Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2 (2019 Hallmark)

Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2 (2019 Hallmark)

Cast: Ali LiebertPeter PorteBen Wilkinson, and Tina Lifford

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

A year after Darcy ran over Aiden, his amnesia is gone but not their love. Now she’s gotten him a first edition signed copy of his favorite book, Patricia Highsmith’s Found in the Street, for Christmas, perfect since that’s where she found him – under her bicycle! Aiden’s also creating a wonderful gift for Darcy, a carved replica of her hometown, just like the one her dad carved for her mother. But Aiden’s gift, which includes a carving of Darcy’s beloved rec center, which is in jeopardy of closing, holds another big surprise, which might just sweep her off her feet.


We are back at Chaucer’s Bookstore. Darcy is still the owner and rides her bike. Aiden is a teacher. I realize that I don’t really remember the first movie. Haha. (We couldn’t have gotten a “preciously on” or something?)

Aiden has an appointment with his neurologist for a year follow up. He is not happy about losing his memory, but he is pleased to have met Darcy. I’m not sure why because Darcy seems emotional and moody AF. (Her parents died in a car crash, I remember now.) She shares Christmas memories about a toy village, and Aiden tells her it is important to share memories, especially with him because his neurologist insists on it! 

When they learn of the community center, Darcy and Mrs. Henley share their memories of that place. Aiden doesn’t remember it, but he feels like he has lived in this town his whole life… because he can’t remember anything else. (I kind of feel like Darcy is taking advantage of him! She even makes him a recipe his mom used to make, instead of taking him home for the holidays.) 

The couple is working on getting each other means. Aiden wants to make a replica town village but model after the town they currently reside in. Darcy is competitive and wants to have the perfect gift and also find out what her gift is. She bullies a child to find out.  

Yay! My favorite Lifetime actor, Ben Wilkinson, plays the sexy businessman with a cold heart at Christmas. Darcy and Aiden try to convince him not to sell. It doesn’t work, but he agrees not to announce the sale until Christmas. The next day Darcy goes to the historical landmark association and applies for the community center. Then she plots to invite the sexy businessman to her Christmas party and give him an award. 

Darcy and Aiden don’t live together? They work in their apartments on the presents. Mrs. Henley pops between apartments, giving them advice on how to make their gifts better. (Because Mrs. Henley lives in the apartment building too, REMEMBER?!) 

Aiden learns that Darcy is missing a piece of her father’s tiny village. He goes to her childhood home and talks with the current owner. They found the piece, it isn’t that tiny, and it is a replica of her house!

Darcy’s author, she lined up, is outbid by another book store in town. (Books, Books, Books.) She storms over talk with the owner and tells her that she isn’t very nice. “Good business isn’t and excuse for unkindness.”

The party happens, and the sexy businessman announces that he will be renovating the community center so it will last for another 100 years. Darcy and Aiden thank him for his generosity. It is all because Darcy recommended a book of a local writer to happened to be the sexy businessman’s nephew.   

Darcy signs some papers for the historical association. While she is going so, Aiden, Marcus, and Mrs. Henley prep her tiny village gift. Darcy is overcome with emotion and truly appreciates the gift. It could be A Gift to Remember… 2!

On the night of the author, signing, Books, Books, Books loses power. Darcy invites them to co-host an event at her book store. The little kid, Marcus, is reunited with his dad, who is home from the air force. (I haven’t talked about Marcus, because I didn’t know if I should have remembered him from the first movie.) 

Finally, Aiden gives Darcy a box. He wants to fill it with memories that they can share. Inside the box is the tiny house her father made, and in that tiny house is a ring. He proposes, and Darcy says YES! They kiss outside the bookstore, and everyone inside cheers as it begins to snow. What? Am I crying? Why!!!! (Haha! IDK.)

Side Note

Minority Report: Mrs. Henely, Marcus, Matthew, Kid in class, Nurse Nancy, Mary. Caroline. 

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees, If I watched them back to back I’m sure I would have remembered more.)

🍷🍷🍷 🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

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