Double Holiday (2019 Hallmark)

Double Holiday (2019 Hallmark)

Cast: Kristoffer Polaha and Carly Pope

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Career-minded Rebecca’s plans for Hanukkah go askew when a promotion opportunity comes up at work. When the company CEO asks Rebecca and her insufferable office mate, Chris – also her main competitor for the promotion – to plan the company’s Christmas party, she realizes they must overcome their opposing styles in order to succeed. Forced to work together on the holiday party, Chris learns more about Rebecca and her family’s Hanukkah traditions, while she also begins to see him in a new light. Although feelings slowly develop between the two, the ongoing competition over the promotion threatens to undermine it all.


Rebecca lives in the city and will be hosting the holidays at her place and is up for the senior executive position, and so her rival Chris. They share a cubical and talk about real estate developing and who is going to get the promotion. Neither of them does, they both have to plan the holiday party to impress a new potential client. Chris thinks he knows a good time, and she believes she can bring fresh eyes to Christmas. (Because she is Jewish.) They are discouraged to find out no planning has gone into the party, and they will be starting for scratch. The chemistry between the two actors here is excellent. Very engaging and entertaining.  

Rebecca is home burning latkes, and Chris comes over to work on the project but ends up helping her cook them properly. They also talk about Hanukkah traditions as her family comes over and thinks Chris is her date, even though they have heard he is awful. (Or so they’ve heard.) Chris is thrilled the family invited him to stay for Hanukkah dinner. Rebecca is embarrassed. Her family will tell him too much, and she begs him to keep anything he learns about her to himself and not bring it into their work life. 

While decorating Jane’s house for the party, Chris criticizes Rebecca’s tree trimming and is astounded that she doesn’t know how to pick out a Christmas tree. Rebecca is, in turn, is surprised that he doesn’t know how to play dreidel and how well he gets along with her family. He loves her family traditions because he didn’t have many growing up. (His father died when he was nine, and it is just him and his mother.) Rebecca admits to being a different person at work and more relaxed around her family. He likes family Rebecca better than Office Rebecca. 

Rebecca has a work crush on Fancy Suit Guy, who she keeps seeing in the elevator and not talking to. Chris forces a meet-cute by pushing Rebecca into him at a coffee shop. The man’s name is Spencer, and he is impressed she is planning the holiday party because he will be a guest. They make small talk, and Rebecca is thankful for Chris pushing her. He pushes her in other ways too. Like at her job to be more confident, and he even lets her take the lead when pitching new design ideas. 

Rebecca goes on a coffee date with Spencer, who asks for her number to set up an official date. Chris watches on and is starting to realize that he might be jealous. He hires some professional decorators to help with the project giving himself more time to spend with Rebecca outside of work. Like at an ice staking rink. She is selling hot chocolate, and he is mentoring some kids after school. Then they pitch a hard sell to a potential client developing youth centers.

 When the bakery declines to make 300 cookies for the party, Chris and Rebecca make them at her house. No flour fight happens, but she does use a dinosaur cookie cutter, much to Chris’ horror. They also talk about bringing dates. (Like Fancy Suit Guy. Who Rebecca goes on a second date with and realizes they are not that similar.) Spencer (fancy suit guy) is all in, though, and asks Rebecca to save a dance for him at the party.

 Rebecca spends more time with Chris, and they even light the menorah together. He also spends Hanukkah with Rebecca and her family. Rebecca tells her sister that she is focusing on getting her promotion, and Chris is never going to happen. Chris overhears the conversation, of course. 

It is the day of the event, and Chris is giving Rebecca the cold shoulder. They both get all dressed up and get ready to host the party. The client is impressed, especially when Chris announces that Rebecca and her family will be reciting the Hanukkah prayer. Jane has an announcement as well and tells Rebecca will get the VP position at their firm, and Chris will be VP of the client’s firm. 

The couple celebrates the double promotion, and they are genuinely happy for one another. They want to create traditions together. They kiss and then play dreidel and kiss some more. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Amy, Jane, basketball kids, Daphnie 

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Excellent article about Nina Weinman. She is the writer of this movie who celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas.

Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄🎄 (4 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

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