Deliver by Christmas (2020 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)

 Deliver by Christmas (2020 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)

Cast: Eion BaileyAlvina AugustJim Thorburn

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Bakery owner Molly meets Josh, a widower who recently moved to town with his young son, but she is also charmed by a mysterious client she’s never met in person, and she doesn’t realize that they’re the same man.


Molly owns Sweet Life Bakery and is VERY type A. She dreams of having online ordering on her website and focuses on work, work, work. Her sister, Jane, is concerned Molly focuses on work and will miss out on the world around her.

Meanwhile, John and his son, Charlie, are new to town and decorate for Christmas together. John’s wife “left him” (Which I guess means she died?) and raised his son on his own. He tells Charlie all the dad jokes. John’s brother, Jimmy, tries to set him up with a desperate woman named Jessica. 

John and Molly have a meet-cute while picking out Christmas trees. They touch hands and pick the same tree. Some bargaining happens, but the tress is already sold. Haha. Welp that settles that! Both families decorate their trees. Molly and John can’t help thinking of one another. 

Molly gets an order online from John. She doesn’t know it is him and they talk on the phone to go over his order. They have the same chemistry from the tree farm. She runs into him the next day at the ice cream shop and talks about cookies. Then later at Santa. They keep bumping into each other. Molly thinks Josh is with his wife. (Really, it is just desperate, Jessica. Poor Jessica. Oh, wait. It is his sister in law, Amy.) 

Charlie asks his dad to make a video for the troops called “Ho Ho Ho for the Holidays.” Then they talk about Charlie’s mom, and he feels bad that he doesn’t remember her that well. His wife died in the war as a medical nurse. 

John shares the story of his wife with Molly, and she is understanding. More understanding than his own family. They continue to talk on the phone and don’t realize they are the same people? This is confusing me. Everyone in the town wants them to get together, except for Jessica. She is still thirsty for Josh. Molly finally puts it together when she sees Josh at a candy store and texts the number she has been calling late at night. Molly also realizes that Josh isn’t married to Amy or Jessica.

Jessica finally gets John out on a date at the town’s fancy restaurant. Molly drops off bread and sees them together. Molly is heartbroken and angrily bakes the night away. The next day, Molly sends her sister, Jane, to deliver Josh cookies and blames a “muffin emergency.” for why she didn’t show up herself. (Haha!)

Jane gets clarity from John’s brother and sister in law. She sets John and Molly up at the Christmas tree lighting. Molly shares with John that SHE is the woman who owns the bakery. He is genuinely surprised, and I can’t understand why. They kiss. Everyone watches from a distance. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Molly, Molly’s sister Jane, and brother-in-law, Neice Zoe, Christmas tree, Ice cream man, Gift Gal, 

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Overall rating

🎄🎄 (2 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Hallmark Crown Media

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