A Royal Christmas Engagement (2020 ION)

A Royal Christmas Engagement (2020 ION)

Cast: Paige BachJames NittiLouie Chapman

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Synopsis (via UPtv)

Lauren, a hard-working advertising executive, begins to fall for Paul, a consultant she has been paired with to land a big account for the upcoming holiday season. Unbeknownst to Lauren and everyone else, Paul is actually Prince Edward Charles, European royalty in disguise as a commoner.


Lauren is a blonde businesswoman with an internal monologue. She is assigned to make a pitch on a LeMour Chocolate advertisement. She will be working with a handsome European man named Paul. Daria, a co-worker, is VERY jealous.

Cut to Paul, who is very handsome; he works for Prince Edward, who is very bored. Paul’s wife is expecting a baby, and he doesn’t want to leave for work. Prince Edward asks to take his place while drinking scotch. Prince Alexander and Queen Caroline disapprove and have questionable accents. They send Patrick after Prince Edward to watch him discreetly. 

Lauren and “Paul” meet in the office. She tells him that she doesn’t need a consultant, which is rude. He takes her to lunch. (Which is just coffee and or tea because he is European.) They continue not to get along. Prince Edward notices that he is being followed and attacks Patrick. He knows that his mother is watching him.

Lauren takes “Paul” to her hometown because she has to work for a local charity. She doesn’t want to skip her obligations and needs to get work done. It is a win/win. Prince Edward wins over Lauren’s parents and calls her a princess, but like in a good way?

The timeline for the pitch is moved up for the ad. Lauren is flustered because she has no ideas and hasn’t been working on it. She meets with Paul in his hotel room, and he pours her a glass of Whiskey. Then they go to dinner, where the food looks vial. Patrick continues to follow them. 

While on a deadline, Lauren decides to conduct some market research with the chocolates and take a vacation brings Paul along with her… for work! Wow, this movie is stupid. Paul is cute tho! Especially in a robe, he wears at night. He and Lauren come up with an idea to make the chocolate accessible for everyone because everyone deserves luxury. As they hand out free samples, Paul/Prince Edward gets his photo taken, and it is put in the local paper. Chelsea learns from Daria that Paul is Prince Edward and confronts him, but she says it is none of her business. 

Lauren makes her proposal to the chocolate company, and she is rude AF. The messaging to what she is saying if fine, but her delivery is super bitchy. They sign as Lauren’s client. 

Lauren is angry when she finds out and screams at him. Which isn’t much different than when she thought he was Paul. Lauren eats icecream while a montage of scenes we just say plays with a filter over them. Then Lauren gets overdressed and goes to a lame office work party with RED, WHITE, and RED balloons. They are awful decorations. Prince Edward and Patrick show up, also dressed too formally for an office work party. He makes a million-dollar donation from the queen. (Eye roll.) Daria apologizes to Lauren for being a bitch and suddenly cares about Lauren’s well being. 

Prince Edward and Lauren talk at the party. He admits that he has feelings for Lauren, and she isn’t sure if she believes him. Her gives her an ultimatum about his flight leaving, which is the wrong move here. Lauren asks him not to go and they kiss in the middle of the party. He spends Christmas with Lauren and his family….. and proposes? No, he doesn’t.

Later, while he is in his prince outfit he puts a ring on her finger and then the voice over take it from there. We see shots of the movie that we’ve already saw as a quick VO recap happens. The End?

Side Note

Minority Report: Chelsea, Randal, Charlie, 

The engagement being an after thought in the movie is very confusing considering the title of the movie.

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Overall Rating

🎄🎄 (2 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 ION

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