The Perfect Wedding (2021 Lifetime)

The Perfect Wedding (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Tenika DavisLydia ZadelEric HicksJulia BorsellinoBarbara GordonSophie Gendron

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Lindsay is about to marry the man of her dreams- until everything spirals out of control at her bachelorette party. With the wedding called off, she soon uncovers her friend’s devious scheme to steal away the man she loves. (2021)


The movie begins with a man drowning his sorrows. He just found out his fiance is a “psycho.” He doesn’t last long and is attacked by a woman with a parking lot in a parking lot.

Cut to a wedding boutique, Lindsay tries on dresses with her friends Catherine and Dana. They celebrate her engagement to a hunk with shark eyes named Brandon. The couple celebrates their bachelor and bachelorette parties separately, but Brandon asks Lindsay to have brunch with his mother. 

Both parties are kind of lame. Lindsay goes to da club with her friends and dances in a tiara and sash while Brandon plays poler with the boys. The shots are flowing, and Catherine is here for the party. Dana, on the other hand, is cautious. A random guy roofies Lindsay, leaving Catherine alone with her cell phone. Catherine is quick to take photos of Lindsay dancing with the guy who thankfully doesn’t rape her but made it look like they had sex. Catherine pays the man in an alley; he was an escort for hire named Jake.

Lindsay oversleeps and misses brunch with Brandon’s mom, Nancy, who is pissed. Brandon checks on his wife to be at the hotel, and he sees the condom on the nightstand. He accuses her of cheating on him. Catherine confirms that Lindsay went up with the escort by showing Brandon the picture of Lindsay dancing with him. Brandon calls off the wedding, and Catherine is thrilled. (So is Nancy, who is already setting Brandon up with other girls, like a yoga instructor.) 

Dana and Lindsay try to recap the night and have more questions than answers. Dana decides to help her BFF find the guy from the photo. Dana is a good freind. Catherine is not; she works with Brandon and is clearly making her move to be his next girlfriend. She dresses up for work meetings and tries to be a guy’s girl. Catherine’s brother lays all her business out there in a weird scene. Catherine killed her fiance, and the brother is keeping it a secret because he is scared of her. 

Lindsay tells Catherine about wanting to find the guy who was dancing with her. Catherine says she deleted the photos and can’t help. Then Catherine “accidentally” runs into Nancy at yoga and enacts phase two of her plan. She tells Nancy that Lindsay was previously engaged and paints her as a money-hungry golddigger. 

Jake, the escort, tries to extort money from Catherine, and she runs him over with her car. Lindsay and Dana see a news report and feel like they have hit a dead end. The friends “Swifty Search” Jake Powell and learn that he is an escort. Lindsay goes to the escort office and talks to a guy who looks exactly like Jake Powell, who tells Lindsay that Jake wasn’t booked that night. Dana asks a cop friend for info on Jake. They find his most recent addresses. 

Nancy does a lame bait and switches setup with Brandon and the yoga instructor Brooke. They have dinner and seem to hit it off. Brooke even gives Brandon an espresso maker, which is excessive. 

Dana sees Catherine and Brandon getting coffee and flirting while out on a morning jog. Catherine overlooks Dana but is annoyed to hear that Brandon went out on a date. 

Meanwhile, Lindsay finds Billy and Catherine’s house. They were roommates with Jake. Billy drinks beer and thinks about who could have set up Lindsay. He is no help. Lindsay gives him her number on a post-it that she just happens to have in her purse. Billy confronts his sister about Jake, and she threatens him to keep quiet or else. 

Catherine tells Lindsay to bring over wedding gifts to the office. Lindsay shows up with a cappuccino maker and runs into Brandon and Brooke. Catherine fills her friend in about Nancy setting Brandon up. Lindsay storms off and talks to Brandon alone. She begs him for forgiveness and claims her innocence. He does not forgive her. 

Catherine murders Brooke with a syringe, but it has the opposite effect on Brandon. He calls Lindsay and sets up a meeting because “Life is too short.” A detective also calls Lindsay because she is a suspect.  

Lindsay meets with Billy to clear her name, and he confirms that someone hired Jake to drug Lindsay and set her up. He won’t tell her who, but he does say that it was a woman who wanted to keep her from Brandon. Dana and Lindsay look up Catherine online and find out that she is Billy’s sister and lied about being engaged. Both Catherine’s mother and ex-fiance are dead. 

Lindays tracks down a family member of the dead fiance and learns that Catherine is crazy and probably killed her fiance. Lindsay promises to stop Catherine this time. She calls Billy and the police, but it is too late. Catherine has Brandon booked for a work trip and isn’t letting him go. She tries to drug him with champagne.

Detectives arrive and arrest Catherine. Brandon watches as she is dragged away, screaming, “Everything I did was for you!” and “BRANDON” Sad music plays as Lindsay and Brandon sit in the car. Lindsay goes through all the evidence she has learned about and still wants to marry Brandon. He agrees and thinks Nancy will approve this time. Nancy does and even walks Lindsay down the aisle. 

The couple do not kiss at the end. Sooooooo, okay. Whatever.

Side Note

Minority Report: Lindsay, Groomsman, Detective, Bartender, News Reporter, Seamstress, Security guard, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2021 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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  1. Sophie Gendron is almost unrecognizable playing the role of the salon owner/sister of Catherine’s deceased fiancee.

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