Christmas Hotel (2019 Lifetime)

Christmas Hotel (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Tatyana AliSean Patrick ThomasSheryl Lee Ralph

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A big city hotelier finds her promotion is based on returning to her hometown and restructuring the Mt. Holly Inn, where she got her start, which the townspeople are less than thrilled about.


Erin is a New York Wyndsor Hotel manager focused on customer services and NOT on Christmas. She thinks Christmas is a chore, even though her hometown is Garland Grove. Bianca Wyndsor calls and will be coming to meet with Erin. Erin thinks she is going to get the Executive Manager position in Rome, but she gets the opportunity to manage the new Garland Grove hotel in her hometown. If that goes well, THEN, she can do the Rome job.

When Erin arrives in town, she finds people outside picketing. She bumps into the brother of Penny, an old friend of hers; his name is Connor. He is going to picket the hotel because it could be shutting down local businesses. The hotel is still under construction and has no staff. (Except Marnie from Chicago.) 

Erin goes home to her adorable parents to hawk a new mattress and Ninja Air Fryer. Her parents are also against the hotel’s opening. People in town are shouting mad. They even resort to tearing down job posting flyers to sabotage the hotel. 

Erin appeals to Penny in hopes of getting Connor on board. Erin learns that Connor is a chef, and coincidentally the fancy french chef that was going to work at the hotel quit. 

Embracing Christmas is the tactic that Erin decides to try to win over the town. She will make the hotel Christmas theme all year long. It will establish Garland Grove as a premier location for a luxury Christmas experience. Erin commissions Penny to paint a mural in the hotel, and cross promotes with local businesses. The townfolk begins to come around. 

Connor agrees to help Erin with all things Christmas. He takes her Christmas tree chopping and something with reindeer antlers and ring toss. He loves Christmas because his mother loved Christmas, she has passed away. 

To try out his cooking, Erin is treated to a five-course meal made by Connor. All the food is delicious, and Erin is impressed. They are starting to fall for one another, and everyone in the town wants them to get together. 

Bianca Wyndsor and the investors arrive and are overcome with the Christmas spirit. Investor #2 is very hot. (Played by Jacob Narayan.) They see the ways the locals contributed to the success of the hotel. They even get a cooking class with Connor. 

At a fancy dinner party, Erin admits to Penny that she has feelings for Connor. She is hesitant to act on it because she will be going to Rome soon. (Which makes sense.) The service goes excellent, and Erin and Connor celebrate by a carousel. They compliment one another and kiss. The moment is interrupted due to dessert needing to be served. 

A pointless Santa costume contest happens, and I really need this movie to end. 

The investors agree to invest in the Rome hotel and three others on one condition, they want to replace Conor with a world-renowned chef. (I should have seen this coming.) Before Erin can tell Connor, Bianca Wyndsor breaks the news to him. (I should have seen that coming too.) Connor confronts Erin and is disappointed she was using him. Erin apologizes but can’t defend herself; it doesn’t look very good.

Erin has to leave for Rome before the Christmas Hotel opens. She says her goodbyes (except to Connor.), but the flights are canceled due to WINTER STORM MEGAN! Bianca Wyndsor tries to book a charter flight. Erin tells her not to bother because she is staying in town and will run the Christmas Hotel with Connor as her chef. Bianca agrees!

Erin finds Connor and tells him the good news. They kiss, but before they do, he makes sure it is fine to make out with his boss. (Which it probably isn’t?) Everyone rejoices at the news about Erin staying in town. Then Erin and Connor kiss in front of all of them. PDA is alive and well. 

Side Note

Minority Report: All Principal roles except the BFF and Boss. (Think Hallmark in Reverse.) 

Tatyana Ali is the REAL queen of Chritmas, but this movie’s writing was a bit bland and predictable. 

Directed by Marla Sokoloff (Yay for her!) 

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Overall rating

πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ (2 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2019 Lifetime

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