For Love Or Murder (2021 Lifetime)

For Love Or Murder (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Kristen Vaganos, Benedict Mazurek, Maddison Bullock, Triana Browne

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Wedding planner Angie is surprised when her estranged brother, Michael, comes to their parents’ funeral with his fiance, Olivia. Hoping to repair their relationship, Angie agrees to help Michael and Olivia plan their wedding. Soon, Angie is wrapped up in the drama of Olivia and her bridesmaids, one of whom accuses Olivia of murdering her husband. But when the bridesmaid is found dead, Angie becomes suspicious of Olivia, especially when she learns Olivia previously dated a millionaire who died from a nasty “fall.” With this news and Olivia’s constant questions about Angie’s parents’ will, Angie is convinced Olivia is only after Michael’s money. Unable to convince Michael of his fiance’s true nature, Angie decides she must get proof on her own, or risk her family becoming another pawn in Olivia’s deadly game. Kristen Vaganos, Benedict Mazurek, Maddison Bullock star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts in a creepy basement Escape Room; Angela has is having a nice time with her boyfriend, Levi, while her parents get into a fatal car accident.

At the funeral, Angie’s brother Michael and his girlfriend Olivia come from just 20 mins away. They have been estranged for YEARS! Mia, Angie’s best friend, is shocked that they had the nerve to show up to the funeral at all. Levi pushes Angie to see Michael, even though they haven’t talked in a decade.

Michael’s house is extravagant, and his beautiful wife plans their wedding with her giddy bridesmaids. Angie visits and reminisces with her brother. When they find out Angie is a wedding planner, Michael offers to hire her for their wedding. Olivia is not happy with her husband’s impulsiveness and scolds him in front of her friends. (Who are classic mean girls.) 

Olivia and her posse come to Angie’s story, and Mia is not vibing with them. Olivia seems almost jealous when Angie pulls strings to get Olivia what she wants. They all go to brunch, where the girls wash their prescription pills down with wine and martinis. Olivia “jokes” that Angie should break up with Levi because he doesn’t make enough money. She also is very curious about the will. Olivia is money hungry. 

Brenda’s husband dies of a heart attack due to the pills that Olivia pawned off on Brenda. At the funeral, Olivia asks Angie about the will and how much time is appropriate to pick up wedding planning with the girls. (The answer is one commercial break.)

The bridesmaids try on dresses, and Brenda accuses Olivia of killing her husband. Olivia calls her ex-friend a golddigger from FLORIDA. Angie talks to Olivia and tries to understand her future sister-in-law. They bond over searching for Angie’s parent’s will. When they find it, Olivia opens it and is horrified to learn that Michael is cut out of the will. 

At a fancy wine party, Brenda shows up and AGAIN accuses Olivia of giving her calcium pills for her husband. Olivia plays dumb and wants to chug wine. 

Angie looks into Olivia’s past and learns her last husband fell down the stairs. When she tells Mia about what she found out, Mia suggests getting more evidence before telling Michael. They go to talk to Brenda, but she is dead of an apparent suicide. That prompts Angie to share her concerns with Michael, and he gets PISSED OFF. He fires Angie as their wedding planner and uninvites her from the wedding. 

Olivia laughs in Angie’s face and basically tells her off for accusing her of murder. Mia watches on and doesn’t do anything but later offers to help Angie by playing private investigator. They track down the man’s granddaughter that Olivia (allegedly) pushed down the stairs, and the woman says she already warned Michael about his bride-to-be!!!!

Mia is attacked when she is searching through Michael and Olivia’s house. Angie knows that Mia is in the house, but Olivia denies seeing her. Angie files a missing persons report. Then Mia’s body is found, and Angie is somehow the number one suspect?!?!

Morgan and Dani ghost Olivia while the murder investigation continues. Olivia is upset people think she is a murderer. 

Angie goes to her parent’s house, and Olivia is randomly there, freaks out on her, and almost strangles her to death. Michael breaks it up by stabbing his finance in the BACK with a damn letter opener! The police arrive, and Angie insists that they don’t arrest her brother. HE DIDN’T MEAN TO KILL HER… or did he.

Michael gets life insurance money from Olivia and has started dating Morgan. It seems a little too convenient, and Angie makes it all into a joke. Angie even asks Michael to walk her down the aisle. 

Everything seems peachy keen until Angie hears an old voicemail on her parent’s machine. Michael is heard screaming at them for cutting him out of the will. He tries to explain it away, but Angie starts suspecting her brother is up to no good and calls the detective.

Michael overhears the call and knows that she is onto him. He admits to killing Olivia for the insurance money, but he intends to kill Angie so she can receive all the inheritance. He admits to pretty much-killing everyone, even his own parents. The siblings fight and call down the stairs. Morgan rushes to his aid and screams at Angie for running their plan.

Morgan starts admitting to killing people too. Angie kicks them both in the face and gets away in time to do her courthouse wedding. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Mia, Bride, Groom, Morgan, 

Also Known as: Murder & Matrimony

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