Betrayed by my Husband (2020 Lifetime)

Emmanuelle Vaugier does the heavy lifting in this “meh” LMN Movie

Betrayed by my Husband (2020 Lifetime)

Cast:  Emmanuelle Vaugier, Cameron BancroftKristen Harris 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Gabrielle is devastated by the loss of her husband Parker, when he dies on a kayaking trip. She tries to move on with her life and support her young daughter, but she believes she sees her husband alive and well on a business trip. Her brother-in-law, Carson, is later found murdered, and she is accused of killing him. Gabrielle decides to launch her own investigation and soon learns that her husband is undoubtedly alive and is conspiring with his brother’s widow to fake his own death and disappear with the life insurance money. She must now race to prove her own innocence and unravel the plot before it claims her as another victim.


Gabby and her husband Parker are celebrating 20 years together. (Not sure how because Parker looks like he is 30 tops.) They go on a romantic kayaking getaway. (If there even is such a thing.) Parker is more interested in work than his wife. It is worth mentioning that Gabby used to be a college rower, and she has got the arms to prove it.

On the second day on the river, or whatever Kayakers say, they hit some rough water. Parker goes missing in the rapids. Gabby wants to search for him herself, but Detective Asher (a ZADDY) won’t let her. He sexily explores the river and holds Gabby back when they find Parker’s lifejacket. It appears Gabby’s husband is dead. 

While crying into a pillow, Gabby tells her daughter about the accident. Then she curls into the fetal position and cries on the bed. She blames herself. Gabby eventually pulls it together and looks stunning at her husband’s funeral, which seems in poor taste. Also, in poor taste, Carson screams at Gabby in front of everyone for killing Parker. His wife, Brooklyn, scolds him for being disrespectful. 

Genna, a lawyer, and family friend, brings some paperwork for Gabby to look through. She stands to inherit a lot of money from Parker’s life insurance as the sole beneficiary. Gabby doesn’t care about the money and just wants her husband back. She gets her wish when she thinks she sees Parker in the mall and chases him down. 

Carson was Parker’s business partner/brother and is still incredibly rude to Gabby. She looks into Parker’s cellphone records and talks with Parker’s mother about her son’s disappearance. Late at night, while Gabby is in her office, she runs into a redhead in a stairwell. (Which is terrifying enough.) He hits her up for money that Parker owes him. Then he throws her down the stairs and calls someone to tell them that, “it’s done.”  

Unfortunately, it isn’t. The police rescue Gabby and Detective Asher calls her Humpty Dumpty. Then he suspects her lying to cover up something. Gabby meets with Carson and Brooklyn to go over her theories about who attacked her in the stairwell. Brooklyn implies that Carson is abusing her. Gabby accuses Carson of killing his brother. She overshares with Brooklyn, who comforts her. In the next scene, we see Parker is ALIVE! (100% not shocking.)

Brooklyn shows up with the fakest bruise I’ve ever seen on her face. She claims Carson hit her, and she fears for her safety. Gabby offers to take Brooklyn in and goes to her house to pick up some things. She finds Carson stabbed in the chest next to a glass of scotch and calls 911 halfheartedly. Gabby is arrested for suspicion of MURDER. Since it is a Lifetime movie, she immediately gets out on bail and works to clear her name. Her mother in law won’t even let her see her daughter, so Gabby has to do something.

Dull scenes of looking around while speculating happen. Then Gabby heads to San Francisco to find Parker. Detectives are not too far behind her. Oh, and the redheaded stairwell guy! 

In a car junkyard, Gabby finds Parker and screams at him to explain himself. Before he can get a word out, Brooklyn hits Gabby in the head and knocks her unconscious and ties her up. Parker and Brooklyn have been having the most obvious affair. They argue over whether or not to kill Gabby. Then the redhead stair guy shows up with a gun. He wants his money and has been working with Brooklyn all along. (At least he apologizes for pushing Gabby down the stairs.)

Parker shoots the redhead and argues with Brooklyn. Then she shoots him. Gabby and Brooklyn start going at it. As they fight, Detective Asher rushes in and arrests Brooklyn.

Gabby is reunited with her daughter and forgives the mother in law for being the worst. Mother and daughter go kayaking.

Side Note

Alternate Title: Washed Away

Minority Report: Donna, Nikki, 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime


  1. It seems like you linked Wikipedia page of Australian Cricketer Cameron Bancroft instead of the actor. 🙂

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