No Time Like Christmas (2019 Lifetime)

No Time Like Christmas (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Kyla PrattEdward RuttleSophia Bachart

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After Emma finds her college boyfriend’s engraved watch at a vintage jewelry shop, her sister Bronwyn believes it is a sign and decides to secretly play Cupid by sending Emma to the same bed and breakfast in Vermont that Fletcher is staying at one week before Christmas. However, upon arrival, Emma is not only shocked to bump into her first love after all these years but also his vivacious daughter. Throughout the week, the two fight their feelings for one another as they plan a Christmas Eve show in hopes of saving the local theater.


Cool LA girl, Emma works in advertising. Her boss calls her into the office, right when she arrives, and gets put on a new campaign for a frost watch designer to be released. On Christmas, Eve Emma accepts the project and goes home alone to her wine and Chinese take out.

Later in an antique store, Emma finds a unique watch with an engraving that used to belong to Fletcher, an old boyfriend who now lives in London and directs theater. He and Emma used to do the Christmas recital in their hometown of Vermont. 

Speaking of Vermont, Emma shows up to her sister’s house to learn that her sister booked her a room at a local inn. The inn owner convinces her to go to the town festival. Emma runs into a little girl named Lola, who is REALLY pushing the Christmas play. The play is directed by Fletcher, who is in town with his daughter, Lola. They are staying at the same Inn. 

The town theater is going to close; it is where Fletcher and Emma put on his first show. The owner of the theater is also the owner of the antique store. Lola is pushing for Emma to be a part of her dad’s show. Lola gets extra excited when she learns that Emma used to play the piano and write music. In the middle of the night, Emma sneaks into the theater to sing “Silent Night” terribly. Fletcher shows up compliments her singing. They talk about moving back home to Vermont and old relationships.

Fletcher is inspired by Emma finding his watch in the antique store and writes a magic Christmas watch play. Lola is excited about the new play and asks Emma to go flyering together. Lola talks about her dead mother and how much she misses her. Emma sympathizes with Lola and tells her that angels are everywhere, and her mom is always watching.

Auditions happen. Actors show up to sing “Silent Night.” They are supposed to be bad, but they were better singers than Emma. A pretty blonde girl shows up at the end of auditions, and Fletcher cast her on the spot. Emma is not so sure about the blonde girl, or maybe she is jealous. Emma suggests writing a new song. The blonde girl, Sarah, will be on stage, and Emma will write and play the song. (In one week.)

Remember that Frost Watch campaign that Emma is working on? She accidentally sends the script to the owner of the company. He loves the idea and will be coming to town for the play and live to stream it on all his company social media. Fletcher thinks Emma is an opportunist, and they argue.   

A snowstorm happens, leaving the actors stranded. The audience has no problem getting to the theater despite the roads getting shut down. With a sold-out crowd, the watch company owner, and no one else to perform, Emma and Fletcher take on the roles. The show must go on, but this one really shouldn’t have.

Emma performs her new song. The singing is better here because it is pre-recorded. The song goes well, and Fletcher kisses Emma after she performs. The watch company owner is so touched that he agrees to sponsor the Christmas play for years to come. Also, the theater owner/antique store owner is an angel and inspires everyone in town to follow their hobbies. 

Emma gets an offer to move to New York and work for the watch company, and Fletcher gets a Broadway run from the success of the Christmas play. Emma and Fletcher admit they love each other. Emma gives him the watch and they kiss.  

Side Note

Minority Report: Emma and her family. Inn owner.

Writer Anita Hughes is a new writer. The dialogue was hamfisted and heavy on exposition. 

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Tree)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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