A Christmas Break (2020 Lifetime)

A Christmas Break (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Cindy SampsonSteve ByersSamantha Helt 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Schoolteacher Addison Tate (Cindy Sampson) wants this Christmas to be special for her kids, especially since the School Board has decided that it will be the last as the school will be closing. When Addison meets Danny (Steve Byers), a Hollywood actor home to reconnect with his roots, on a Christmas tree lot, sparks fly, uniting the two to save the school from closing right before Christmas Eve.


Addison is a middle school teacher who struts down the hallways intercepting basketballs and handing out demerits. She is a bad bitch! 

Judy is her assistant, whose duties include: Getting coffee, organizing the secret staff Santa, and remind her of her breakup anniversary. Yes, Addison is SINGLE! The one that got away is American Actor/Cover boy Dylan Davidson. (Who is not hunky enough, even if he was a hunk in high school. We couldn’t get Marcus Rosner for this?) 

Dylan is getting some bad press for his womanizing ways. (An ex-girlfriend is writing a tell-all.) Dylan asks his agent to find him some directing work, but he needs to start small. He gets that opportunity when Addison calls with a request for him to direct the school play… To save the school AND to rehab his damaged reputation. He accepts, returns to his home town, and is mobbed by the press upon arrival.

Back at his middle school, Dylan and Addie reunite. They are flirty but trying to keep it low key. Dylan apologizes for not saying goodbye before leaving for JUILLIARD! (He is not only Hollywood, but he is also a theatre snob.) He works with the kids and notices that they are tense and back actors. (They are in middle school, after all.)

Dylan and Addison spend more time with each other than is needed for the directing gig. They eat waffles and help her dad with his Christmas tree farm. They go for a night walk and talk about how SINGLE Addison is. Monique, Dylan’s ex, ruins the mood by strolling into town looking like Za Za Gabor. 

Monique is there to dig up dirt on Dylan. He finds out and breaks it off with her. She kisses him, and Addison walks in on them. Addison storms off, upset because Dylan focuses more on women than on the kid’s Christmas play!!!

The town Christmas tree is decorated, then Addison’s house. Dylan brings over a Christmas tree as a peace offering and apologizes. They trim the tree with WHITE STRAND ICICLE LIGHTS like complete psychos. A news notification comes in calling Addison a “Hometown Homewrecker,” and she is put on administrative leave. 

Addison and Dylan go online and tell their side of the story. They are able to spin the story and get more press to save the school. Just when things are going well, Dylan gets a job offer in a high-profile acting role and will have to leave before the play can go up. 

Instead of the normal trope of the female lead overhearing the conversation, Dylan tells her immediately. She tells her he won’t go without her approval. Addison tells him to go, and he says goodbye to the kids wishing them luck. At the airport, Dylan and his agent push back the start date. 

Meanwhile, Addison makes a pitch to the board about why they should save the school. She speaks from the heart and wins them over. They still decide to close the school. (Which is super rude!) Addison makes an announcement for the kids to share the donation page online. 

The play happens and is a huge success… well, okay, fine… I fast-forwarded, but I’m sure they were great! Addison thanks everyone for coming and lets them know they didn’t reach their goal for donations. Garth interrupts her and tells everyone that a video of her speech to board members has gone viral and is “number one online!!!!!”

Addison and Dylan kiss while the crowd cheers. Everyone enjoys Christmas dinner. The couple kiss again.The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Judy, Garth, Reporter, Parents,

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Overall rating

šŸŽ„ (1 Christmas Tree)

šŸ·šŸ·šŸ· (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Ā© 2020 Lifetime

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