Danger Next Door (2021 Lifetime)

Danger Next Door (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Hannah Emily Anderson, Jake Epstein, Paula Boudreau

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After a scary mugging, Robin, pregnant and going for partner at her big city law firm, decides she needs less stress in her life. She convinces her reluctant husband Ben, to move to the country where it is safer and calmer. Small town life seems picture perfect until their next-door neighbors pull them into their twisted fantasy. Hannah Anderson, and Jake Epstein star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins with teens hooking up at a lover’s lane type of place. (That is never a good place to be in a Lifetime Movie.) The windows are so fogged up when the teen drive away; they get into a horrible car accident. The teens get freaked out when another car pulls up behind them and flashes the lights. (The choker and Pukashwll necklace could indicate this is a 2000’s flashback or a 2019 fashion revival.) 

Cut to Robin and Ben on a romantic date. Robin tells her husband that she is pregnant, and they celebrate. On the walk home downtown, a homeless man attacks them, and they are minorly injured but badly shaken up. Craig is concerned about his wife and calls her mother to check in on Robin while he is working. 

Carla shows up to take care of her daughter. Robin is reluctant to accept the help. Robin starts seeing the man who attacked her everywhere and begins to fear even leaving the house. She wraps herself in a blanket and cries. Craig tries to reason with Robin, but he can’t understand her sudden desire to leave the city altogether. 

The couple buys a house in the suburbs and meets their new overly friendly neighbors, Sharon and Guy. The neighbors seem way too excited at the fact that Robin is pregnant and want to know all the details. 

Robin starts a new job at a local law firm. Her boss, Amanda, is so thankful to have someone from the big city to help out. When Robin comes home from work, she smells Sharon’s perfume and is paranoid that someone has been in her home. 

Guy and Sharon start showing up at strange times around the house and even key into the place with some old keys. There is always some explanation as to WHY they are intruding—dropping off melons, looking for mushrooms in the garden, and offering rides into town. 

Robin tries to talk to the neighbors, but they insist on “taking care” of the couple. With a baby on the way, they couldn’t possibly do it all. Robin gets fed up with it and rudely tells them to mind their own business. 

Amanda has the hot gossip for Robin about her neighbors. Guy and Sharon were the parents of the teen girl who was killed in the car accident. Their daughter was pregnant at the time of the car crash.

Robin is unsettled and has terrible nightmares about people breaking into her home. Or was it a dream? The stress is not good for the pregnancy, and her doctor tells Robin to take it easy. He also tells Sharon and Guy that Robin is having a baby girl, something Robin finds out from the couple instead of her doctor?!!??!

Ben thinks that Robin is overreacting, and Robin is even more isolated when he leaves town for work. He arranges for Carla to stay with Robin while he is away behind Robin’s back and tells Robin to see a therapist. (She shouldn’t have been doing this before, TBH.)

Carla cooks a nice meal for Robin and is interrupted by Sharon. They surprisingly hit it off- until Sharon takes Carla out with a casserole and takes her place as a caregiver. Robin is freaked out and kicks Sharon out of her house but keeps the casserole.   

Robin wakes up locked in the neighbor’s basement filled with baby things. She tries to escape and screams a lot. Sharon and Guy try to calm her down by telling her that they are going to take care of everything. Robin realizes that her mom is not okay and freaks out even harder. 

The following day, Amanda stops by to check on Robin and ends up murdered. Robin is horrified and being held captive under restraints. 

Ben comes home from his work trip and finds Carla tied up. He leaves her tied up and tells her to call 911 while he rushes to the neighbor’s house. Ben struggles with guy and ends up stabbed in the stomach.

Robin realizes they are going to kill her for her baby and tries to reason with Guy. He breaks down and tells Robin that Sharon was the car that was following their daughter at lovers lane. He blames himself. As he is talking, Robin unties herself and runs upstairs to save her husband from Sharon.

THE POLICE FINALLY ARRIVE!!! where have they been the whole movie??!?! Robin takes this time to tell Ben that they are having a girl. Awww?

Side Note

Minority Report: Doctor, Nurse, Amanda,

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*** I’ve updated the rating system moving forward. Knives represent # of kills. Wine is over enjoyment (NOT a value judgment) on a 1-5 scale.

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine.)

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