Bury the Past (2021 Lifetime)

Bury the Past (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Sarah Allen, Damon Runyan, Rebecca Amzallag, Matt Wells

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Alice was married to a deranged, abusive man–a police officer who was regarded as a pillar of the community, but was secretly a monster. After Alice killed him in self-defense, and fearing her story would never be believed, she fled and went into hiding. But now an old police buddy of her dead husband is on her porch. He has tracked her down and wants money to keep silent. Sarah Allen, Damon Runyan, Matt Wells star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins with a blonde wife named Lizzie, who has a bloody nose and a black eye. She has an abusive and controlling husband and waits for her moment to escape. The husband catches her trying to leave, and she kicks him down the stairs. She is traumatized and being followed by the husband’s friend/cop partner named Ray. (Played by Lifetime hunk bad guy Damon Runyan.)

Liz remarries and renames herself Alice. (Alice? Really? We couldn’t have picked a cooler name for ourselves, Liz?) Liz’s new husband Marty, loves Alice and knows nothing about her past life. (Hence the burying of the past life.) Alice/Liz is horrified when Ray shows up on her doorstep and extorts her for $100,000 to keep her secret AND not turn her in for murder. 

Alice goes hiking with her friend/sister-in-law, Carrie, while wondering what to do. She decides not to tell her husband and take the money out of the bank. She meets Ray at his motel and gives him a little money. He tells her not to strongarm him because he knows where Marty works and isn’t afraid of taking care of him. Liz/Alice leaves the motel, and wouldn’t you know it, Marty sees her leaving while he washes his car across the street. (It’s not what you think, Marty!)

Marty comes home and asks Liz/Alice if she “went anywhere” during the day, and she lies to his face. In the middle of the night, Liz/Alice has a panic attack and finally comes clean. Marty is confused AF and contorts his face into a permanent “What the hell” face. (Like, I think his face stays that way for the rest of the movie.) 

Marty hits his brother Roger up for the money and is ready to settle things with Ray ASAP. (It is only 30 mins into the movie, so I have a feeling that won’t be happening.) They meet in the middle of nowhere, but still with good lighting. Ray has never looked sexier, TBH. Marty and Ray start having a macho off. Marty grabs Ray’s gun and shoots him.

The next day, Marty goes back to the crime scene, and there is no body, gun, or car. Liz is surprised to see Ray in her homemaking a mustard sandwich. He tells her that he is going to stick around town and plans for Marty to make his down payment on a house. (Ray recruits Carrie to be his realtor, of course.) Liz/Alice has had enough and visits the police station to turn herself in. Marty rushed to stop his wife from making a mistake. 

Carie invites Ray to dinner at her house with Liz/Alice, and Marty. It is awkward. (Nice director touch here with Marty and Liz/Alice chugging their drinks.) 

Marty’s assistant, Josie, is pulled over by Ray. He clocks her for “texting and driving,” but in reality, plans to execute her and pin the murder on Marty. He tells Josie to “make a scardy face” and forces her to call her boyfriend, and says Marty is acting strange and forcing her to meet up with him. Then 

Ray kills her.

To exonerate her husband (Who is taken into police custody for questioning), Liz/Alice breaks into Ray’s motel and finds pictures of her. Ray catches her in his room, but Liz/Alice gets away, leaving a perplexed cleaning lady. Liz/Alice calls Ray to set up another meeting while Marty tries to get Roger to bail him out of jail. 

Liz/Alice makes a candle-lit dinner at the meeting and bugs a plant for recording the conversation. Ray is too smart, for that makes her come to his new place. He, too, has candles and onion rings??? (Ray has weirdly specific food taste.)

Ray is in love with Liz/Alice, and she knows it. She promises to run off with him if he admits to the murder and clears Marty’s name. That is the wrong thing to say because Ray wants her to love him. He admits to killing her husband, who wasn’t dead from the fall down the stairs. Liz/Alice isn’t a killer after all. When he tells her to “obey” him, she hits him with a platter and runs away.

Liz/Alice hears Carrie scream because she is tied up in an upstairs bedroom. Ray chases her and pulls a gun on them. Liz/Alice begs him to let Carrie go and reasons with him as she backs him up to the stairwell and throws him down them. (He survives, but he is taken away by the police.)

Liz/Alice sticks to her new name Alice and leaves the past buried or whatever.

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective, Housekeeping

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪 ( 2 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine)

*Photo Credit: © 2021 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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