A Christmas Duet (2019 Hallmark)

A Christmas Duet (2019 Hallmark)

Cast: Chaley Rose and Rome Flynn

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Well-loved music duo Averie and Jesse, famous for their duet “Wouldn’t Be Christmas,” haven’t played together since they went their separate ways years ago. Averie gave up music and opened a beautiful lodge in a snowy Vermont town — while Jesse still tours, he is struggling to find the same kind of success they had as a duo. When fate brings them together over the holidays at Averie’s lodge just in time for the annual Yuletide Festival, can the magic of Christmas help reunite them once again?


Averie runs The Blue Spruce Inn and gets recognized by her guests, but she brushes it off. Her inn gets selected to host the town Annual Yuletide Festival after a water main breaks. The inn also gets nominated for a prestigious award for top winter lodge. (Which includes a $60,000) She has a full team of one pregnant woman named Susie and her handyman husband. 

Jesse walks around town with his dog and gets recognized too. He is working on a new album and is on tour, but he isn’t living his life. 

When Susie gets put on bed rest, she gives Averie a list of things to do and tries to convince her to sing for the festival with Jesse. They had a number one Christmas single “years ago,” and she is not interested in rehashing old times. Too bad, Jesse has other plans. He shows up at the inn on a stop for his tour. Matchmaker Susie forces them to get Christmas trees together. 

The Yuletide Festival is out of funding, which means that Averie has to throw a memorable event with no budget. She caters to the bitchy lady from the winter lodge committee. Jesse helps with the Christmas Tree lighting and plans on leaving for his tour, but gets snowed in. Averie agrees to give him lodging if he helps work on the festival. 

Averie and Jesse spend time together planning and doing various Christmas things. They talk about why they stopped recording music together. She didn’t want to live life on the road, and he wants to follow his dream. Dreams change, though, and Jesse is reconsidering what is most important to him. Averie’s parents show up, and they advise her to follow where the road takes her. 

The carolers get colds and can’t perform at the festival. Jesse volunteers to sing, only if Averie joins him on stage. She is reluctant but agrees. 

It is the day of the festival. Susie has her baby, and Jesse has a choice to make. He gets offered a tour with a more prominent singer and has to choose if he will go immediately on tour or stay and help with the festval. (Glad we are finally adding stakes with only 10 minutes left in the movie.) He tells Averie, and she lets him go. 

Jesse is back, and he never left, he joins Averie onstage. His dream has changed from music to Averie. They kiss and then perform their #1 Christmas single as it starts to snow. The song? Not good. The movie? Not good. 


Side Note

Minority Report: Averie, Jesse, doctor, Averie’s parents.

This movie was VERY dull. Happy to see some POC in leading roles, but can we get a better script? 

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Tree)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

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