Her Deadly Reflection (2020 Lifetime)

Her Deadly Reflection (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Helena MattssonCorey SevierMelanie StoneJake Stormoen

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Kelly’s life is upended when she wakes up in the hospital with fragments of her memory after a car crash. The only thing she is certain is that the people closest to her, are the very ones she’s not sure she can trust: her business partner, her closest friend, and her husband, Dan. Can she find the answers she needs before she is harmed again?


 The movie starts with a stunning blonde woman being thrown from a second-story window and then running for her life when she comes to. As she speeds away from her attacker, she realizes someone is following her car.and attempts to call the police but drops the phone and gets into an accident.

Flash to earlier in the same evening. The blonde woman is named Kelly, and she is a successful artist. Lots of handsome men talk to her, and I’m jealous of her life. (Minus the getting thrown from a window… and car crash.) We get introduced to Kelly’s manager Logan and his wife, Alison. (Kelly’s friend and college roommate. It is essential, I promise.) We also meet her devoted husband, Dan. (Played by my new fav Lifetime hunk, Corey Sevier. He is excellent.) Kelly drops Dan off at the airport and is attacked in her home when she gets back. 

Kelly wakes up in the hospital. She survived but has memory loss. (and she looks REALLY banged up.) She doesn’t remember her husband Dan, or anything after college. While recovering, Kelly has terrible nightmares or flashbacks. Detectives question Kelly, and she tells him she thinks someone was trying to kill her.

Once she is released, Alison and her husband Logan help take care of Kelly. (Kelly doesn’t trust Dan.) Since Alison is the only person, Kelly can really remember she opens up to her about her suspicions. All of Kelly’s family have died, so Alison is like family to her. She fills Kelly in on everything she doesn’t remember. 

After visiting her home and art studio with Dan, they hope her memory will return. Things do start to come back, but they are disturbing, and Kelly seems rattled.

Logan, Alison, Kelly, and Dan have dinner on a roof. Instead of eating or drinking anything, they brainstorm people who could have wanted Kelly dead. Since there was no apparent break-in, it has to be someone she knows. (but not them!!! But, probably them.) They make a list of potential enemies and review surveillance footage in the art studio that implicates a local realtor named Reed. Applegate. When they bring the “evidence” to the detective, he is not impressed and annoyed. Dan decides to take matters into his own hands, but Kelly has other plans. She hired a private detective named Martinez before she lost her memory. Martinez specializes in spying on philandering husbands. 

Kelly visits Detective Martinez and finds a hooded burglar rummaging through his office and a body on the floor. Kelly calls the actual detective who tapes off the scene and then brings up doubts about Dan. Logan is also suspicious because he has a deep cut on his hand, “from making dinner.” Kelly can’t trust anyone and shouldn’t! 

Alison shows Kelly a picture of Dan hugging another woman, and she is convinced her husband is cheating on her. She also admits that she was kind of jealous of Kelly for having a perfect life and didn’t tell her before the accident. Alison apologizes for keeping secrets from her friend, and Kelly forgives her. 

While working on her art, Kelly’s studio is filled with CO2, and she passes out. Dan finds her and calls 911. Someones pumped carbon monoxide into the room, and the detective follows leads but doesn’t have proof to charge anyone. They are pretty useless but give Kelly the audio recording on her 911 calls. 

Dan realizes that his wife doesn’t trust him and his feelings are hurt. Kelly tells him that she doesn’t know him and therefore can’t trust him. To cool off, Dan goes for a swim. (With no goggles and terrible form. At least he is shirtless.) While he is getting out of the pool, someone hits him with a blunt object, and he ends up in the hospital with amnesia too. (JK, but wouldn’t that be EVERYTHING!!!!) The incident brings Dan and Kelly together, and they open up about past grievances. It might mean more to Kelly if she remembered WTF he is talking about. Kelly does trust him now and takes him home to get some rest. 

 Kelly plays the 911 call over and over again. It triggers her memory, and she starts to think Logan has something to do with it. Which is confirmed by some unusual withdrawals on be bank statements and a hidden camera in the air vent, Logan had access to both.) Logan finds Kelly and Dan at the studio, and he knocks Dan out. 

Once she is confronted with Logan, her memory comes back. Logan went over that night and made advances on her. When she denied him, he was angry and attacked her. Logan admits to Kelly that things got out of hand, but when Kelly brings up the window, he acts confused and then is stabbed in the back by… ALISON. (Kelly’s memory returns.)

On the night of the attack, Alison caught Logan at Kelly’s house. She assumed that her husband was cheating on her with Kelly. Alison grabs a knife and chases her around the house, eventually pushing her out the window in a fit of jealousy.  

Back in the art studio in present-day, Logan is dead, and Alison chases Kelly to the roof. They struggle while fireworks explode in the background. Alison admits to everything while Kelly chokes her out crying. Alison gets on top of Kelly and throws herself and Kelly over the edge of the building. Kelly hangs on for dear life, and Dan wakes up in time to pull her to safety. They lie on the roof and watch the fireworks while holding hands.

Detectives arrive on the scene and are still completely useless. Kelly fills Dan in on everything she learned and blames herself for not seeing everything sooner. Dan tells her not to apologize to him because he loves her. They kiss as sirens blare in the distance. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Maybe, Martinez? 

Also Known As: Shattered Memories (Better title IMO) 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives, I added an extra one for Helena Mattsson & Corey Sevier.)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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