Sorority Sister Killer (2021 Lifetime)

Sorority Sister Killer (2021 Lifetime)

Cast:  Sarah Fisher, René Ashton, Paige Kriet, Triana Browne, Grace Montie, Tyler Lain

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Lacey, a beautiful college freshman, is beyond excited to be rushing Kappa with her best friend Tara, until an initiation hazing goes too far and Lacey walks out on them, pledging to another house. Despite the incident, Tara stays with Kappa, a choice that strongly tests the two friends. Soon after, tragedy strikes when Tara suffers a horrific and mysterious death at a frat party. The Kappa sorority turns against Lacey, accusing her of murder. Her mother, Britney, who was once a Kappa sister, battles to clear her daughter’s name. The nightmare escalates when Lacey gets charged by the police for the crime, forcing both mother and daughter to track down the real sorority sister killer that has made them a target. Sarah Fisher, Ren Ashton, Lani Randol, Tyler Lain, Paige Kriet star. (2021)


The movie starts off at a luau-themed party with beer bongs and lots of horny co-eds. Lacey is crying in the bathroom when she hears someone screaming. A sister has fallen to her death. Lacey talks to some detective. (One with very prominent Mullett.) She tells them the story of her college life. Like from her first day on campus.

Lacey and her friend Tara are moved in by Lacey’s mom Britney. A scavenger hunt is arranged by Lacey’s mom and the house mother of Kappa, Lana. Lacey is a legacy, and Britney will receive a good word from Britney. The friends decide to rush Kappa. 

Courtney, the sorority president, hosts an event with mocktails and is sure to stress that NO HAZING is allowed. The act is quickly dropped when Britney and Lana leave for the night. The sisters force the pledges to chug vodka, strip naked, and call one girl “Piggy” repeatedly. Lacey is having none of that. She screams at the president and tells them that they are mean girls. Then she pushes the mean girl to the ground and storms out. 

Rachael, the Delta Beta President, invites Lacey to a party at their house, and she loves the vibe there more. (They have pizza rolls, for crying out loud!) The change in sorority causes a rift between Lacey, her friend Britney, and her mother. 

Housemother Lana threatens Lacey at a party. Rachael is quick to defend her new friend and calls Lana a weirdo for hanging out at a student party. (She is not wrong.) Lacey and Tara get into an argument on the rooftop. Lacey calls her ex-BFF a skank and runs to the bathroom to cry. That is when someone pushes Tara off the roof, and she falls to her death. 

Back to the detectives, they think Lacey is a suspect for murder. Britney comes to her daughter’s defense. Tara’s mother, Jennifer, also thinks Lacey is responsible. The whole campus gives Lacey the side-eye and even her pizza roll loving Delta’s turn on her. (Everyone one, except Rachael.) 

Rachel offers to walk Lacey home because everyone hates her. After getting dropped off, Lacey is chased through a graveyard and pushed into oncoming traffic. She is resued by Ella. (The mouse sorority sister of Courtney.) Lacey tries to befriend Ella and ask her questions, but Ella is afraid to talk. (In a flashback, we see Her sisters threaten her, and the pledges are sprayed with silly string and forced to give over their cell phones, unlocked.)

Lacey calls Detective Mullett and asks him to review the footage from security footage after her dorm room is broken into. They haven’t checked, so Lacey decides to clear her name. She talks to the “Piggy” girl who quit pledging after the incident. Lacey learns that Tara was sleeping with her ex-boyfriend AND Courtney called Lex, the ex, on facetime. Courtney forces them to have sex again to “get into the sorority.” 

Lacey is shocked when Lex is in her room. He is drunk and tries to explain why he hooked up with Tara. Lacey isn’t listening to him because she receives a text from Tara’s phone. With the phone on, Lacey can track her friend’s location with an app they both downloaded. It leads her to the Kappa house. She overhears Courtney and Housemother Lana plotting against her. The other sorority sisters come to her defense and give Lacey a chance to chase after Ella, who is emotionally distraught. 

Ella was manipulated by Courtney and Lana, who is actually related to her? Ella pushed Tara off the roof. She did it because Tara was going to report Kappa to the administration. Ella isn’t fully responsible because Courtney switched Tara medication which caused her to be mentally unstable. (Which is problematic.) I am not sure what happens to the fam, but they are probs all arrested. Byeeeee!

Tara recorded a message to her BFF and admits to sleeping with Lex. She also tells Lacey that she loves her. So Lacey gets the closure she needs, which is a nice heartfelt cap to a meh movie.

Side Note

Minority Report: Rachael, Detective Fuller,   

Sarah Fisher (As always) and the cast here were great. This movie was not.

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

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