One Royal Holiday (2020 Hallmark)

One Royal Holiday (2020 Hallmark)

Cast: Laura OsnesAaron TveitVictoria Clark

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Synopsis (via Hallmark Channel)

When Anna offers a stranded mother and son shelter in a blizzard, she learns that they are the Royal Family of Galwick. Anna shows the Prince how they do Christmas in her hometown, encouraging him to open his heart and be true to himself.


The movie begins with a Nanny like an animated opening while Laura Osnes & Aaron Tveit sing “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.” 

Then, we meet Anna is a Boston girl doing some last min holiday shopping before heading home to the inn her father runs. The shop keeper

(in maybe a New York accent?) tells her to be careful because of a winter storm rolling in. 

Cut to Queen Gabriella and her son Prince James Galwick accepting an award at a hospital fundraising gala. Mother and Son have a tense relationship.

At the actual hospital, nurse Anna is taking care of cardiac patients. It is her last day before heading home for Christmas break. (Didn’t know that was a thing!) Her father warns her of the winter storm as well. 

On the road, Anna stops at a “Donny’s Donuts.” (Total knock off of Dunkin.) Prince James is in line behind her, and she offers him her extra crawler. James turns his nose up at it. His security guard, Christopher, and Gabriella rush in to tell James that the storm has canceled their flight. Gabriella sees the donut and tries it. Anna is thrilled, and the queen complements the donuts. Anna offers to take them to her father’s inn if they need a place to stay. James doesn’t want to go, and his driver refuses to drive them. Ann offers to drive them herself! (This woman is a saint.) Gabriella pushes James to accept the offer. 

On the drive, Anna makes James’s fun for being nervous in the front seat and tells the royal family about the Pajama Ball. James can’t understand why they wouldn’t dress up. When they arrive, Anna takes their things inside. Christopher tells Anna’s father that they are the Queen and Prince of Galwick. They ask him to keep it a secret, but that doesn’t last long. They tell Anna, and she laughs in their face. The royals don’t want to let anyone else know about their royal status.

Mayor Sara plans many Christmas events culminating with the pajama ball. Sara spots Prince James in the inn (she follows royals on social media.) Sara also spots Christopher (Who is the movie’s hunk. Good job, Sara!) They work together to figure out how to keep a low profile and maybe get the city some publicity.  

James is a fish out of water and has trouble adapting to life in the inn, while Queen Gabriella enjoys her newfound freedom and the buffet. Jame takes a call from the prime minister out in the gazebo, and Anna joins him. (I was 100% sure these two were going to break out into a rendition of “I am Sixteen Going on Seventeen.”) Instead, they talk about her dead mother and his dead father. It is a bonding moment and a lovely evening.

The next morning, the snow has doubled. Anna invites them to join her at the Christmas Parade. Christopher and James shut it down. That isn’t the only thing shut down; the airport shuts down and leaves them stranded another night. The royals decide to go to the parade after all. Mayor Sara and Christopher spend more time together, and their relationship is so sweet. 

Prince James and Anna take a horse-drawn carriage because James wore dress shoes in the snow. It is more time for the two to get to know one another. James shares the pressures of living in the spotlight. 

Christmas tradition lessons happen. Anna schools James on holiday cocoa, Christmas decorations, gingerbread houses, and good old fashion relaxing during the holidays. James helps plan the Pajama Ball and suggests they make it a royal ball this year. Then they practice slow dancing.

Anna and Sara talk about their blossoming romances. Anna is worried about starting something that couldn’t possibly work out. Sara plans to live in the moment and advises Anna to do the same. 

A sing along happens! Finally!

The next morning Prince James and the queen get a flight back home. Anna is upset and cries and can’t understand why Sara isn’t devastated. Sara and Christopher already booked her flight to Galwick for NYE. (Distance is not an excuse to not pursue happiness.) 

It is time for the ball, and everyone is dressed in NOT PJ’s. Anna watches James make his royal address and realizes that he loves her. The price rushes back and meets Anna by the gazebo. They kiss and then share a dance. 

By the fire, James gifts Anna a pair of Royal slippers. They kiss for the THIRD time. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Mayor Sara, Nurse, Doctor, 

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Hallmark Crown Media

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