decides to do some snooping on Eric. She goes to her Dr/Nurse friend and gets information then goes by Eric’s ugly broken down house. Inside the house she finds Tessa and Eric in the bedroom. Eric admits he lied about his job and his sister with cancer. Jessica starts hitting Eric, he grabs her by the throat and threatens to kill her if she keeps Tessa away from him. Tessa tells her mom that she doesn’t care if Eric grabbed her, she deserved it.

Christian tells Jessica that she needs to go to the police and Jessica asks Christian to sneak into his medical records. (They mumble about the legality of what they are doing, but who cares, give me the dirt.) Christian finds out Eric was in a maximum security psych ward. Jessica calls Eric and tells her that she is in danger gurl. Tessa is with Eric and he is suspicious of her suddenly leaving, but reluctantly lets her go.

With Tessa safely away from Eric and talking to the police. (Who will look into it and advise them to stay with a friend.) It is too little too late, because Eric breaks into their friends home and kills/kidnaps her. (Poor, Nancy!) Tessa and Jessica go to Nancy’s and see blood on the floor. Jessica grabs a gun and goes after her friend.

The police are on the scene and LET JESSICA on the scene as they look for Eric. (They both have guns.) Instead of Eric they find his roommate and some passports. Turns out Eric is Jeremy Smith… the man who attacked Jessica in COLLEGE? She is the girl from the beginning of the movie. (We could have used more period appropriate clothing, or music cues.)

Jessica gets a call from Eric/Jeremy from Tessa’s phone. He tells Jessica that he is getting revenge for the 18 years that he had been locked up. Jessica promises to not go to the police if he tells her where she is. Eric/Jeremy tells her to figure it out. She does, of course, they are in her house? Eric/Jeremy has tied up Tessa and Christian and has his bat back. He tells Jessica that he is going to kill the ones she loves while she watches. Jessica pulls the gun on him and shoots him as the police storm in and save them all. It was pretty anticlimactic. Eric/Jeremy glares at Jessica in slow motion.

Nancy is in the hospital but is okay. Jessica and Tessa hug and make up. Tessa vows to make Will proud at VIT, no no boyfriends. (Everyone laughs.)

The end.

Side Note

Minority Report: The Detective

Clare Kramer was one of my fav 90’s/early aughts actresses. Bring it On  & Buffy the Vampire Slayer to name a few.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪   (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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  1. Too bad Clare Kramer hasn’t enjoyed near the success her two “Bring It Own” co-stars have. Supposedly she’s still close to Kirsten and Eliza.

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