Mommy’s Little Princess (2019 Lifetime)

Mommy’s Little Princess

Stars: Alicia Leigh Willis and Sarah Abbott

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After a tough eight years living with her drug addicted mother, ten-year-old Lizzy is adopted by amazing career woman Juliana and her boyfriend Greg. Hoping to help Lizzy learn more about who she is (she never knew her father), Julianna buys Lizzy an online genetics test and they discover that Lizzy is related to a royal German family. Finally feeling truly special for the first time, Lizzy begins to change from the sweet girl Julianna adopted to an entitled, angry child. To make matters worse, she doesn’t get along with Allie, Greg’s seventeen-year-old daughter. As Lizzy’s unhealthy fascination with being a princess grows, the girl begins to lose her sanity, blurring fantasy and reality. Soon, Lizzy’s actions turn deadly and threaten to destroy her future unless her new mother and stepsister can find a way to put an end to her dangerous obsession.


Lizzy has a rough life. Her mother smokes in the house, tells her that she isn’t special, and is an alcoholic. She is in a new home now with her adopted family, where she steals money from her new mom’s purse. Allie (Stay with me, the high school daughter of Lizzies adopted dad who lives next door with his ex-wife…) catches Lizzy and tells her that she hates her. The parents don’t believe Allie and tell her that Lizzy is going through a lot.  

At school Lizzy is lying to her friends about being from a rich family. She says her mom died in a plane crash and she was in foster care till she found the perfect family. The other girls is from Trinidad and Lizzy realizes her lie isn’t cool enough. (Her adopted mom is from… Chicago.)

Julianna (the adopted mom) does one of those DNA test with Lizzy. (I do not trust these things) Turns out that Lizzy is 65% German and her great great grandmother was German nobility. Lizzy takes the test too seriously and thinks she is a princess now. (The girl has seen one too many Hallmark movies.) She is suffering from some severe PTSD and is happy that she isn’t “not special anymore.” Lizzie goes to the library with her mom to get a book Princesses Around the World. She finds the Wittelsbaum (her family) page and see a castle and prints out a picture of Daniel Wittelsbaum. (The current most eligible bachelor in Germany.) She creates a serial killer wall of all the royal stuff. Allie and Julianna tell Lizzy to cool it on the princess stuff.

Lizzy won’t cool it though. She draws pictures of princess, order princess stuff online with Julianna’s credit card, and brags to her friend. The friend give the best recommendation. “Fly to Germany, find out where he eats lunch, and accidently bump into the restaurant.”   When they announce that the summer art camp play will be Cinderella. Lizzy insists on playing the titular role because she is a real life princess, which causes everyone to laugh at her.

Julianna tries to explain to Lizzy that she is special and an amazing person. (Despite her lying, stealing, and temper tantrums.) Julianna even lets Lizzy keep the $1000 work of princess stuff she bought with a stole credit card. Julianna doesn’t get the message and fantasizes about her mom marrying the Daniel Wittelsbaum and them all living in a castle together. (Without her dumb stepsister Allie and her poor stepdad.)

Back at school Lizzy finds out that she wasn’t selected for the summer camp.  She sneaks through some files and finds out one of her classmates is extremely allergic to penicillin. After “Swifty Searching” (This movies Google) what the drug is, Lizzy hatches a plan to take out her classmate for the spot at camp. She steals some Amoxicillin from her parents, crushes them with a stapler, and pours them in some fruit punch. The kid doesn’t go for it because she doesn’t like fruit punch, so Lizzy puts the drug in her OJ. Lizzy cooley watches as the girl almost dies.

Lizzy’s plan works and the kid won’t be going to summer art camp and Lizzy is next on the waiting list. The teacher is suspicious and thinks Lizzy is up to no good. Which she, of course, isn’t, she pours vinegar all over her adopted dad’s (Greg) painting (he is an artist, who cares!) Lizzy does this so he won’t go to Germany with Julianna and her because he will be too busy painting.

At Summer Art Camp, which came pretty quickly Lizzy and Finey get in trouble for going off campgrounds. When Lizzy learns that another girl is auditioning for the role of Cinderella she threatens her. Finey watches on and is shocked her friend is being so mean. The little girl goes to the teacher and tells her what happened.

Back at home Greg and Allie have a heart to heart and she agrees to be more supportive of Lizzy, she didn’t realize that she had such a tough upbringing. Greg also finds out about his painting when the buyer calls and tells him about the vandalization.   

Lizzy is hysterical when she learn that her plan didn’t and hatches a new plan, this time with poison ivy. After some more “Swifty Searching” Lizzy grabs some gloves and heads out to the field where she was banned from going, by the teacher. Speaking of the tacher, she totally catches on to Lizzy’s plan and stops her in the act. The teacher tells Lizzy that she is expelled from camp and starts to call her mother. Lizzy wrestles the phone from the teacher and in the struggle knocks her off a cliff and kills her.

The camp counselors and campers looks for the teacher. Finey finds the teachers flashlight and tells Lizzy that she knows what she did. Lizzy flips it around and blames Finey. Then she shows the cute camp counselor where Finey “found the flashlight”. This whole flashlight things goes on a looooong time. Eventually they police and cute counselor find the teacher. Turns out the teacher is in a coma and the play is cancelled. Lizzy isn’t concerned about the teacher and is upset with the injustice of it all.

Lizzy is kicked out of camp and Julianna comes to pick her up. Lizzy tells her mom that she needs to ditch Allie and Greg and marry into the royal family. (Which Julianna dismisses) As they are riding back home, Julianna gets a call from a family heritage specialist she hired. They tell Lizzy that she is not a royal and is NOTHING.

Back home Lizzy destroys her room screaming about things being unfair. While Julianna is trying to calm her daughter down she gets a call from the police. The teacher is awake and the police want to talk to them about what they witnessed.

Lizzy realizes that she going to be arrested and steals the plane tickets for Germany. She takes her luggage and runs out of the house and gets a taxi. (The cab driver is so nonchalant about driving a minor to the airport.) Once her mom and Allie realize she has fled they follow. Before getting to the airport, Lizzy hears the cab driver talking on his CB radio. He has to take her back home but she jumps out of the cab and runs to a pizza place?

Allie calls Lizzy and tries to talk her down. Lizzy admits to hurting the teacher and that she has been acting crazy. Allie tells her that she can’t run away from their problems and that they are a family. Lizzy fesses up to more bad things she has done. Allie is unfazed and tells Lizzy that these things are messed up but they are a family and they love each other. They convince Lizzy to go to the police after some iced mochas with whipped cream.

Lizzy is now in therapy and her treatment is going well. She even is supportive of her sister at her graduation. The family take a photo and everything thing is fine??????????????? Total waste of my time.

Side Note

Minority Report: Finey (Lizzy’s friend), the school teacher,

This movie was sponsored by 23 and me, which is soooooo weird and not a good brand endorsement.

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File under so bad it’s good.

Overall rating

🔪🔪   (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 🍷  (5 glasses of wine required)

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  1. So after the graduation picture was taken and she gave your sister the card nothing happened after that the DVR stopped it cut off everything else after that

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