Mommy’s Deadly Con Artist (2021 Lifetime)

Mommy’s Deadly Con Artist (2021 Lifetime)

Cast:  Dey Young, Eric Roberts, Jackée Harry, Michael Paré, Chelsea Gilson, Andrew Rogers, Rib Hillis

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After Denise (Jackée Harry) loses her husband, she is determined to find who did it, which leads her to tracking down Stephanie and her “mother.” But things are not as they appear when a wealthy family stands to lose everything at the hands of this mother and daughter tandem. Dey Young, Chelsea Gilson, Rib Hillis, Andrew Phillip Rodgers, Sophia Katarina co-star. (2021)


The movie starts with, wait, IT IS A SEQUEL to Deceived by My Mother-In-Law ?!?!?!!

The movie picks up from the last movie where Denise’s husband is murdered. 

Cut to a happy couple Landon and Stephanie. They are newly in love and planning to meet one another’s parents. The only problem is Stephanie is another con artist working with Maggie or Christine now. 

Denise and James from Deceived by My Mother-In-Law are onto the mother/daughter con and follow them around. 

Christine and Stephanie are introduced to Landon’s father, George, and his sister Alice in their beautiful mansion. Christine cases the joint and takes pictures of things she wants to steal and some finical documents; then she shamelessly looks through a laptop. Bridget, the maid, catches her and is suspicious. More red flags are raised when Christine reluctantly agrees to a photo.

Denise follows Christine and calls a detective friend to help her look into Christine/Maggie’s background. 

Stephanie starts feeling dizzy and nauseous, and Christine suggests her “daughter” take a pregnancy test she conveniently has in her purse. It is a fake positive, and Stephanie shows Landon the test. He mans up, and they decided to keep the baby.

When Landon tells George and Alice, his family is suspicious, and they drag him. George says his son is gullible, and Alice thinks the test is fake. They aren’t wrong and try to be supportive. 

Landon, Christine, and Steph go to a doctor three towns over. IT IS ERIC ROBERTS (As Dr. Beck?) He confirms the pregnancy. 

George offers for Stephanie AND Christine to move into the mansion. Bridget, the maid, reluctantly moves them in, lugging their bags up the stairs. Christine makes herself at home and criticizes George’s TV channel choices. They get a text that Landon is going to propose. 

Landon proposes at a bar, and George/Christine join them. In fact, George and Christine are starting to become an item too and start to hang out with Landon’s blessing. The two play chess together and speak metaphorically. Christine lets George win.

Bridget catches Christine going through George’s medicine. Christine makes up a lame excuse, and when Bridget heads downstairs, Christin punches her in the face sending her tumbling to her death down the staircase. Christine is an icon because as she does so, she says, “Have a nice trip, BITCH!” It is classic. 

Stephanie is upset because killing the maid was not a part of the plan. James (the con from the last movie.) sneaks a conversation with the new con artist. They are working together to double-cross Christine. 

The doorbell rings, and no one gets up to answer it because THEY FORGOT THE MAID DIED!!?!?!? It is James posing as a family member. Christine/Maggie is pissed and pulls a gun on him in private. She offers him 20% to cut into the con. Then James takes a shower because it was time for some gratuitous shirtlessness. Christine crushes up pills with the butt of her gun, which seems dangerous. 

At a cocktail hour, James drugs the family members and forces drinks on them. Everyone passes out, and Christine takes George to bed and kisses him to make him start hyperventilating. She gives him his inhaler, but it is empty. She has emptied them all. George gasps, “You bitch!” as he takes his last breath. George is revived and in a coma.

Christine and Stephanie push for a small ceremony and postpone the big wedding. Christine promises that it is what George would want. Alice is, of course, against it. The wedding happens anyway. 

Jackée Harry is back! She continues to talk to her detective friend and tries to get answers. She meets with Eric Roberts and asks about the pregnancy for Stephanie. He calls Christine to warn her that Denise is onto her scam.

Christine plans to kill Alice and Denise, then steal all the money. Denise has other plans and gets to Alice first. Denise tells Alice everything she has learned about the fake pregnancy and fake names. Alice runs off to save her family. No questions asked.

Stephanie second-guesses herself and suddenly has a conscience. She leaves the house with Christine, and James is ready with his gun. 

Alice calls the police and warns her brother. Landon just stretches and doesn’t seem too concerned. The cops arrest James. Christine and Stephanie get away to con another family. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Denise, Detective Jane, Detective Jenkins, 

You aren’t having DeJaVu. This is the same cast and crew as Deceived by My Mother-In-Law

The movie was directed by David DeCoteau (Of “The Wrong” series.), explaining the horniness. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives, more Jackée Harry needed.)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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  1. I enjoyed both movies. Typical Lifetime movie. Now we just need the final sequel where they finally kill the bitch!

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