Secrets on Sorority Row (2021 Lifetime)

Secrets on Sorority Row (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Dylan Vox, Kristi McKamie, Lauren Buglioli, Casey Waller

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Michelle is excited for her daughter, Quinn, to pledge the same sorority she and her best friend, Stacey, pledged when they were in college. She is especially happy when Quinn becomes friends with a fellow sorority recruit, Lucy. But when Michelle starts receiving anonymous threatening letters, she worries a dark secret she shares with Stacey has come to light. Kristi McKamie, Lauren Buglioli, Kate Edmonds star. (2021)


The movie begins in 1997 with a young brunette named Kelly being dropped off on campus by her BFF, Micky. Kelly’s boyfriend Lucas accosts them as they are getting out of the car. He wears a huge sweater and has a tragic bowl cut. It is pledge night, and Kelly’s sorority sister to be, Stacey, screams at the boyfriend to leave the property. Calling him an “Ugly Girl.” (Haha!) Stacey is a mean girl and tells the girls to get ready for Hell Night.

The oldest-looking pledge sisters have to do push-ups on pies and chug a bottle of vodka in five minutes. Michelle and Stacey are playing along, but Kelly is hesitant. Then out of nowhere, Kelly chugs the bottle of vodka, and they all get into the sorority. Well, Kely doesn’t; she falls down the stairs and dies. Micky/Michelle finds the body and cries, cradling her friend in her arms. 

Twenty-two years later, Michelle has a landline phone, is friends with Stacey still, and a legacy daughter named Quinn. Quinn doesn’t even want to be in college, but she reluctantly agrees to go to the sorority pledge event.

In class, Quinn makes a new friend named Lucy. They are both not the sorority type but are being pressured by their mothers to pledge. Quinn is tapped to deal cards at an Epsilon party. (Her dad is in Vegas, and she knows how to deal with poker.) A boy named Cody tells Lucy and Quinn about the ghost of Kelly haunting the basement. Quinn goes into the basement to show that she is a badass and not afraid. Except she does get spooked and is knocked unconscious. 

Mickey is also spooked; she gets an ominous note and then a phone call that Quinn is in hospital with a concussion. She storms into the hospital and is horrified to learn that were looking for Kelly’s ghost. Lucy and Quinn think Mickey is too extreme/controlling. Stacey is thrilled that Quinn is pledging. 

The mother-daughter relationship is annoying.

Stacey learns about the letter and is concerned that someone knows about Kelly. She calls the other sisters, Myra and Gretchen, who saw Kelly’s dead body and helped cover up the accident. They all have received letters. Gretchen is an alcoholic who has lost everything over the traumatic event. Mickey wants to come clean, which causes a huge argument. The reunion didn’t go as planned. 

Flashback to 1997. When Lucas finds out about the death of his girlfriend, he threatens Mick and promises to get revenge. Could he be the one responsible for the creepy letters? Micky, Stacey, and Myra decide to look into him 22 years later.

Back in the present day, Quinn and Lucy are blindfolded and taken on a “blind walk” by current sorority sisters Daisy and Bridget. Daisy is knocked in the back by someone with a stick, and the even is called off. They instead do Roses and Rumors, a meeting where they all wear pink sweaters and snap for one another. 

Gretchen chugs a bottle of wine and hysterically calls Mickey. She is convinced that Kelly is alive and out to get them. The call is cut short when a brick is thrown through Mickey’s window with a note that says Quinn is not safe. Alone with no one to talk to, Gretchen screams at Kelly’s grave and apologizes while crying. She promises to tell the police the truth and lies on the grave. Then she sees a bottle of vodka with a note on it and runs away screaming. She calls Mickey back but hets her voicemail and then dies in a car accident.

Mickey creates a scene at the sorority house and embarrasses Quinn in front of her new friends. The mother drags her daughter out of the house and shows her the threatening notes and about the hazing gone wrong. Quinn is sympathetic to her mother and takes the night to think things over. Mickey has terrible nightmares about zombie Kelly coming back and hurting her daughter. 

The following day Mickey and Quinn are magically on the same and taking trash to Daisy. 

Myra and Mickey learn about their friend’s death, and they decide to come clean about their secret. Stacey is against the reveal at first but shows up at the event. (Which is a cross between a funeral and a sorority party. Bad mix) Lucas shows up at the memorial and is relieved to know what happened to his girlfriend finally. Mickey asks him to sign the guest book so they can compare handwriting. Lucas says he hasn’t been able to write in over twenty years due to his grief over Kelly. He isn’t the killer and is a wealth of information. Kelly had a secret baby with Lucas that they put up for adoption. 

Quinn and Lucy get into the sorority, and Lucy gives a gift to Mickey with a note that says, “I’ll Never Forget What You Did.” At the induction party, Lucy pushes the sisters to drink champagne and drugs them. As the effects hit the girls, Lucy smashes the bottle and tells them all that Kelly was her mother, and she is going to take them all to the basement where her mother died.  

Michelle realizes that Lucy is the stalker by matching the handwriting and looking online seeing that her real name is Miranda. She rushes to the sorority house with Stacey. Mickey easily reasons with Lucy/Miranda and saves her daughter.

Then Stacey knocks Lucy/Miranda out with a sorority paddle because she knows the REAL truth, Kelly didn’t drunkenly stumble down that stairs. She was pushed, by Stacey. Stacey has been leaving the notes and did it for the sorority and for her friendship with Mickey. Stacey is arrested and taken away by the police.

Lucy/Miranda is given a second chance by the sisters???????? Quinn is now the president of the sorority. Everyone still wears pink and the Roses and Rumors session is dedicated to Kelly. Awww?

Side Note

Minority Report: Bridget, Gretchen, Daisy, 

The Lifetime Sorority movie is always a gamble. I’d have to fold on this one.

Lauren Buglioli is quickly becoming the 2021 Lifetime Best New Actress. She needs some better movies, but is always a joy to watch.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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