September TV Movie Roundup

September 2019- TV Movie Roundup

Lifetime is ready for back to school with a Cheerleader series. Hallmark is taking a break and only releasing a handful of new releases before they start their Countdown to Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful month. Happy watching.

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The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders

Premieres: September 2, 8/7c on Lifetime  

Stars: Denise Richards, Savannah May, Alexandria DeBerry

Synopsis (Via Lifetime)

Contestants on The One, Stephanie and Oliver try to determine if they’re fated to be together. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Stephanie and Alex, the handsome ranch owner who acts as their guide.


It is extremely shady that this synopsis via Lifetime refers to Denise Richards as from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Have they never seen Drop Dead Gorgeous? I’m here for Denise on my TV, especially in a Lifetime movie. Perfect fit for her.  “Pour It Up!.”  

Identity Theft of a Cheerleader

Premieres: September 7, 8/7c on Lifetime  

Stars: Maiara Walsh, Karis Cameron, Jesse Irving

Synopsis (Via Lifetime)

A 33 year old woman takes on a teenage identity and goes back to high school. Inspired by True Events.


When I was looking through the press photos for this movie, I was thinking to myself…”Why is this 30 something woman playing a high school student.” Then I read the synopsis and found out it was based on true events?!?! Is this a dramatic version of Strangers With Candy  “Pour It Up!.”  

The Wrong Cheerleader

Premieres: September 8, 8/7c on Lifetime  

Stars: Vivica A. Fox, Cristine Prosperi, Shayne Davis

Synopsis (Via Lifetime)

A 33 year old woman takes on a teenage identity and goes back to high school. Inspired by True Events.


Ms. Vivica A. Fox and The Wrong Series are always a good time. Plus, I follow Shayne Davis on Instagram for some reason? (I mean, he is cute.) Excited to see him do some acting.   “Pour It Up!.”  

Forever in my Heart

Premieres: September 14th, 9/8c on Hallmark Channel 

Stars: Pascale Hutton and Sam Page.

Synopsis (Via Hallmark)

Jenna and Charlie found love in Ireland but their dreams drove them apart. Five years later, they reunite and Jenna has to decide where her heart belongs—back home or in the Emerald Isle.


I liked this movie when it Amy Adam’s did it in Leap Year. “Put a cork in it.!” 

The Cheerleader Escort

Premieres: September 14th, 8/7c on Lifetime  

Stars: Cynthia Preston, Damon Runyan, Alexandra Beaton

Synopsis (Via Lifetime)

When college freshman Cassie (Alexandra Beaton, The Next Step) earns a spot on the cheerleading squad, she is overjoyed about the new friendships, status, and access to social events that come along with being on the team. When she meets Terry (Damon Runyan, Gangland Undercover), the charismatic President of the Alumni Association, at an event, Cassie finds herself falling for this older man despite their age difference. Terry even helps her out by paying part of her tuition when she falls on hard times. But all is not as it seems when Cassie finds out that members of the team moonlight as escorts with rich alumni, and that the man she’s falling in love with is part of that group. When a friend from the team becomes pregnant and ends up dead under mysterious circumstances, Cassie vows that nothing will stop her from exposing the dark world that surrounds her.


Ugh! Female Escorts being forced into sex work is problematic, I love Damon Runyan on Lifetime tho! “Let it Breathe”  

Witness to Murder: A Darrow to Mystery 

Premieres: September 8th, 9/8c on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries 

Stars:  Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Tom Cavanagh and Wendie Malick.

Synopsis (Via Hallmark)

Attorney Claire Darrow defends an old colleague of her mother’s for murder. Things get complex when Claire’s romantic interest, Miles, is named as prosecuting attorney on the case


Hallmark seems to be really excited that Kimberly Williams-Paisley back on their network. I’m more into Wendie Malick. That being said, who cares about this movie. “Let it Breathe.”

Mystery 101: Words Can Kill

Premieres: September 15th, 9/8c on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries 

Stars:  Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha.

Synopsis (Via Hallmark)

When a guest at the college book festival is killed, Amy and Travis clash after he arrests an unlikely person for murder. Amy must fight to prove he’s got the wrong person behind bars


Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha have a good thing going, I can’t be mad at it. I’m not into it.. “Put a cork in it.).”

Undercover Cheerleader

Premieres: September 15th, 8/7c on Lifetime  

Stars:  Kayla Wallace, Maddie Phillips, Sarah Corrigan

Synopsis (Via Lifetime)

Autumn (Kayla Wallace, The Good Doctor), is a beautiful transfer student who goes undercover as a cheerleader to do an exposé on the cruel culture of the squad for her school newspaper. But when someone begins viciously attacking cheerleaders, she starts to fear for her own life. Panic-stricken, Autumn never expected that her confidential journalism mission would lead to a fight for her life.


This seems like it will start off strong and unravel quickly.  “Put a Cork in it.”

Over the Moon in Love

Premieres: September 21st 9/8c on Hallmark Channel

Stars: Jessica Lowndes and Wes Brown.

Watch the trailer here

Synopsis (Via Hallmark)

With her match-making business on the verge of closing, Brooklyn finds herself in the unique position to be featured in a magazine, but has to set up the writer with her childhood friend Devin


Jessica Lowndes looks evil and I’m sooo over match making movies “Put a cork in it!”

Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story

Premieres: August 17th, 8/7c on Lifetime  

Stars: Addison Holley, Ian Lake, Steve Cumyn

Synopsis (Via Lifetime)

Based on a harrowing true story, when 15-year-old Alex (Addison Holley) revealed she was gay to her devout Mormon parents, they feared so deeply for her soul that they took her from their Southern California home and placed her against her will in a conversion therapy home in Utah. Trapped for eight months with strangers (Sarah Booth and Ian Lake), Alex faced horrible punishments and beatings that were intended to cure her homosexuality. After realizing she would have to submit to their rules in order to survive, Alex was eventually allowed to attend school, where she became friends with a boy that was the president of the gay-straight alliance. He helped Alex get in touch with an attorney, who later helped orchestrate her escape.


As a member of the LGBTQA+ community it is important to tell these stories. I also think Kate Drummond is a very solid actress and am all about everything she is in “Pour it up!”.

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