The Killer in My Backyard (2021 Lifetime)

The Killer in My Backyard (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Brittany Underwood, Jacob Taylor, Kristos Andrews, Hayden Tweedie

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After purchasing a house, Allyson and her fiancé Eric decide to rent out the guest house to cover the cost of some expenses. Joshua arrives willing to put up a hefty rent for a short stay, and appears to be the perfect tenant. But soon after, Josh’s behavior makes the couple uneasy, and his twisted plan begins to unfurl. (2021)


The movie begins with Lifetime legend Brittney Underwood locked in a room with a dead body. She is in trouble. 

Flash to a few months earlier, Allyson and Eric are a couple in the market for a new home. They, of course, pick the one with someone living in the attic. The previous owners built a basement pool and a guesthouse for their grandson before they died suddenly. Finally, Allyson is ready to make an offer on the house by selling her condo and using the rest of her trust fund.

A handsome man named Josh is also interested in the house. He comes by the next day to ask about the guest house. Eric shows Josh around, and they have an unusual amount of sexual tension. Josh says he is passionate about cooking and opening a restaurant. Eric shares all about Allyson’s trust fund. Eric offers to pay for six months’ rent in cash, and he is moved in, just like that. The men shake hands and then talk about guns. 

Allyson is hesitant and makes sure that Eric checks Josh’s references. Her sister, Tara, on the other hand, is happy to have a single hunk around. When everyone leaves, Josh comes out of his guest house and bugs the main house. 

Eric throws a birthday party for Allyson, and she gets jealous of his new intern Jamie. The couple fight during the party, but the argument is cut short when Allyson sees her sister making out with Josh by the front door while ripping off his shirt. (I respect that Tara is a man-eater.) 

Josh digs up dirt on Eric and finds a criminal background and some money problems. He uses it as blackmail and blasts music at all hours. Eric also has a problem with his intern, Jamie, who blatantly hit on him at work. 

Allyson and Eric want their renter out, but Josh changes the locks. Fed up, Eric cuts the power to the guest house. Josh calls the police, and Eric is reprimanded. Allyson pours herself some wine and shares that she doesn’t even think Josh owns a restaurant or have a job because he never leaves the guest house. Eric meets with a lawyer who is no help.

Josh continues to be creepy. He sneaks up on Allyson and goes through her things when she is not home. The relator catches him and calls Allyson to tell her that Josh is a psychotic killer. He confirms that by killing Shelly, the realtor.

Eric hosts another work event, and Josh shows up to create trouble. He tells the new intern that Josh has a crush on him and plants the seeds for her to make her move. When she does, Josh takes pictures of the intern kissing Eric and sends them to Allyson. Allyson shows up at work and creates a scene. 

Josh gets angry and strips off his clothing for no reason. I love it. 

Eric is put on leave when the news of his criminal background. Eric bangs on Josh’s door and knows that he is behind everything. 

Josh has other problems to worry about when his criminal buddy, Tommy, finds him and wants cut into whatever scheme he is working. Tommy knows that Josh’s real name is Sammy. Josh sends Tommy into the main house in the middle of the night, knowing that Eric has a gun. 

His plan works, and Eric shoots Tommy thinking he is an intruder, which he is. The cops take Eric in, and he is put into police custody because Josh is pressing charges. Allyson uses the police department to her advantage and forms a relationship with a lady cop. The lady cop gives Allyson her card and promises to look into Josh. 

Allyson finds out that Josh worked at Filorenza’s. The manager was recently murdered, and Sammy was working there on a psych hospital rehab program. A host spills all the tea to Allyson, including Sammy’s real name. She recruits her sister, Tara, and they break into the guest house. They find his state hospital ID and a photo of Allyson.

Tara leaves to pick up Eric from the police station, stupidly leaving Allyson home alone. They come home and find the power off, and Allyson is missing. Josh is there and knocks out Tara with a golf club. (Maybe) Then he punches Eric in the face.

Allyson finds Josh/Sammy with the gun. He goes into his reasons for doing all this. He grew up in the house with his grandmother and was taken away after killing his parents. Josh’s grandmother left him the house, but Shelley sold it, and he decided to kill everyone for it. It seems extreme, but the real estate market is tough. 

We are back in the closet, and Allyson smashes Josh/Sam in the face. Everyone is saved and WAY to casual about the whole thing.

One week later, Josh finally gets Allyson an engagement ring, and they will not be renting out the guest house.

Side Note

Minority Report: Cop, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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