A Deadly Dance (2019 Lifetime)

A Deadly Dance  (2019 Lifetime)

Stars: Sabrina Bryan, Antonio Sabato, Jr., David Blue, Rachael Markarian

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)


Movie starts off with a blonde woman running from a gunman shooting multiple rounds at her. She dies and we flash to a year later. We meet the blonde woman’s twin sister, Kate. Kate wants to put the whole murder behind her until her dancer friend, Teresa is murdered too.

Kate goes home and tells a shirtless ANTONIO SABATO JR the bad news. He holds her in his sexy strong arms and I am extremely jealous of Kate. (Minus the murder of everyone she loves.) Kate works on a Dancing with the Stars type of show and is getting a lot of unwanted paparazzi following her around. The detectives question Kate and she wants them to link the murder of her friend to the murder of her sister.

 After a taping of the show, Kate and Antonio Sabato Jr. find a gift left for Kate. It is a picture of her and Teresa and a gold bracelet. Since the backstage area is closed, the TV security review the footage and find the cameras have been tampered with. Later, at home, Kate and Antonio Sabato Jr. get a letter slipped under their front door. It is a picture of the gold bracelet in blood. Kate goes to the police detective. 

Since everything Kate touches turns to shit, her dog is murdered? The other dancers tell her that she is safer on set than at home. Kate puts all her trust into the TV security and a young man named Tony gives her information about the bracelet. Tony is also hooking up with one of the dancers. 

While making tea, Kate notices someone lurking around her property. A hooded figure finds the hideaway key and synchronizes his watch. He keys into the house and stands over Antonio Sabato Jr. & Kate’s bed. Antonio Sabato Jr. beats up the man, but the man tells him that Kate told him to meet her at midnight. The detectives say he met Kate on a fake dating profile. Warren gets taken into custody and is being questioned. The detective tells Kate to get a security camera and a lockbox for the spare key.

The next lead dancer is announced and it isn’t the girl who is hooking up with security guard, Tony. Meanwhile Kate is bit by a spider someone planted in her gym bag. She gets bit and is rushed to the hospital. Antonio Sabato Jr. rushes to her side and asks her to quit the show for her own safety. She agrees and will work at Antonio Sabato Jr.’s dance studio once she recovers. 

Tony, the TV security guard, reviews the footage and the girl he was making out with was sneaking into Kate’s dressing room. The new lead dancers on the TV show seem like they got in that position with some foul play. 

Antonio Sabato Jr. has his shirt off and I didn’t listen to anything dialogue in that scene. Once his shirt is back on, I learned that Antonio Sabato Jr. has a 5 million dollar life insurance policy out on Kate. Kate breaks up with Antonio Sabato Jr. in the middle of the night. His shirt is on, so I’d break up with him too.

Kate and Antonio Sabato Jr. make up through the art of dance. We literally get a dance number in the last 20 mins of this movie. They are better dancers than they are actors, for sure! Then they kiss up against a wall.

It is the big night for the premiere of dance TV show. Tony asks Kate on a date, but she is back with Antonio Sabato Jr. Kate goes to the security office to apologize to Tony. Tony tells Kate that she deserves better and Kate realizes that he is the one who sent her the life insurance policy. Tony got it from Quinn, the big boss of the show. Quinn keeps files on all the dancers and Tony helps Kate break in to his office. They find a file on Teresa and Quinn had a life insurance policy out on her for three million dollars.

Quinn catches Kate and Tony in his office. Quinn knocks Tony out and takes his gun. He shoots Tony and is about to shoot Kate, when Antonio Sabato Jr. and the other dancers do an elaborate dance routine to distract Quinn long enough to get the gun away. (Just kidding.) The detective show up and take Quinn away.

The dog is alive and well, Tony is too. (Who cares about Tony tho!) Kate and Antonio Sabato Jr. are happy and now are producers on the show. The end.

Side Note

Antonio Sabato Jr was key to my sexual awakening. He still looks good, I’m still into it. 

This movie was giving me extremely soft core porn vibes. Poor production quality, not bad it’s good acting, and cheap set dressings. Wardrobe is even more bizarre

Antonio Sabato Jr. was on season 19 of Dancing with the Stars

Minority Report: The actress to plays Kate is half Mexican, a dancer, and the Detective,  

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Overall rating

🔪 🔪 (2 Knives Added an extra for Antonio Sabato Jr’s shirtless bod.)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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