Twinkle All the Way (2019 Lifetime)

Twinkle All the Way (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Sarah Drew & Ryan McPartlin

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

To pull off a spectacular Christmas themed wedding at the exclusive Snowview Lodge, wedding planner, Cadence Clark (Drew) – joins forces with Henry Harrison (McPartlin), co-owner of a family-run Christmas decoration and house-lighting company. Cadence and Henry, both single parents of young daughters, grow closer as they contribute to each others’ projects – Cadence with the wedding and Henry with his high-profile client, Mrs. Sutton (Warren), and her annual VIP Christmas Eve party. However, a snowstorm threatens to wreak havoc on the wedding. But with help from Henry, family, and some holiday magic, Cadence may be able to pull off the wedding and perhaps fall in love along the way.


Cadence is a type-A single mother with a redheaded child named Mary. At the PTA meeting, she gets partnered with Henry (Also a single parent.) to create the set/scenic design for the school pageant. Cadence has a checklist, a color-coded floor plan, and a plan! Henry isn’t into all this planning and suggests listening to the space and waiting for it to tell them what to do. Cadence is a wedding planner, and Henry is a Christmas maker. (Think like Ty Penington but for Chrismas decorations.) They make a coffee date to set more details.

Cadence is planning the wedding for her college friend Avery. The couple moves the wedding up to Christmas Eve; it is their dream. Unfazed, Candace pulls it together and finds an empty venue with a ridiculous mountain view. The site is miles from town, and there is only one bridge in and out.

Henry works with his family on pimping out people’s houses for Christmas. His mother’s name is Twinkle, and his Lex brother is GAY. (and married!) The family is excited that Henry and Cadence will be working together on the school play. They talk over pancakes about the weird Christmas decorating family business. The family owns a warehouse called Twinkle All the Way to hold all their decorations. They land a big client and will be throwing her 12 days of Christmas. 

At the warehouse, Cadence and Henry pick out sleighs. She brings a measuring tape and starts looking them over. Henry asks her to sit in one and feel it out. They drink peppermint mochas and talk about his family. Twinkle and Let helped him take care of his daughter Ruthie after his wife passed away.    

Work begins on the set for the play, and Cadence is nervous about making a mistake. Henry gets paint on his shirt and then tells her to turn the error into art. They paint his shirt slowly and romanticly. (Think Demi Moore in Ghost with less artistic merit.) Cadence finds the painting very relaxing. Then they start painting the scene. 

Lex and his husband sit Henry down and tell him that Cadence is an excellent match for him. They encourage him to go for it and put himself out there again.

Rehearsals for the Christmas play happen, and no amount of practice will help Ruthie be good in the play. I’m not sure who is worse in this move the adorable children or Ryan McPartlin. After rehearsal, Cadence invites Ruthie and her dad over for a play date to “help her learn her lines.” 

Henry comes over and gives Cadance a gift. It is a framed piece of the shirt they painted together. Then they make hot chocolate from scratch and leave their kids at home to go look at Christmas lights while talking about “Christmas bumps” (I’ve got some hydrocortisone that can clear that right up.) 

Twinkle gets dehydrated and faints at work. The doctors rule out Christmas bumps and tell her to rest. (Sarah Drew probably has feelings about being back in a hospital scene after getting fired from Grey’s Anatomy.) Cadence overhears the brothers talking in the waiting room about the business and needing to focus more on work and less on romance. She gets overwhelmed and tells Henry that she doesn’t have time for love or Christmas. Relationships are just one more thing she has to check off her list. 

The play happens, and it is pretty awful, but Ruthie pulls out a cute performance. (Mostly because of her pigtails.) With the play over and time running out, we get a montage of Cadance and Henry checking off lists while a sad song plays.

A snowstorm hits and puts 4 feet of snow on the roads, closing the bridge to the wedding venue. Cadence goes and begs the Sherrif not to close the bridge, he tells her that he isn’t just closing the bridge, but the lodge is also closed. Cadence gets her car stuck in the snow too. (Merry Christmas!) She calls Henry and asks him to help her.

Henry comes rushing to her aid; there isn’t much he can do because of the weather. It is so bad that power cuts out in the whole town; everyone is notified to go to the local storm shelter. (Which is the school.) The wedding and the big gala event are canclled. The guests are relocated to the school. Cadence gets inspired when she learns that Avery and her fiance met at the school. She plans on doing the wedding anyway and recruits the Twinkle All the Way team and friends to help. 

Everyone gets ready for the wedding and utile the school’s generator and set decor to help pull it off. Avery and her fiance are prepared to walk down the aisle. The big reveal happens, and there is a school band playing. Twinkle does the ceremony, and Henry paints a mountain backdrop quickly. The couple kiss and Christmas bells ring. Everyone gets the “Christmas bumps” and cheers as Henry brings out the wedding cake. Cadence is so surprised and touched with detail Henry pulled together. She runs up to him and kisses him in front of all the guests. The guests cheer MORE for them than the married couple.

Christmas day and the kids are opening presents. Cadence and Henry watch on and kiss, then Lex and Danny kiss also. Twinkle watches all the love in her family and is very happy. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Avery, her mother, and her fiance. Kim and her family. The bigwig client. 

Mark Ghanimé plays Danny. He is very dreamy. 

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄(3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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