Party From Hell (2021 Lifetime)

Party From Hell (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Jackie Moore, Eric Roberts, Matthew Pohlkamp, Jennifer Field, April Martucci, Nicolette Langley

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A psychotic party planner launches a personal vendetta against a loving wife and mother. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins with a lavish outdoor wedding anniversary. The bride and groom are both murdered by a lady in red. She takes photos of their dead bodies with a Polaroid camera.

Mother and wife, Denise, takes care of her helpless teenager, Grace, and husband, Josh, while trying to book a party planner for the re-launch of her app Pupil, which connects tutors and students remotely. (Which would be very successful in today’s world.) Ashley, Denise’s sister-in-law, offers to plan the party and talks too much about “weenies” I’m assuming she means cocktail kind and not a penis.

In a parking lot, Denise gets into a fender bender with the lady in red, who is again wearing red. The woman happens to be a party planner named Molly. Denise hires the lady in red on the spot. Well, first, she checks Molly’s website and thinks it looks legit. She event calls reference, which is Molly pulling a terrible British accent. Ashley is offended that she is being replaced, but Denise promises that Molly will work WITH Ashley. (What could go wrong there?!? Especially when a VIP guest named Peter has a peanut allergy.)

Molly, who has got crazy eyes constantly, suggests a DJ, signature cocktail and wants to make the event “elegant.” Then she goes to her office and circles Denise’s picture that is tacked on the wall. The other women in the photo have been x-ed out. Molly undercuts Ashley’s decisions and puts her in charge of catering, neglecting to tell her about the peanut allergy issue.

Peter, ERIC FREAKIN ROBERTS, shows up for a tasting of the party menu. In an ill-fitting suit. He is an investor of seven million dollars. Molly excites Peter, so he will like her after she intentionally feeds him peanuts. Ashley goes over the menu, which doesn’t include nuts, but Eric Roberts goes into anaphylactic shock. (Writhing on the floor coughing.) At the hospital, Molly claims to have told Ashley, and Denise sends Molly home angrily. Then she chews out her sister-in-law. Things get personal, and Ashley is banned from the party. Like, I think that Ashley and Denise won’t be able to work together after this.

Molly tries flirting with Denise’s assistant Liam, who is obviously gay; he wants Molly to give him her W9 information… but she keeps forgetting. Probably because Molly is too busy killing the auditor for Grace’s college interview for some reason. Liam starts to suspect something is off with Molly.

Grace uses the app to tutor a fellow student named Corey. They start dating, which is morally questionable, I guess. Grace gets an interview at the college of her dreams. Too bad Molly impersonates the college admissions rep and shatters her dreams by being extremely rude. Molly tells Grace to go to a state school, which is harsh because I went to a state school, and my writing is fine… well, okay, maybe Molly has a point. Grace keeps the bad interview a secret from Josh and Denise.

Ashley has had enough of Molly and investigates the catering order. She learns that Molly called and made a special request for peanut oil. She goes to Molly to smugly boast about what she has learned and threatens to go to the police. Molly cries and begs for forgiveness. Then she shows her a file with the dead body polaroids. Ashley is the next in the scrapbook and is suffocated with a plastic bag. YIKES!

Josh goes to a bar to celebrate a work win with some co-workers. Molly is there, in red again, and orders him a double Kamikaze. She dumps hers on the floor but makes sure that he drinks his own. (The lighting and music in this bar scene are super cheesy.) Molly books Josh a rideshare home and sets him up to look like he was cheating by putting lipstick on his collar, like Connie Francis or something. Denise falls for the set up and beats his ass, he is uninvited from the party as well. (She also kicks him out of the house!??!?)

Molly steals the company credit card and rips up her W9 while screaming for no reason. Then she plants the card on Liam to get him fired with $ 1000 in cash advances.

Eric Roberts is back and survived the peanut incident. He is concerned that Ashley isn’t at the party and will NOT be eating anything. The party is pretty lame and includes non-helium balloons, cheesy disco music, and streamers. (It really is the party from hell.) It is the night of the event, and Molly realizes that her impersonating Grace’s college admissions rep is going to be a problem. Grace creates a scene about her college admission scandal and cries in the bathroom. Molly follows her and almost strangles Grace with her sweater. (Grace sees Molly and looks her up later with Corey online.)

Denise makes the big pitch and calls the app “sexy.” (It is a tutoring app, it shouldn’t be sexy.) The big unveiling is ruined with Ashley’s lifeless body behind a curtain. Everyone screams in horror, and Eric Roberts CAUSALLY calls 911. Josh is upset that Denise pushed him and his sister away and causing Ashley to kill herself.

After the party and the dead body, the family continues to argue and plan a funeral. I’m surprised Denise did hire Molly to plan that because she couldn’t care less about her sister-in-law being dead. Grace continues to wonder about the woman from the party and searches through party pictures, and finds Molly. Molly gets to Grace first, ties her up, and takes her to a decorated room cheaply.

Molly goes into her “Scooby-Doo” monologue and explains that the popular girls slighted her in high school. Molly was the planner for the dance committee, and Denise and her friends ruined her life. (Maybe? It is all pretty thin.) Molly brings in some balloons, and Grace tries to untie herself and grabs some scissors.

Denise comes down to find Grace holding her daughter at knifepoint. Molly stabs Josh as Denise calls for help sobbing loudly. Molly knocks Denise out by slamming her head into the mattress; then Molly throws a vase at Josh for fun? The line,

“It’s Party Time Grace” is uttered as Molly raises the knife to stab the teen, but Denise distracts Molly with a polaroid flash. Denise recognizes her old friend “Tabby,” Molly claims that she was bullied and got a shit ton of plastic surgery to look different. Denise was a social climber and left Tabby behind. Denise stabs Molly, and the police are called, but it is too late. Molly gets away.

Molly moves on to the last victim from her high school revenge plan.

Side Note

Great Lifetime Movie where the bully gets revenge. It is very dumb but satisfying. 

Not sure what Grace, Nicolette Langley, was doing in this movie but it was terrible. I’ve seen her play other characters in Lifetime movies, but Grace was annoying AF.

Minority Report: Liam, Corey, Anna, Cute Co-Worker,

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪🔪🔪 ( 4 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine)

*Photo Credit: © 2021 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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