Project Christmas Wish (2020 Hallmark Movie & Mysteries)

Project Christmas Wish (2020 Hallmark Movie & Mysteries)

Cast: Amanda SchullTravis Van WinkleStephanie Sy

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

When a mysterious key and a holiday riddle arrive on their doorsteps, Kate and Kevin embark on a Christmas romance adventure they’ll never forget.


Lucy works for a wish-granting toy store! She makes a radio appearance before strolling into work in her cute red coat/white scarf combo. 

Lucas is a sexy single father who is raising his daughter, Max. (MY THIRD Max in a Christmas movie today.) They hear the radio spot and plan to stop by to make their wish. Lucy welcomes Max and helps her make her Christmas wish on paper. That isn’t enough for Max; she asks her grandpa to take her to the radio station and make a Christmas Wish. On air, she asks Lucy to help make her dad happy. He hasn’t been the same since her mother died, and she wants all the family traditions back. 

Lucas is overprotective and marches down to the station and yells at Lucy because she put his daughter on air without his consent. The town is already busying about “Christmas Dad,” and he decides to let Lucy make Max’s wish come true. Lucy will be spending the holidays with Lucas and his daughter. She is hoping Christmas magic will make things right. (Soooooo, cool?)

Lucy takes the two to pick out a Christmas Tree, decorate, and bake cookies. The memories start coming back to Max, and she asks Lucy how she stops being sad when her dad passed away. Lucy asks for time to think about it and come up with a good answer. (Wait. YOU CAN DO THAT?!?!)

 Lucy returns a vet home for the holidays to his family, so she can do anything! She also arranges for Colin to propose to his girlfriend in the town square. 

Max and Lucy go back on the air. Lucy changes her wish and wants her dad to fall in love. Lucas becomes known as “Eligible in Elmhurst.” Lucy runs into Lucas at the town eggnog stand. She explains that when she was a child, the town took care of her the Christmas her father died, and she runs Project Christmas Wish to give back to the community. Lucas asks Lucy what her wish and reminds her that her wish deserves to come true too, 

Lucy realizes that she keeps busy to push memories of her father away and keep the sadness from creeping in. 

A sad version of “Christmas is All Around” plays while Lucy and Max build a lifesize gingerbread house. Once it is complete, she tells Max that the sadness shouldn’t go away because it makes the joy that much sweeter. 

Lucy plans a mixer to help Lucas find love; little does she realize that she is setting herself up. Lucas and Lucy are not doing much mixing. They slow dance to Kelly Clarkson Christmas, which is appropriate. Everyone in town can tell they are falling for one another.

By the fire, Lucas tells a romance tall tale, and then they kiss. He apologizes immediately and then runs off.

The next day at the town Christmas event, Lucas apologizes for his behavior. He is not sure if he is ready or if he will ever be ready to love again. Lucy tells him that she can’t just give him her heart and hope he will do the same. She has to protect herself. 

Lucas gets a pep talk from his father and Max. He realizes that he has feelings for Lucy, which doesn’t mean he loves his wife, who passed away any less because of it.  

Colin and Joan propose to one another and keep it simple. Not everything needs to be a spectacle. 

Mac gives a speech to the town about Christmas wishes and the things she has learned this holiday season. She invites Lucy to join her on stage; the town funds a full year of Project Wish as a non-profit. A violinist comes on stage, and Lucas shows up with a horse. He gives Lucy her real wish. He wants to go overboard with her. They are lucky enough to have found love twice. They kiss, and the camera swirls as it begins to snow. The End! 

Side Note

The soundtrack for this movie was pretty good! 

Minority Report: Mike, Colin, Ashley, Parker, Reporter, Sonia,

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄(3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Hallmark Crown Media

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