Pregnant & Deadly (2019)

Pregnant & Deadly (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Christa B. Allen, Amber Lynn Ashley, Grayson Berry

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Amber and Kyle are ready to move on after a car accident two years ago. But their world turns upside down when Jessica, the other driver who lost her unborn baby in the accident, moves in next door and gets a job with Amber’s doctor — all in a plan to seek a cold form of revenge.


A gas stove with the pilot light out pumping CO2 into the house. A woman awakes to find her baby missing from its crib. The woman smells gas and sees her husband on the floor with his head bleeding. They stumble out of the house, and the woman shrieks. “WHERE’S MY BABY,” and then we get the title card. 

Flashback to 8 months earlier. Turns out, the woman’s name is Amber (she teaches yoga), and her husband is Kyle. (a juice shop owner.) Amber’s friend, Nicole, tells Amber she may be pregnant after getting dizzy just standing. Amber laughs it off and mentions an accident with no further details.

Next, we meet Jessica, who is attempting to adopt a baby. She lost her baby and had a hysterectomy. She and her ex-husband were involved in an accident, and she also has a domestic abuse charge on her record. Good luck trying to adopt a child, sweetie. Is basically what adoption agent says. Jessica freaks out and throws papers around the office, she then vows to get Amber’s baby because it was her fault she lost hers. 

Speaking of Amber, she is having nightmares about a car crash that she had with Jessica, and I guess it killed her baby.

Amber faints while teaching yoga at the juice bar. Kyle takes Amber to the hospital, where they learn that she is pregnant. Jessica is stalking them at this point and overhears the conversation. She then takes pictures of their medical chart and decides to volunteer at the hospital. Which is clearly short-staffed.

Jessica wants to rent an apartment but is disappointed to learn that the one she was looking at has just been rented by a college student. Instead of looking for another apartment to rent, Jessica follows the student. She tries to convince her to drop out of her lease. They argue, and the college student dies by slipping on some just and hitting her head. Jessica stages it to look like a break-in and calls the police pretending to be the college student in distress. 

While volunteering at the hospital, Jessica meets Taylor, who is pregnant. They decided to work out a plan, Jessica will adopt her baby and pay for the pregnancy if she convinces Amber that they are in a legal adoption. Jessica orders some baby things online and delivers them to Amber’s house. She does this to make it look like a coincidence and have a meet-cute. Jessica and Amber are neighbors now. Jessica lies and tells Amber that she is still married, and they are adopting a baby.

They run into each other again, and Jessica is working with Amber’s doctor. Amber is getting a little freaked out by the parallel lives they are living. Jessica invites Amber to lunch so they can talk about things and put the past behind them. Amber leaves, and Jessica looks at Amber’s file again. Amber tells Kyle and Nicole about the weird run-ins with Jessica. They agree that it is strange, but no one tells Amber to not go on that lunch.

At lunch, Jessica and Amber apologize to one another. They hit it off, and Amber invites Jessica and Taylor (the pregnant woman.) to dinner sometime and also a cupcake baking party for expecting mothers.

Jessica meets with a man who has had a lot of plastic surgery. She is hiring him for seven to impersonate her husband. Too bad, Nicole (Amber’s friend) witnesses the whole deal go down. Instead of telling Amber right away, Nicole confronts Jessica in the parking lot. Which was the wrong choice because Jessica runs Nicole over with her car.

Amber gets the call that Nicole is dead, and the police have no leads. Amber continues on with life as usual but vows to name her baby Nicole is it is a girl. (That is sooooo sweet.) Too bad it is a boy, and Nicole is never spoken of again. Jessica messes with Amber’s file somehow, it was explained, but I seriously don’t even care.

At a dinner, Amber and her mom meet up with Jessica and the male sex worker pretending to be David. The mother recognizes “David,” maybe she has used his services? Turns out that Amber’s mom’s “friend” convinced her to hire an escort. She says she didn’t hire him but remembers his profile because they have the same birthday. Okay, sure, mom. 

The mom has a point, though, isn’t Jessica’s situation a little too convenient? Amber does some research online but doesn’t find anything. The mother, on the other hand, follows Jessica around at a baby shower and asks a family friend for a background check on David. As Jessica is snooping around the baby nursery, she has a flashback to when she was pregnant. Amber overhears Jessica saying that her son will be Jessicas. They have a tense conversation.

Jessica follows the family friend and knocks her out before she can do the background check. She stages it to look like a robbery, steals a gun, and then kills the friend with a sack of flour. (Did I mention that the family friend was a baker?)

Amber and Kyle learn that Jessica was lying about David anyway. They decide to avoid Jessica all together. Things get worse when Amber finds the family friend, whose name was Blanche. Amber’s mom admits to asking for a favor, and it is probably her fault that Blanche is dead. If things weren’t already dramatic, Amber has some stress-induced contractions.

While at the hospital, Amber learns the truth about Taylor getting paid by Jessica. Kyle also learns about this from a video camera he accidentally left on at the cupcake party. 

Jessica has a crazy new hairstyle and swaps out the files for Amber and Taylor. She then tries to seduce the doctor so she can syringe him with a sedative. She then drives the doctor to Amber’s house, where she also syringes Amber with a sedative. Kyle comes home and finds the doctor passed out in the car, he goes to save Amber but is knocked out by Jessica with a golf club.

Jessica’s master plan is to have the doctor perform the delivery at gunpoint in Amber’s house. Jessica tells the doctor to induce the labor, which he reluctantly does, and Amber delivers the baby while totally unconscious. (which is not how inducing labor work, but okay.) We are back to the beginning of the movie, where Amber screams. “WHERE’S MY BABY?!?!?!”

Amber wakes up in the hospital and is greeted by a doctor who thinks she is schizophrenic and informs her that her husband is in a medically induced coma. Amber is having none of this and pulls out her IV. She is on a mission to find her baby. She a set of car keys, finds David’s address from a rent check, and calls the police.

Jessica brings the baby to the real David, who is super disturbed. He tells her that she needs to give the baby back and calls the police. Jessica pulls a gun on David and tells him to adjust his reaction. She just wants a happy family. 

While Jessica is trying to convince David that they are a family, Amber shows up for her baby. Jessica tells Amber that it is a horrible feeling, not being able to be there for your child. Amber reasons with Jessica, who is crying and vengeful. In a moment of distraction, David knocks the gun out of Jessica’s hand. Then Amber and Jessica struggle until Amber throws Jessica through a sliding glass door, as one does. Amber rocks her baby as a police sirens approach. 

Flash to the baby’s first birthday. They sing happy birthday to him and are all happy now. Meanwhile, Jessica, in a mental institution cradling a baby doll. 

Side Note

Also known as Dying for a Baby

Minority Report: Taylor and Sloane

Co-written by one of my fav Lifetime Actresses, Lindsey Harley.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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