Psycho Intern (2021 Lifetime)

Psycho Intern (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Madison Smith, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Georgia Bradner

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A small startup hires a young male intern. When he starts staying late to help a new female project manager, they have a one-night stand. Embarrassed by the incident, she apologizes and breaks things off quickly, but the intern isn’t ready to let go and stalks her day and night. Worried the incident may get her fired, she keeps it quiet for a while, but the danger level increases and hits a deadly boiling point when she gets a new boyfriend. Emmanuelle Vaugier, Madison Smith star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Alex screams at his teacher about a failed grade. His father and mother pick him up from college and scold him in the car. That is a mistake because Alex grabs the car’s wheel and crashes it, killing his parents.

Maya sends her daughter, Emma, off to college before heading to work. Maya works for a hospital software company that manages patient records. Her boss is VERY impressed and so is Alex… the new intern. He has cleaned up and calmed down on the anger issues. (Kind of, he freaks out a little when Maya asks about his family.) Kate, Maya’s old intern, shows Alex around and seems to be on top of things. (She raises an eyebrow when Alex doesn’t have a bank account.)

Alex runs into Maya at the company gym and is sure to flex his biceps in a tight tank top. After her workout, Maya takes a steamy shower and is frightened when the lights are turned out on her. She pulls off her best Ryan Philippe in I Know What You Did Last Summer and walks around slowly in a towel. 

The next day at work, Maya tells Kate about the incident and some issues with the home alarm. Kate asks for the new passcodes, and Maya says them OUT LOUD! (Alex is around the corner to hear them all.) Kate is RUDE to Alex at work and then talks about how Maya needs to get laid. On her way home, Maya’s breaks cut out, and she crashes her car. Alex almost finishes her off with a tire iron but is scared off by onlookers. 

Alex fills in for Kate at work and even offers to drive Maya to the hospital to visit Kate, who is in bad shape. On the way, he has flashbacks to killing his parents and casually talks about being in a car accident. Kate blames her tires. (The paint scratches on Alex’s car say otherwise.)

Alex’s next target shows up in the way of the jerk CEO, Frank. When placing his lunch order, Frank loudly announces his pepper allergy. Alex uses that to his advantage and is sure to put peppers in his salad and also spit it in. (Which, when Alex does it… is kind of hot? Why is this psycho intern so freakin sexy to me?!?!) Then he breaks into Maya’s house, smells her panties, and watches her in the bath. (Typical Lifetime Psycho behavior.) 

When Maya notices a security breach, she is scared, but Alex calls to come over and check things out. The sexual tension is high, or maybe I’m projecting. He offers to spend the night, and Maya declines.

The next night at work, Maya nails a big presentation and celebrates with Alex in her office. Alex opens up about his family and tells Maya that they died in a car accident. I guess that is a turn-on because they do it on Maya’s desk. 

Alex tries to hold hands with Maya the next day in the office, and she rejects him. Maya tells him the hookup was a mistake. Alex can’t understand because the sex was amazing. She shuts it down, and Alex gets his anger issues back and screams, “INTERN!”

Maya moves on quickly and reconnects with a hunk named Ben. Alex follows her and is very jealous. She ignores Alex’s calls and denies any outside interaction with the intern. (Which is how it should always have been.) 

 They have breakfast together, and Maya talks about removing Alex from the intern position. He threatens her and says he will expose that she abused her power. Maya realizes that she is in trouble and asks her secretary for a background check and college transcript for Alex. Then she does her online research. (On Swifty Search.) Then she meets with a woman named Diana, who confirms that Alex is an obsessive and intense STALKER!

Meanwhile, Alex smells Maya’s panties some more and gets out a gun to yell at himself for being a quitter. Then he visits Kate at the hospital and tries to kill her again. (He is interrupted by a nurse, and Kate calls the police.)

Maya confronts Alex with the information she found out, and then she fires him. He tells her that he understands, but I don’t think Maya will get rid of him so easily. 

Police find scratch marks on Alex’s car and suspect him in Kate’s accident. They question Maya and search through his apartment (seeing photos of Maya on the wall.) 

Three Months later, Maya is trying to move on and continues to date, Ben. Emma comes home from college and has a BIG surprise. She is dating a named Andrew… who is Alex. He shows up for dinner with a gun, and Maya is horrified. She chugs wine and attempts to play it cool. Emma notices that her mom isn’t doing well and asks what is wrong. Alex comes clean about who he is and pulls out his gun at the dinner table. He totally ruins dinner.

Kate frantically tries to call Maya and eventually calls 911. 

Alex screams at Maya, Ben, and Emma about his sexual relationship with his boss while holding them all at gunpoint. He admits to killing his parents and killing his father with a tire iron when the airbag saved his life. Alex felt bad about killing his mom and transfixed on Maya. Ben stabs Alex, but that doesn’t stop him. He grabs Emma and holds her at knifepoint. 

Maya calls him a disappointment, and that really pisses Alex off. He lunges at her but is taken out by Kate, who shoots him in the leg. Alex bleeds out on the floor and apologizes for disappointing Maya. I guess he dies?

Everyone cheers at dinner without Alex. The end! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Kate, Jason, Nurse, Detective, Police Officer,

Also Known as: Don’t look There

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

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Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine)

*Photo Credit: © 2021 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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