Stalked by my Doctor: A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare (2019 Lifetime)

Stalked by my Doctor: A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare (2019 Lifetime)

Stars: Eric Roberts, Emilie Ullerup, Angeline Appel

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Wanted for multiple crimes, Dr. Albert Beck assumes the identity of another doctor en route to a new job at a sleep clinic. He falls for his first patient: Shelli, who suffers from nocturnal sexsomnia–until his interest is derailed by the arrival of her beautiful niece who suffers from a similar condition.


Michelle is a sleepwalker. She wakes up, in the middle of the night, and instead of sleep eating or peeing in a suitcase (happens more often than you would think!), she crashes a wedding and kisses the groom ruining their marriage. The next day, Michelle has becoming a viral sensation and loses her job because of bad PR. They urge her to go to a doctor and get help.

Did someone say, “Doctor”? Eric Robers it back, AGAIN. Dr. Albert Beck is not working at a cafe under the name, Carl. Things get porny here for a moment, while Dr Beck fantasies about some customers. He accidentally pours coffee over a doctor, who freaks out on Busboy Beck. Never one to take any shit from anyone, Dr. Beck hides in the back of his car and kills him with a syringe with intent of taking over his identity.

Now in New Mexico, where Michelle lives, Dr. Beck (Now posing as Dr. Tanner.) It doesn’t work because a security guard recognizes him and pulls a gun on him. Dr. Beck/Tanner runs off and apparently no one else in the hospital cares that he isn’t who he says he is. Dr.Beck/Tanner has a welcome party and then his first patient, Michelle. She is at the hospital to participate in a sleep study. 

As Michelle is talking about her sleep history… I realize she is explaining a Lifetime movie I’ve already seen. She is reprising her role from Sleepwalking in Suburbia (2017 Lifetime Movie). Seriously, blew my mind. Also, blowing my mind is Eric Roberts playing two characters. Dr Beck/Tanner and his beachy dude self??? WTF. These movies are way over the top!

During the sleep study, Michelle starts to sleep walk but really sleep seduce. She starts stripping and looking all sexy at Dr. Beck/Tanner. When she wakes up the next day, Michelle is horrified at her behavior and apologizes. She learns that she has Sexsomina.

Katie, Michelle’s niece shows up and is a wreck. She too suffers from sleep disorders ever since her parents died. Instead of being a sleep nympho, Katie is highly susceptible to outside influence while she is sleeping walking and was basically raped in her sleep. This is so breezed over in this movie, I know this had to be written and directed by men. (Like, they should press charges!) 

Dr. Beck/Tanner listens to the whole conversation by hiding in the bushes? The then sneaks into the house at night and goes to Katie’s room and tells her to say she loves him. (He also has another conversation with the beach dude in his head.) They aren’t alone, someone was watching from the street and Dr. Beck/Tanner has to be more cautious.

A male patient, named Nicky, comes to visit Dr. Beck/Tanner. Except he isn’t a patient he was the person outside. Nicky is a real strange guy and I have no idea what this scene was about. 

While Michelle is in her sleep study, Dr. Beck/Tanner follows Katie and set out to make her fall in love with him. While she is awake. He bumps into her and invites her to have a burger together. The then duvulges that he is Michelle’s doctor and Katie should join the sleep study too. He then tampers with Katie’s car so he can give her a ride home. Katie feels like they have a connection despite having and starts making out with him. (He is pushing 70 and she is early twenties.) It turns out to be another fantasy. Leo, Katie’s boyfriend, come and interrupts. He apologizes for siding with a rapist and is immediately forgiven. (Not by Dr. Beck who goes into a bathroom and makes inanimate objects have sex?)  

Back at the sleep clinic, Michelle wakes up and starts banging on the two way mirror. The staff on duty goes into the room to stop her and is heavily petted instead. The next morning Michelle is, again, horrified by her behavior. She is even more horrified by Katie having accepted Leo back. With Dr. Beck/Tanner’s suggestion they decide to send Leo to a motel to avoid any sleeping walking incidents. Which, of course, happens. Dr. Beck/Tanner gets Katie to text Leo and get him to a parking garage. Where she lures him to the top of the garage do Dr. Beck/ Tanner can throw him down the stairs and curbstomp him.

The police are questioning Katie, who is distraught over Leo’s death. She asks Dr. Beck/Tanner to help her. Michelle on the other hand thinks it is strange that Katie is acting on her own impulses rather than suggestions. Michelle goes to the hire ups and complains about Dr. Beck/Tanner. She gets to supervise Katie’s sleep study. 

Dr. Beck’s boss, Pamela, figures out who he is and before she can do anything about it she is stabbed to death. Needless to say she will not be at the sleep study. Dr. Beck puts some sleeping pills in Michelle’s coffee. Whiles she is asleep. Dr. Beck goes in and makes out with Katie in her sleep. Michelle also sleep walks and tries to sleep seduce Dr. Beck as well.

Dr. Beck goes into the hallway and bangs his head against the wall repeatedly. He frames Michelle for the murder of Pamela and then explians motives for everything to the detectives with phyco babblel. 

Michelle gets put in a psych ward and is wrapped to a gurnee. Dr. Beck is her primary care physician and is going to give her shock treatment. He tells her that he loves Katie. Speaking of Katie, he invites her to live in his guest house while her aunt receives treatment. Eww, some orderlys are planning to rape Michelle when she is sleeping. This movie is pisssing me off. Thankfully, Michelle overhears their plan and tricks them into tying her. As she pretends to seduce them, she is looking for keys. She grabs a billy club and the keys and fights make her escape. 

Katie moves in with Dr. Beck and he makes her a candle lit dinner. An uninspected guest shows up, the beach dude,  and Katie realizes that he is crazy. Katie runs to leave and is knocked out by Dr. Beck and then he lays her on the couch. His plan to simply explain everything to her when she comes to. 

His plan is cut short when Nicky shows up, turns out he is in Dr. Beck’s brain. The three of them argue and Michelle shows up with a shovel. She sneaks into the house and attacks Dr. Beck. Katie is sleep walking and distracts Michelle just long enough to give Dr. Beck the upper hand. He tells her to get a knife and stab Michelle. Michelle wakes Katie up and she stabs Dr. Beck instead. 

Michelle and Katie sit in the back of an ambulance and watch Dr. Beck get hauled away to the same mental ward that he send Michelle too. Dr. Beck gets shock treatment and it is lights out until the next Lifetime installment of Stalked by my Doctor series. 

Side Note

This is the fourth in this series and first on I have watched. 

Emilie Ullerup is a TV movie verteran but may be the sleepwalking acting champion. She previously played a sleepwalker in Sleepwalking in Suburbia.

Minority Report: Tyler and a few other doctors at the hospital. The Detective.

Lines like “I married the wrong woman” when finding out Sexspmonia is a thing is totally sexist and encouraging rape culture. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪   (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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