A Very Vintage Christmas (2019 Lifetime)

A Very Vintage Christmas (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Tia Mowry-HardrictPatricia Richardson, and Jesse Hutch

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

The Christmas lights are up, and shoppers are flooding the quaint town of Mountain View, including one special store, Very Vintage Antiques. The shop’s owner, Dodie (Mowry-Hardrict), is a hopeless romantic and one of a kind, similar to the pieces in her shop. When Dodie finds a hidden box containing an eclectic collection of mementos chronicling a timeless romantic union, she makes it her mission to deliver it to its rightful owner. Dodie manages to persuade the handsome new tenant, Edward (Hutch), at the listed address to help her with her search. Will they find the true owner and true love on their adventure?


Tia Mowry is here, and she has extensions! (And is also opening an antique store before the holidays. Her father invested, but I think it might not be a good investment.) While decorating the store, Tia gets on a ladder, and it looks dangerously wobbly. Thankfully, a handsome stranger named Ed helps her. He only likes NEW things. They argue about old-timey things vs. modern things:

Bette Davis- Chris Pratt

Andrew Sister- Maroon 5

Classis movie- Action films 

When Tia comes back into the store, her co-owner Olivia stays, Ed, is “built.” Tia pretends not to notice, but she does see all the old things in her store and makes up stories about the previous owners. She gets fixated on one box full of stuff that speaks to her. It was owned by Carl and Ginger and visited the street listed on one of the letters. 

At the house, the realtor is Patricia Richardson, tells Tia to feel free to look at the home, and it belongs to Ed’s family! His mom is the relator, and they are prepping the house to sell, Tia shows Ed the stuff, and she doesn’t recognize it. Next, she insults a customer by calling her a “Ginger,” and it turns out it isn’t her stuff either. 

Ed decides to help Tia find Carl and Ginger for his one good deed for the year. Olivia is thirsty and pushes Tia to say yes. Ed and Tia are going to be a modern-day Sherlock and Watson. 

They find their first clue when they compare an old photo of Santa’s Village with modern times. They notice the elf is the same woman. She remembers the couple, but not their names. Then they take a replica of the picture. Tia makes it very clear with Ed that she is not ready for a relationship. Ed is not thrown off and helps her fix up the antique shop. When they turn on the antique radio, the news is talking about “WINTER STORM MEGAN!” (Why has been featured in every Lifetime Christmas movie so far. 

Looking through the box, they find an old library book, which is 45 years overdue. Tia and Ed go to the library and ask who checked out the book. The librarian won’t tell them until they pay the late fees. (Chicago became the largest US city to offer fee forgiveness and saw a 240% increase in book returns.) He sends them down to the basement to look through the old files. They find a name (Carl Bailor or Taylor.) and an address. The nosey neighbor has all the hos goss but doesn’t tell them anything helpful because Carl moved. 

They find a movie ticket for It’s a Wonderful Life, and Ed knows that movie and likes it. (Along with Gone with the Wind and Jaws.) Inspired, they watch a movie and eat popcorn as their hands brush romantically. Ed continues to help around the store, and it looks like they might open on Christmas Eve if they are lucky? 

In the box, Tia and Ed keep pulling out more things. (Like a flyer for and the town Christmas Tree lighting.) They go to the 50th Christmas Tree lighting and yells, “CARL? GINGER?” It doesn’t work. They do find Patricia Richardson, who begs her son to get lunch with her. The Christmas Tree is lit while Tia and Ed watch on in their truck with hot chocolate. Then they get a tree for the shop. 

They decorate the tree and listen to old records. Then they dance awkwardly and almost kiss. Tia reminds him that they are just friends, and she will know when the time is right.  

It is the day before opening the store, and a leak floods the store. Ed comes to save the day. He is going to patch the roof, reseal the walls, and paint. Cue the clean up wet antiques/HGTV repairs montage. Olivia and Tia were so tired they fall asleep in the store and wake up to find the store repaired. They are confused not to find Ed in the store. He went out to get Starbuck, just kidding he go snow from a mountain and premade snowballs for a snowball fight. (Because it is better than watching paint dry.) 

For the grand opening, Ed asks his mom to help bake cookies. Patricia Richardson makes the cookies with the three of them in a baking montage. They bully Ed into giving his gingerbread man some pants. 

The store is finally open, with carolers, and it is not successful. Everyone is looking at the antiques but not buying them. One of the customers looks though the box and wants to buy a key; Tia tells him it is not for sale. She learns it is a PO box key. They go to the post office and find an engagement ring inside and a letter asking Ginger to marry him. When they ask for the address of the owner, the USPS worker says no, Ed distracts her while Tia looks at the computer screen and gets the information. 

Ed and Tia fight, but I’m not sure why. She storms off, and Ed is left with the diner waitress who gives him advice. She tells him that they are a match and don’t listen to Tia. 

To boost business, Olivia builds a WIX website, and Tia tells the story of the items. Online sales are through the roof, but Tia doesn’t care; she is set on finding out what happened to Carl and Ginger. She goes to the overly decorated house and Santa answers. Carl is a mall Santa or something. Tia tells him about her search, and he is surprised to learn that Ginger kept all the momentoes. He gave Ginger the key for the PO box, but she never opened it because they broke up. 

With Carl’s permission, Tia looks for Ginger. Her real name is not Ginger; it is Patricia Richardson! They invite her to lunch, and she goes through the box fondly, remembering the items. She wanted to be an artist and picked her career over true love. When ed asks about her relationship with his father, she admits it looked good on paper but wasn’t as good as Carl. Patricia Richardson thanks Tia and Ed for finding her old things

Ed decides to stay in town and help his mom flip houses. He encourages Patricia Richardson to follow true love. Patricia Richardson also encourages Tia to follow true love… with her SON! Tia and Ed invite her to a Christmas dance to reunite her with Carl.

At the dance, they dress Carl up as Santa and have him dance with Patricia Richardson to Jingle Bells. Tia and Ed join them on the dance floor.

It is Christmas, and the store is successful! It snows because of the winter storm Megan. Ed is outside dressed as a caroler. He gives Tia a ring box, and inside the is a key to a P.O. Box when she is ready for an engagement. They kiss — the end. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Olivia, and Dodie’s dad, The Librarian, the USPS worker,

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄🎄 (4 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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