Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Story (2021 Lifetime)

My name is Keri, I’m so very…. on Lifetime.

Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Story (2021 Lifetime)

Cast:  Keri HilsonLeToya Luckett-WalkerTobias TruvillionDurrell ‘Tank’ Babbs 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A woman’s future takes an uncertain turn when her fiance’s best man triggers a passion within her.


The movie starts with a woman named Keri. (Sorry, Tiffanie.) having an affair on the night before her wedding. 

Flashback to a week before Tiffanie and Damon are high-profile, successful business owners. A power couple, if you will. They have a very sexual relationship, having sex on kitchen counters. Tiffanie seems unsatisfied because her husband-to-be is kind of vanilla. She researches articles online about how to spice up your love life. (Which isn’t a good sign.) She tries roleplaying, but it doesn’t work. Even their pastor gives them counseling and is concerned. 

At work, Tiffanie eats vanilla yogurt and compares it to her husband-to-be. She receives a gift from Damon and drops it on the groundbreaking glass. Tiffanie cuts her finger as Trey (Damon’s friend) rings her doorbell. Trey is the personification of lust and oozes sex. He wipes some yogurt from her lip and sucks it off his finger. It is hot. (Tiffanie thinks so too.)

Damon speaks for Tiffanie often. He tells Trey that Tiffanie was raised by her grandparents and lost her parents when she was young. Trey bonds with her because he, too, lost his parents.

Tiffanie is conflicted and confides in her grandma that she isn’t a virgin but has only been with Damon. She is worried that the sex is lacking, and her grandma offers some advice. (Which is basically don’t sin.)

The spa Tiffanie is opening is hemorrhaging money after the renovation doesn’t go as planned. She almost hires Trey, but Damon is against that idea. If he only knew what was happening behind his back. Tiffanie and Trey smell body oils together. It is sexy. 

Tiffanie goes over to Trey’s hotel room and is surprised to see him in a towel. He looks amazing. Trey tries to seduce his friend’s fiance by lying on the bed and asking Tiffanie to rub his belly. She high tails it out of there before anything can happen.

At her wedding shower, Tiff asks her girlfriends about infidelity and admits to wanting more sexual sexperiance. They are horrified and tell her no, no, no. Tiffanie doesn’t listen and fantasizes about Trey constantly. Her dreams become a reality when she agrees to do lunch with Trey (Which turns into making out.) and misses her wedding tasting with Damon. YIKES!

Damon finds out that Tiffanie hired Trey for a lighting repair job after telling her not to. He tells her that she has been distant and annoyed. Tiffanie asks if they should postpone the wedding. Damon can’t take the bad publicity, so the wedding is still on.

Tiffanie tells Trey off and fires him from the job. She hits him and screams that she hates him. They hardcore makeout in the rain until she runs off confused and ashamed. 

At the rehearsal dinner, Tiffanie and Trey are still fighting their sexual chemistry. Sonia notices and checks with Tiffanie to make sure she hasn’t done anything with Trey. Tiffanie lies because she is meeting Trey on the night before her wedding. 

They can’t even wait till they get out of the elevator to get it on. Just before they are about to have sex. Trey flips the switch and tells her that it has all been a revenge plot. He doesn’t want Tiffanie, and he hopes she thinks of her when she is with Damon on her wedding night. Then he leaves Tiffanie alone, crying. 

Trey is quick to unravel his evil plan for revenge. At the wedding, Tiffanie knows she has to come clean and tells Damon the truth. Damon is angry and calls off the wedding, obviously.

I should have seen this coming, but Tiff goes to church to repent for her sins. Tiff sings in chruch because Keri had to do it. She goes to Trey’s hotel room and prays with him. Then she calls Damon and begs him to forgive him. She tells him that she has changed. 

Tiff isn’t the only one visiting Trey. Damon and his boys jump him and threaten him with a gun. Damon tells Trey to get out of his life forever. Damon doesn’t kill Trey because he doesn’t want Trey’s son to grow up without a father. Then he goes to Tiffanie and takes her back. Shockingly! WHAT! WHY! These two are not meant to be together. 

They start over and are celibate until the next wedding day. They are in love, and Tiffanie is even pregnant. Wow. I did not see this coming. 

Side Note

Minority Report: The cast features mostly Black actors. 

Keri AND Letoya in the same movie? They should start a girl group and add me in a wig.  

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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  1. I absolutely loved the movie and hoping there will be more. Watch Envy also. 5 more deadly sins and I need them to create more movies.

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