Saving My Baby (2019 Lifetime)

Saving My Baby (2019 Lifetime)

Stars:  Brianne Davis, Tonya Kay, Kathleen Quinlan

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Sarah Carter (30s), eight months pregnant, is abruptly rear-ended on Mulholland Drive, and ends up in a deep road side ditch…Transported to the hospital, she delivers her baby. Little does she know that she is the victim of a nefarious plan of her new husband’s unhinged secret girlfriend. Soon Sarah will be racing against time to save her baby, in an emotional thriller written by Mike Feiffer (Cradle Swapping) that will lead the viewers from Los Angeles to Palm Springs and ultimately the gloss and grit of Las Vegas.


Sarah is driving at night talking to her (drunk?) parents on speaker phone. She notices that she is getting aggressively tailed by someone. Her dad tells her to pull over and she does. The car stops too. Then she tries to outrun the car and it chases after her. All of this while her parents are on the phone. Her car gets run off the road and her parents freak out on the phone. If the acting were better this would be like Drew Barrymore in the beginning of Scream, but it is not.

Sarah is taken to the hospital and she is pregnant AF. The family arrive at the hospital and finds out that they will be inducing labor while she is unconcious? IDK id that can happen but her husband, Travis, is by her side. The baby is born without incident and taken to the nursery. Sarah on the other hand is rushed to surgery, which also goes fine. Travis is going to take the baby home to the nursery. (Sarah’s mom seems to think that is not cool? He is her husband…)

The LAPD show up and ask a bunch of questions to the parents while Travis listens in and blames Sarah’s job. The police ask Travis to see them at the station and he looks pissed. At this point in the movie I’m not sure who is the worst actor the lady cop or the mom.

At the station we learn that Travis never has gotten along with Sarah’s family. He is from the wrong side of the track (for real… a line in the movie.) Travis has an alibi and conveniently enough him and his wife do not have a prenup.

The next day the family visits, Lily, their granddaughter and are suprised to see Virgina (Tyler’s Mom.) who get an even cooler welcome then Tyler at the hospital. They are also surprised to see Jessica (Sarah’s friend with pink hair?) and blame her for the accident. Sarah’s family is basically a bunch of stuck up bitches.

Virginia convinces Travis to run away to Palm Spring and take the baby… and Jessica with them? Turns out Jessica and Travis have a plan of their own. They drove Sarah’s car off the rode to get her money and then they wouldn’t be broke. It isn’t explicitly said here, but heavily implied. This movie is not only predictable, the writing and acting are TERRIBLE.

Sarah wakes up in the hospital screaming and crying “WHERE’S MY BABY!” She demands to go home to her baby and calls Travis. (who doesn’t answer.) Then she calls her sister and gets caught up on the whole situation. Sarah wants to leave the hospital immediately but heads the doctors requests to stay the night to get better. Sarah agrees to stay and get Travis on the phone. She accuses Travis of A) being an idiot and B) sleeping with Jessica. She isn’t wrong, just saying.

On the ride home, Sarah gives a lot of exposition of how Sarah and Travis met interspersed with footage of what she is explaining and a lot of cliches. Jessica was involved in their meeting.

Victoria and Jessica fight over Travis and Lily. They fight for what is right for the baby and for their relationships. The fighting is interrupted by the police who take Travis into custody for the attempted murder of Sarah. The police video conference with Travis and tell him that the car that ran Sarah off the road was his. He blames Jessica. (We get a flashback of Jessica convincing Travis to seduce Sarah for money) and we find out that Sarah and Travis got married after dating for six months.

Jessica meanwhile is stealing the baby while Victoria sleeps. This is strange because Jessica doesn’t even want a baby.

Sarah arrives in Palm Springs and wakes Victoria up from her nap. They realize that Jessica took the baby. Virginia freaks out and so does Sarah. It is amazing how these characters can be so upset and have absolutely no tears running down their faces.

Jessica meets up with Travis and shoots him in the car, she dumps him on the curb…She takes she takes the baby to a strip club. Her friend Ashley is like “What is that?” but agrees to help take care of the baby. Sarah finds the strip club and begs the bouncer to give her information on Jessica. He gives her Ashly’s info and Sarah calls her immediately. Jessica and Sarah talk about when they were friends, but that is over now. Jessica is holding the baby hostage for a million dollars. Sarah reluctantly agrees.

Jessica then kills Ashley because she wanted to be cut in on the deal. The police from LA are in Las Vegas because this movie makes no sense. They try to tell Sarah not to meet up with Jessica, but Sarah hangs up on them and sets up a meeting time with Jessica.

Sarah gets the money out of the bank and get out one million dollars in cash… because that is just as simple as that. She calls her sister and tells her that she loves her. Then Sarah calls the police detectives who get her location from a laptop in the… A LAPTOP IN A CAR TRACES THE CALL.

At the drop off point, which is in the middle of the desert, Jessica and Sarah make the exchange. Little do they know that Victoria is there with a shotgun. Victoria and Jessica have a shoot out and they both get hit. Sarah holds her baby and cries as much as her botox will allow. Jessica drives off put has to pull over to die with her money.

The police arrive and give Sarah a ride with her baby. Movie abruptly ends.  

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Side Note

Minority Report: The doctor and a few nurses. Ashley.

The writers of this movie produce A LOT of Lifetime movies. So you can’t win them all, I guess.

Overall rating

🔪   (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 🍷  (5 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


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