My Sweet Holiday (2020 Lifetime)

My Sweet Holiday (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Malone ThomasJason BurkeyAlexandra FickenGina Hiraizumi 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Sadie’s (Malone Thomas) boyfriend cancels their holiday plans, she decides to spend Christmas with her parents back in her hometown, only to find out they’ve sold the family’s beloved chocolate store to a stranger who knows nothing about chocolate. Begrudgingly, her father convinces her that she’d be the obvious choice to help teach the new owner everything she knows about chocolate. In the middle of planning the perfect retirement party for her parents, she discovers that not everything has to be perfect. And sometimes, when you least expect it, you find love.


Little Sadie and her grandpa, nope… daddy, decorate cookies while talking to her about his chocolate business and how she will run it someday. Her mother is like, maybe you want to be something else, like a doctor or astronaut. (Female empowerment, yes!)

At her office job, grown-up Sadie shares her travel plans with Maggie, Gina’s boss with fantastic hair, played by our fav actress/ needs to be a hair model, Gina Hiraizumi. Sadie will be going home for the holidays after her boyfriend Mike blows her off.  

Sadie’s parents look the same and are selling the Chocolate shop and retiring. A man named Alex is buying the shop. Sadie is upset and resistant to change, plus “HER PARENTS AREN’T THAT OLD!” Sadie wants to move back and run the store herself, and her friend Taylor tells Sadie to grow up and get over it. (Thank you, Taylor. This woman should let her parents retire.) 

At the Chocolate shop, Sadie trains Alex. (Who is very handsome, in a boy-next-door way.) Sadie makes Chocolate Truffles and gives a history lesson that no one asked for. She is very serious. 

Suddenly making a turnaround, Sadie decides to plan a 100 party celebration for her parent’s retirement. Alex agrees to help and the plan while making chocolate in slow motion and gingerbread houses. They find an old venue, taste food for the menu, pick out Christmas decorations, and talk about their lives. Alex used to live in Chicago and is the middle child. He also has a young daughter and is a widower. (Which explains a lot!) Sadie quit culinary school after she lost a gingerbread competition. (LOL! Wow.) Sadie asks Alex why he is helping her plan the party, and he tells her that he enjoys spending time with her. 

Things move quickly from here. Alex and Sadie decorate the family Christmas tree with his daughter. Francie. Then they build a petting zoo with Santa outside of the store for marketing! 

Things go awry when Alex’s last min order for 100 gingerbread houses is delayed. Sadie doesn’t handle it well and has a breakdown. Alex apologizes and takes Sadie to his daughter’s Christmas pageant. Sadie meets the family and somehow wins them over. They suggest that Sadie join them for Christmas. The two make plans to see each other after the holidays and almost kiss but are interrupted by a call from Sadie’s ex-boyfriend, who is coming to town. 

BIG MISUNDERSTANDING ALERT. Sadie sees Alex hugging his sister Lisa and thinks he is dating her. She is heartbroken, and her mother comforts her. (I love this mom, she may be one of the best I’ve seen this Christmas season, well behind Fran Drescher, duh.)

It is the night of the party, and everyone is dressed up. Sadie confronts Alex about his girlfriend, and he explains that the woman is his sister in law. Sadie forgives him immediately. (Especially after he pays for the whole party.) 

They show Sadies parents the venue and a gingerbread replica she made of the store. They share a toast, and Alex backs out of the sale because he thinks Sadie should run the chocolate store. She asks him if he will still buy the store and run it 50/50 with her. They kiss. 

Sadie moves home and leaves behind her roommate, boss with the god hair, and an ex-boyfriend who never came back to mess things up.  

On Christmas Later, Sadie and Alex continue to run the shop. The end! Bye 2020 Christmas. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Maggie, Francie, Lisa, Venue manager

Also known as Chocolate Covered Christmas 

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Overall rating

🎄🎄 (2 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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